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Kia Rio



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    I'm still shopping around, but I haven't seen another car that has the mix of affordability, equipment, and fuel economy that the Rio5 has.

    If you can wait a month or two, the Fit may be a good fit for you in terms of affordability/equipment (about $13.5k with all the safety equipment, power package, and stereo), fuel economy (33/38), and even better versatility than the Rio. Until then, the Rio5 stands out although the 5-speed Elantra 5-door will give it a run in fuel economy and exceed it in comfort, room, and equipment for about the same money.
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    It's somewhat cute, has some handy features, and it's a Honda. Downside is that sharply-sloped nose, I'm afraid it'll have the same can't-see-the-nose-at-all problem my father-in-law's '06 Civic coupe has. He's used to it, I found it somewhat creepy to drive (only with traffic, on open road the car is simply splendid), and was uncomfortable parking it in a standard space opposite another car. Also, the Fit doesn't have a proper standard opening for the stereo. My current ZX2 has a non-standard goofball radio, and the adapter kits that attempt to allow installation of a standard stereo are very crude and ugly. Rio5? Nice double-DIN opening, you can install almost any radio you like. I want the ability to easily replace the factory stereo when it dies (or if I get the upgrade bug, which I'm known to do with audio). The Fit's a great little car, but I'm having trouble warming up to the overall look of it. And there's no coolant temp guage, just idiot lights. I've had coolant temp guages come in handy more than once.

    The Elantras are nice vehicles, I took a nice well-varied test drive in an '06 GT the other day. Very smooth on the highway, though I found the handling slightly detatched, it's not as tight or immediate as the Rio's feel. The steering just felt a bit off to me, the response didn't feel right. The automatic shifts smoothly though, didn't try a 5-speed as my next car needs to be an automatic. The interior's a bit dated-looking, but not bad. I understand it's being replaced this fall, which can mean great deals, OTOH in its current trim I find the Elantra a bit bland and nondescript. Good car though, reminds me of 80's Japanese hatches.

    But the Fit will sell well, it's a great "fit" (hehe) for a lot of users.

    I'm not making the move until around April when we get the ducks in a row, so to speak...but so far I really like that dang's just got a nice design to it that I like.

    Todd in Cheesecurdistan
  • I saw the Fit at the New York auto show, looked almost silly. Rio5 has sort of a muscular look to it, fit looks tiny like a Scion XA (which I test drove and hated, couldnt fit inside). I think the Toyota Yaris and the fit will both do well based on their names but I'll take my Rio5 over them anyday! I think I would even take my fathers Suzuki Areo SX over those cars.

    I am not saying that Kia is better then those companies but I believe that Kia offers better features for your money and of course a better warranty than those companies. Not to mention that in my 8 years of owning 5 kias (1998 Sportage, 2001 Rio, 2002 Spectra, 2004.5 Spectra and 2006 Rio5) I have never had a mechanical problem. Only problems I had were:
    1998 Sportage, power window front passenger side stopped working after 2 years, fixed within 2 hours at dealer, covered by warranty!
    2002 Spectra, After 1 year belt was making noise, replaced under warranty!

    Only 2 minor and resolved issues in over 8 years of kia ownership. Certainly cant complain, and they have a loyal customer for life!!
  • there are others like me! If you look back here on Edmunds through the years you'll find I'm their most loyal Edmunds customer. backy will attest to that as would several other Edmunds regulars.

    I too love the value quotient for price paid with Kia products. Sounds like I'm preaching to the choir with you, so I won't gush on too much. You've already bought a number of Kia's already!

    Yep, any fixes on my '99 Sephia were recalls or warranty fixes and the same for my '01 Sportage 4x4. The Sportage 4X4 needed two power windows(the back ones)fixed. Something about the regulator failing. All under warranty. The '01 Sportage 4x4's alternator went out on me late in '04 though at around the 88,000 mile mark. One Edmunds regular told me that they thought that was too soon for the alternator to go out. I disagree though the part was not cheap. The mechanic didn't charge me for towing and I feel I was treated fairly by him in that deal. I didn't go to a Kia dealer for that one because planning could not be arranged-it was a surprise disabling part failure-something that rarely happens with a Kia product I've had.

    I too love the 2006 Kia Rio5 and I'm just about to go and test drive. The Sapphire Blue '06 Rio at my dealer is a LX. The Rio5 is Tropical Red. I think it goes well with the car and if I fall in love with those metal pedals, aluminum touches and leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter accents I may come away with the Rio5. The LX's are both 5-speeds(as is the Rio5)and they are SIlver and Sapphire Blue in color. All three would look wonderful in my driveway.

