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Kia Rio



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    1. If you plan on keeping the car more than 5 years or 60k miles, the Rio would have a longer warranty (powertrain) than the Spectra. Especially important if the car has an auto tranny.

    2. If you regularly haul people bigger than small kids in back, the Spectra has much more rear seat room.

    3. The Spectra is smoother and quieter, if that is important to you. The Rio will give you a bit better fuel economy.

    4. The Spectra has cruise (available), the Rio does not. May be important if you drive on the highway a lot.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    The Spectra has cruise (available), the Rio does not.

    I am not trying to be petty here. But there is a good aftermarket cruise for the Rio available. I have it and it works well. However, I believe the 2006 Rio has it as an option now. I never understood why Kia never offered it until 2006. If your 2004 gave such good service why are you not considering replacing it with a NEW Rio. I would think new would be better than used.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Well, I guess to make it absolutely crystal clear to everyone I should have said that "cruise is not available on the Rio as a factory option". I thought that was understood, however. Shoot, you can't get a Monsoon audio system from the factory on a Rio either, but I'm sure you can find some stereo shop that will install one for you. And leather seats. And 17" wheels. And a moonroof. And lots of other things.

    I can't find any mention of cruise being an option on the 2006 Rio. If you find information to the contrary, I know you will tell us.

    I agree that for the same price, new is better than used--for the same model of car.
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    but my dealer tells me it's in the works, since people apparently are pestering Kia for it. I too find it curious that it wasn't offered to begin with, and not just the Rios, but the base Fit, xA, xB, etc. The existing aftermarket cruise doesn't get along with the '06 Rio's computer, so a different solution is being cooked up, according to my dealer.

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I recently priced out a Versa with cruise, ABS, side bags/curtains, A/C, power package, 6-speed tranny, and CD stereo for $13,805. Kia should add that cruise pretty quick. Maybe they will do what Hyundai is doing with the Accent and introduce the 2007 Rio early, with some tweaked options. :)
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    Don't think cruise is an option yet on the '06 but my dealer tells me it's in the works, since people apparently are pestering Kia for it.

    Yes and I was one of those people! :) I did it when I bought my 2002 Rio Cinco and again in 2004 Rio Cinco.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    Sorry :blush: , I stand corrected. I don't know where I thought I saw that!
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    My grandfathers '06 Spectra stalled on him a few times last week. It's 1.5 months old with 2000 miles. He brought it in to the dealer, they gave him a loaner and after 24 hours of testing told him there is a valve problem. They fixed it but two days later he had the same problem. This time he brought it to the dealer and said he does not feel safe in the Spectra, he was cruising on I-95 at 70 MPH and the car died, he had no power steering and no power brakes working, he let it roll until it came to a stop on the shoulder.

    I felt guilty because I pushed him for many years to get a Kia and after 20 years with Mercury he decided to join me in February. Anyway the dealer was nice and when he demanded they give him a fair amount back for the Spectra they offered him $12,700. Not bad considering he bought it 6 weeks earlier for $14,700. He drove off the lot with a new Rio5 (black) instead. He says that after 1 week of driving the Rio5 he does not regret his decision. He admits it has less power but he loves the peppy handling and suspension, body style, hatch and dark interior as opposed to the Spectras Beige interior which gets easily stained! He also likes the leather wrapped steering wheel and metal pedals and metal trim (as I do!). I'm glad it worked out well for him, I was worried he would never trust me again!

    BTW Gunther Kia in Fort Lauderdale where I buy all my cars from has been sold out of Rio5 for 10 days now, my grandfather got the last one. My friend who works there says they have a waiting list of customers eager to buy one. They do have dozens of Spectras which the sales manager is willing to give away at cost. Kia better start shipping those cars in soon while they are still in high demand here, especially with that car and driver report that came out this month!
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    since that uses the Elantra engine, which has been really solid the last few years by all reports...sorry to hear about that. But I'm glad he got into a Rio5, they are a great little car. My dealer ironed out my one minor gremlin in a hurry, and it's doing great now. I was bummed when I got home tonight that my drive home was over, I was having an enjoyable drive. :( Really enjoying driving this little hatch. :D

    Russ Darrow Kia in Madison has been reordering Rios and Rio5's left and right, they keep around a couple dozen in stock, they're still selling 3-5 Spectras a week and they're selling 3 Rios for every Spectra! I think Kia has a hit with this one...

