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2007 Toyota Camry



  • Only the hybrid model has the LED tailights, for now. I would imagine that will change in the future. :shades:
  • An excellent rationale why recalls are on the rise---a quote from another forum:

    This is an entirely different story because while it was scandalous in the past like divorce was in the 40's and 50's recalls now are just a common occurance to fix potential problems before they become major fiasco's like Ford and Firestone went through. I think this is perfectly rational and good business. All the automakers learned what not to do in the Ford/Firestone mess.

    Yesterday Chrysler just recalled 200K vehicles to fix ... cupholders. Yes there might be a potential problem affecting safety but the real story is that likely every vehicle being built will have some minor adjustment made to it, it's just that the fixes will be done using the recall mechanism. Priorly these adjustments were done as 'service campaigns' but they were still being done. After all autos are only electromechanical objects.

    Fixing carpeting and fixing cupholders receives the same weight of importance in recall statistics as any very serious problem so I expect the recall statistics for all manufacturers to balloon in the coming years.

    2005 recall stats

    GM .. 5 Million vehicles
    Ford .. 6 Million vehicle
    DC .. 766,000 vehicles
    Toyota .. 2.2 Million vehicles

    But safety officials cautioned that recall numbers vary widely from year to year, and it is hard to draw conclusions about safety trends from them. While 2005 saw far fewer vehicles recalled than in 2004, the number was pretty close to the total in 2003, when 19.1 million vehicles were recalled."
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Although LED-based tail lights have excellent life, you DO NOT want to pay the cost for replacement, as compared to a simple light bulb. In some cases, including this one, simpler is better, and ultimately cheaper in the long term.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Yeah, whatever... :P
  • Boy, I'll second that opinion!!!
  • Well said, Helofanrus!!!
    And just to add one more thing. This isn't
    a forum comparing a Toyota Camry vs. the
    Chevy Impala. Just thought I'd remind Priggly
    of that fact.
  • I have a question about the check sum, the 9th digit? How do you compute the check sum?

  • I just got my XLE this weekend. I have tried the procedure you described several times but the car does not start. Is there a way to disable/enable this feature? Any other thoughts?
  • I can't get mine to start either. Did you ever get an answer?
  • GF took the car to the local dealer and they started it with the remote. I have not tried it but apparently it was how I was pressing the buttons.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I understand it involves a rather complicated formula, which I am unable to reproduce.

    Why do you want to know?
  • geez, my bonne's remote has a engine button which you just press once. I quess Toyota has some ergonomic issues after all. All that button pushing is going to wear out your FOB's a lot sooner. But I quess that will make Toyota even more money. :mad:
  • Recently when I dropped off my wife's Sienna for servicing, I was given a (brand new) free rental Camry LE. My own car is a 2005 XLE V6. The differences were very interesting.

    The new 4 cylinder LE is definitely able to keep up with fast traffic on steeply graded roads here in Northeastern NJ/Southern NY state but had to be revved up a lot more than I am used to on my V6.

    I definitely feel that my V6 is much quieter than the four cylinder. The four cylinder is definitely noisier at high RPM. Unfortunately one is forced to use high RPMs a lot more when driving in this area. Apart from the engine noise, other noise was commendably low in the new Camry.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Theoretically, Toyota's 2.4L 4-cyl. motor could be tuned to delver the same 268 hp as the 3.5L 6-cyl. motor. But, to do so would require revving it to 3.5L/2.4L x 6,200 rpm, or - 9,042 rpm. to achive the same air flow capability* to compensate for the 4-banger's reduced displacement. Practically, there aren't too many motors capable of sustained operation at >9,000 rpm - certainly none in serial production for passenger cars so far as I'm aware. Obviously, Toyota stopped well short of extracting equivalent power from the Camry's I4 to that available in the Camry's V6, but the useable power available from the I4 still necessitates more frequent (and somewhat noisier) forays into the I4's available upper rpm range than is necessary with the V6 powerplant. To its credit, the I4 is less mass over the front wheels - which should translate into more neutral handling when compared to 6-cyl models.

    *Reciprocating internal combustion engines are basically pumps. They must move air efficiently, both in and out to produce useable power. Unless there's sufficient air in the cylinders to accomodate it, merely pouring excess fuel in the mix returns nothing but unburned fuel in the exhaust as smoke. There are two basic ways to increase the air pumping capability of a piston engine: increase its diplacement or resort to compressing the air charge through supercharging - belt or gear driven, or exhaust driven.
  • I-4 cylinder ,automatic
    After reading & hearing all the raves about Hondas & Toyotas i took the plunge & bought a Camry. It gets terrific gas mileage cause its always parked in the dealers shop!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon: first it was the left turn signal that did'nt work from the start, brought it in after waiting 3 weeks for a switch. Before leaving I checked & it still did'nt work, :lemon: come to find out it was a broken wire, then it won't start. :lemon: After 3 1/2 hours they turned it back over to me & everyting seemed fine but the next time I tried starting it , noting except :lemon: spining the engine over. Finally got it started & drove to the dealer 36 mile' s 1 way for the 4th time & left it there for the pass 3 days & hope to get it back Monday. Is this :lemon: what everyone is praising Toyotas for?
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    No problems whatsoever with mine after 5,700 miles in 6 months. XLE I4 Auto.
  • Murphy's Law dictates if you have many problems up front , you will have many trouble free years ahead. Your the lucky sod who has probably bought the best car Toyota's produced in a decade. Your car has a character. :)
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Sounds like a factory assembly error. No matter how good any car maker is, you cannot prevent human error on the assembly line.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    "No matter how good any car maker is, you cannot prevent human error on the assembly line."

    Actually you can and all car makers try to do it. The Japanese are just better at it than the Americans. It's called poke-yoke.
  • I have a 2007 Camry XLE 4cyl that calls for 0-w20 oil. Problem is that I can't find it anywhere.

    Anybody have any ideas for me?

    I can find all of the 5w20 that I want and use it in my Odyssey, but I think that I should run 0-w20 in the Camry 4cyl.

    Thanks in advance.
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