    I can get the $400 College Grad discount and the $500 Owner Loyalty discount but I read that that is only if I finance through Kia Motors Financing, and I'm not sure that I will. I'm off work 'till Wednesday so I've got time to browse, drive and work a deal out.

    Whoo-hoo! :)

    BTW-I agree, the Rio5 especially has a "muscular, sporty" stance to it that has really grown on me. I think Americans will warm to the new '06 Rio as they see them more on the road.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    That's my impression too. I think the Yaris is more attractive than the xA or Fit, but why they keep putting the speedo in the middle of the dash I'll never figure's just wrong! :D The xA's wheelbase is the shortest of any production car, and while I can get comfortable in the front once I get the seat positioned I can't get into the back seat behind me. I can get into the back of the Rio5 with the seat set where I like it (I make sure that anyone forced to ride behind my driver's seat can do so without resembling a sardine, hehehe!)

    I do wish the center armrest was more substantial, but it's good ZX2 lacks that amenity altogether (never bought the optional one) so I'm gaining a feature.

    I spent some time just walking around the Rio5 yesterday, taking in its lines. Dang that's a sharp little car, and it grows on you even after it first grabs your attention. It's most likely that it's the one that will follow me home after bidding a tearful adieu (hehe) to my ZX2, which has been an enjoyable car to own. I did have the timing belt break at 132K, but that's because I failed to change the thing at 120K like I was supposed to. At least the Zetec isn't an interference engine... :surprise:

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • at least you admit it was because you failed to have it changed at 120,000 miles...instead of blaming Ford for it breaking like some people would do. :D

    I agree about the Rio5's lines, but I also include the Rio sedan in there as well. I like both body styles enough that I still don't know which one I want, it will take a test drive of them both to tell me.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83 a sharp looker too. I'm going for the hatch because I want the cargo space. The sedan has an impressive trunk for the size of the vehicle, too...doesn't look like there'd be much trunk space just looking at the car, but then you open the trunk...dang.

    Yes, I hasten to add that the belt failure was my fault when talking about the one major repair my ZX2 has had. The only other failure I've experienced in the car was the headlight switch dying at 2:00AM on the way home from a bar gig. I had to hold the flash-to-pass function in all the way home, about an hour's drive. I blamed my former employer, Japanese switch supplier Tokai Rika, for the failure of their switch. :D I'm 99% sure that's where the LCS (lever combination switch) came from, it's common to Mazda too and TR is a huge supplier to Mazda as well as Ford, GM, Toyota (100%), and Chrysler, among others. As a sidebar, if you have an American-made Toyota, most if not nearly all of the switches in your car (depending on model) were made at the Tokai Rika plant in Battle Creek, Michigan. Worked there for 10 years...lots of really neat products come out of there, including replacement Lexus keys.

    (TR actually makes fine switches, wouldn't lead that segment of the industry if they didn't, but a dud's going to make it out at some point hehehehe! I tried not to ever pass any, but... ;)

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • I did quite a few miles with the AC on the last two days. About 60% city driving. Tank was just below half, I filled up at BP and did the calculation on my cell phone: 27.2 MPG, not bad at all, thats mostly city evening driving with lights (including fog lights) and AC on. I am satisfied with the latest results.

    I agree that it's a tough choice between the Sedan and Rio5. I had first considered going for the Sedan LX, but once I saw those metal pedals and leather wrapped steering wheel it was love at first sight with my hatch!

    BTW, every day I become more and more impressed with the peppy engine on the Rio. I have no problems passing anybody on the interstate or on my block. I keep expecting for something to disappoint me with this car but I just keep on getting more and more attached to this car every day.

    My father came down from New York this morning, I let him drive the car from the airport and he was impressed. he drives a Toyota Corolla in NY, he said the Rio feels more powerful, he was shocked when I told him it has a 1.6 litre, 110 hp engine. I think he should trade in his 2003 Corolla for a 2006 Rio5 in Saphire Blue or Sunset Orange, I will convert him over to Kiaism (I should coin that term!) before he heads back next week!
  • Kiaism is firmly entrenched in this padre already!

    I sure am liking your comments on the Rio engine, it sounds more than capable.