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    A little over half-price for a 2006 Kia Rio5. What a deal. It is one of the cars on my futures list. You better believe those people in line know what a cool little car it is or they wouldn't have camped out like that. You guys scored yourselves one of the best deals(if not the best)I've ever heard related here on Edmunds, or anywhere else for that matter. :D

    Enjoy that little pup!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    Talk about a score! You can't sneeze at that...congrats! Just maintain her by the book, and she'll do your son right. I just took my Rio5 in for her first oil change today, passed the 3000 mark on the way home from Milwaukee yesterday. My first oil change was on the house, and my dealer took care of me lickety-split as usual. She's breaking in nicely and really doing well. I'm really enjoying the car. Congrats on the deal of the century, and here's to many fun miles! :D

    Todd in Beerbratistan, turnin' into a Kia nut like iluv :D
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    I must admit that I am a bit jealous of the deal you got. But then again I love my Rio5 so much that even if I had paid a couple thousand over invoice (which I surely didnt!)I would still feel so good about my car that I would not copmplain!

    3400 miles and over all MPG average is at 27.8, over half highway driving w/ AC as usual. Have not had any problems at all and it seems to me as if the car is driving better and better each day!

    Anyway congrats on the awesome deal, hope you and your son enjoy the Rio5 for many years to come!!
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    she was just giving me a stiff ribbing, and I was being a little flip myself about the guy and his car thing. ;) She knows I love my car, though she doesn't get too worked up over her own. She did ask me to check hers when I got home, though, since I got ahold of my insurance agent. She wasn't being nasty at all, though...we both have a slightly sick and dark sense of humor. ;)

    I still was bummed, but oh well, that's what insurance is for. It's just stuff in the end, nobody's dead.

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I know that. I was just trying to be funny. I hope there was offense. You are right about that, I was bummed about my Caddy, but like you said that's what insurance is for.
  • hzmahzma Posts: 2
    I was wondering... is there anything i should look out for when buying the kia, like are there certain tricks the sales people will try on me to bump up prices or such?
    This is my first hands on experience buying a car... any advice would be great!

    Thanks everyone!!
  • yeddoyeddo Posts: 20
    GET IT IN WRITING!!! I'm going through crap with the dealer I bought mine from cause I was over anxious about buying the car. Make sure everything is spelled out clearly before you commit. I was told my car had antilock brakes. It didn't...and this was after I had point blank asked whether the brakes were front disc/rear drum. Don't trust any salesperson. I know there might be good, honest salespeople out there that would be offended, but it's your money so make sure they're giving you what they say they are.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I understand your caution. When I was 18 and bought my first new car(1978 Plymouth Fury) I paid full sticker.:cry: Before any of you guys make fun of me I was young and very naive about buying new cars. As a kid I never went to the dealer with my dad when he bought a new car. I didn't know you DON'T pay that price on the window sticker.

    Now I know the REAL reason the salesman bought me a steak and lobster dinner!!!!LOL

    I have learned my lesson!
  • mwrobe1mwrobe1 Posts: 7
    Got a letter from Kia Motors America...I won't type out the whole thing verbatim...but this us the jist of it...

    Kia Motors America is conducting a voluntary service campaign regarding the replacement of the radiator cap assembly on certain 2006 Rio models.

    Kia has become aware that certain radiator caps installed on certain 2006 Rio models may not release at the proper pressure, resulting in a coolant leak at the upper or lower hoses.

    FYI for fellow Rio owners
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    Although KIA advertises and Edmunds reviewed a Rio5 I cannot find anybody who has them.Are they to be released
    later in the USA? :confuse:
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I agree they don't seem to be very plentiful at any dealership (in Houston anyway) and I have only seen 1 or 2 on the road. At the beginning of the '06 model year, I was going to trade my '04 Cinco on a Rio5, but my Kia dealer (who is excellent)said they'd have some '06's in a couple of weeks. But only a few sedans and no Rio5's! Made me wonder if Kia is doing this on purpose? Maybe to push the Spectras which they oddly have plenty of '06's on hand? Even now they have no Rio5s. The dealer claims they are selling as fast as they get them in. If that's so then I'd like to know were they are! :confuse: I finally as of last week put in an order on a Rio5. No promise when I'd get it though! :(
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