    If I bought one I think I'd be the first one in Pocatello, ID, to have one. I have followed the 2006 Kia Rio shipment story from Day One at Robert Allen Kia in Pocatello and they've had a '06 Rio on their lot since, oh, November probably, and the first one was that Black Rio LX with an automatic transmission. The next three Rio's in came with manual transmissions, just what I needed! :P

    But they've sold nary a '06 Kia Rio. We're 160 miles north of Salt Lake City and 45 miles to the north lies Idaho Falls, the next city of any size near Pocatello. I don't think there's a Kia dealer there. Boise, Idaho surely has at least one Kia dealer but is 200-odd miles west of here. So, I mean, if I snag one soon here I'll be the first Pocatellan to drive one. I'll be attracting some stares!

    riomike, does your '06 Kia Rio5 SX get stares? :) I'll confidently say that it does definitely get stares there in Miami.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Yes I get plenty of stares here, I was driving around South Beach this evening and I parked at a meter on Ocean drive, I had to piss so badly and I know a hotel where just about anybody could walk in and use the restroom, beats trying to find a bush! The spot was right across the street from a cafe where people were seated outside, I felt many eyes checking out my ride. I got my windows tinted the other day one level over the legal limit. I think the dark tinting matches the black side moldings very nicely!

    My neighbor who parks right next to me at our condo parking lot told me that he thinks my Rio5 is way cooler then his Chevy Aveo, and much sportier looking too. I had to agree with him of course.

    My wife claims that her friends who saw me drop her off at work the other day were very impressed by the car and were surprised to hear it is a Rio! i really think that Kia needs to advertise the Rio a bit. I see commercials for the Sportage and the Sedona all the time, I remember when the 2004.5 Spectra came out a couple of years ago Kia ran plenty of commercials. I guess the best advertising is when new Rio owners drive around town and people discover the all new Rio is one sweet looking ride.

    I remember when I had my '01 Rio, for many months I didnt see even 1 on the road, by 2002 I started seeing some, now a day doesnt go by that I dont see at least 10 Rios ('01-'05). In fact on any given day I see about 40-50 kias on the road.
  • 2006 Rio's today but needed more time than I thought to clean the '01 Sportage 4x4 out. Man, do those dogs take a toll on the back seat area! I whisked it pretty clean, though.

    Also, yesterday, I took the Sportsman to Grease Monkey to get a Lube-Oil-Filter and then through the car wash. She's shinin' nicely, men!

    All nice and ready to trade if I so choose. I'm working on innovative reasons to let my wife know we just have to have a 2006 Kia Rio5 or Kia Rio LX. Gas mileage is better for those road trips later this spring and summer, we'd be getting a brand new car with 0 miles, we'd be inhaling that new Korean car smell, etc., etc! ;)

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Took my Grandfather to the Kia dealer yesterday. He really liked my Rio5 and was ready to trade in his '93 Grand Marquis for anything that gets more then 14 MPPG. He is not so fond of the hatchback thing so he intended to purchase the Rio LX in Polar blue. The dealer had 5 Rio LX's available, two were manual but he wanted auto, the three automatics were without the power package. He wanted keyless entry and power mirrors so he told them he could wait.

    The dealer was so desperate to get him to take a car that they pushed him towards the Spectra, they were going to get him a Rio LX by Monday morning fully loaded automatic for $13,900. They told him however that if he takes the 2006 Spectra EX they will give it to him way under invoice. Invoice was $15,200, they offered it to him in Ice Blue for $14,500 and then they took another $700 off for the rebate and he got the car for $13,800. I know it's been said before on this post but Kia must do something because most people (excluding myself) would take the Spectra over the Rio when the prices are about the same. Rio must have at least a $500 rebate.

    Anyway he is happy with the Spectra so I shouldnt complain, it's a sweet car! At least he bought a Kia, I tried for months to talk him into it, he was going to go for a Honda Civiv or Nissan Sentra, so I am glad that at least he came over to Kia!
  • Another happy convert to Kia! He'll love his Spectra.

    My wife was getting compliments on our '01 Sportage 4x4. She's had two co-workers praise the Sportage and both wish they still had theirs. Both regret dumping their Sportage's.

    She loves the Sportage and it's shining brightly, too, and serving us oh so well. It's not ours until Sept.'07, though, and the worth-to-owed ratio is not even but evening out enough so that a prudent Kia dealer would be able to cut us a nice deal without overaging the over-under thing so much that we would barf at a deal for a new Rio.

    It's just those comments she's hearing!

    Must be tactful. 32/35 mpg with the '06 manual transmission Rio is a nice place to begin. ;)

    For example, the mpg for the '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 is 20 city, 25 highway. Gas is around $2.17/gal for 87 no-lead here in Pocatello, Idaho.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I can't get the '06 Kia Rio5 SX and the '06 Kia Rio LX idea out of my mind. Hearing that you got 32.1 mpg is great to hear.

    Today we drive south 160 miles to Salt Lake City, UT, in our '01 Kia Sportage 4x4. A clean and wonderful highway trip in our little SUV. Kia motorcars are great.

    Keep the comments coming on your '06 Rio's, boys. :D

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    Wow...she isn't even broken in! Are most of your trips in it really short? I think your car wants to go for a road trip and stretch out...usually makes for a happy car. :D

    'course I put miles on a car like they're going out of style it seems...the 3 year/36000 mile b-to-b warranty on my Escort lasted a year and a half. :P If I get the Rio5, I bet maybe I can get 2.5 years out of the 5/60K main b-to-b warranty...hehehe

    Todd in Beerbratistan, drivin' foo'
  • Well could be worse, I got 26.8 MPG this weekend doing mostly city driving, it was unusually cold here in Miami this weekend with temps in the upper 50's. I had the heat on most of the time and that was probably what reduced my MPG this weekend.

    I am still enjoying my Rio5 so much, every morning I wake up and rush off to work in anticipation of a fun morning commute. I know I've said it before but I will say it again, the Rio5 is just so much fun to drive, every day that little 1.6 litre engine surprises me more and more!

    I picked up my cousin last night and gave her a ride home from work, she thought I was driving a Mazda or Volkswagon, she was socked that Kia can make such a nice car, she used to have an '01 Rio and now drives a 2000 Sephia (that her boyfriend borrowed last night). She said this new Rio is "pimped out" (I hate that term!!) compared to the old one. I guess the metal pedals and leather steering wheel impressed her.

    I finally saw one on the road this weekend, I was up in Ft. Lauderdale and saw a Tropical Red Rio5. Also saw a black Rio LX sedan the other night. Makes you realize how nice your car looks when you see others on the road!
  • - fsect=

    "Hyundai dealers said the make meeting (held at the 2006 National Automobile Dealers Association convention)generally was positive. But they did complain that the redesigned Accent subcompact is overpriced.

    "The four-door is too expensive for the segment," said Scott Fink, chairman of the Hyundai dealer council. "We're trying to put some pressure on Hyundai to either reprice or heavily incentivize the car."

    The four-door Accent debuted late last year. Prices start at $12,995, including shipping. A popularly equipped Accent with an automatic transmission and air conditioning starts at $14,645.

    Hyundai executives said they would study the price concern. They plan to have an answer at the next dealer council meeting in March.

    A new three-door Accent goes on sale this spring at a base price of $11,455, including shipping. That price is more in line with competition, said Fink, owner of Hyundai of Newport Richey in Newport Richey, Fla."

    Does this story sound all too familiar???

    What have I been saying about the new Rio from Day-1???
    (See: spectraman, "Kia Rio 2006+" #174, 21 Oct 2005 1:01 pm!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3A.ef32c56%20spectraman )

    I hope that the nation's KIA dealers are putting the same pressure on the KIA Motors of North America management too!

    I like the Rio... I really do. But there's too many other good choices in that $14-16k range that are larger and just as nicely appointed.

  • Yes they are. Even though I live in a big city (Houston, Texas) every where I need to go is close by. Next week she'll get her first road trip! :) I am going to New Orleans to see family and maybe Mardi Gras. It will be nice to see how she'll do on the highway. Especially the MPG.
  • but will the bigger cars available for the $13,000-$15,500 price-point get the better gas mileage the 2006 Rio5 and Rio LX sedan get? The 2006 Hyundai Accent models, too, for that matter. I'm thinking they won't.

    That is why I'm still interested in the 2006 Rio's. I have to like the size fit for us, though. That must still be determined. :D

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • "...but will the bigger cars available for the $13,000-$15,500 price-point get the better gas mileage the 2006 Rio5 and Rio LX sedan get? The 2006 Hyundai Accent models, too, for that matter. I'm thinking they won't."

    The problem is.... at the *current* price of gas, a Rio is only going to realistically save you about $241 bucks a year.


    A 25 mpg Spectra uses approx. 480 gallons of gas to travel 12k miles

    A 32 mpg Rio uses approx. 375 gallons of gas to travel 12k miles

    Spectra - 480 gals used x $2.30 gal = $1104
    Rio - 375 gals used x $2.30 gal = $ 863

    Annual Rio Savings: Approx. $241

    Savings over a 7 year average ownership lifespan: $1,687

    I think my mileage assumptions are pretty close based on real-world postings I've read online about both vehicles.

    If gas prices go back up over $3.00 a gallon, then the savings would increase dramatically for sure.

    But assuming that prices will stay somewhere *near* where they are now, I don't know if $241 a year is convincing enough for me to give up some of the niceities that are inherent in the Spectra/Spectra5's.

    Just my .02 worth!

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