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Kia Rio



  • My brother in-law is having trouble with his '06 Rio. I have an '03 Hyundai Accent with the same engine and have never experianced this so I am wondering if ya'll can help. The car has had repeated engine trouble. The engine will cut out during normal driving. No warning. Just a sever loss of power and then it will chug like a diesel. We have taken it to the Kia dealer 3 times and no results. The check engine light comes on but they say that a cylander missed X number of starts ago but nothing to correct the problem. He likes the car but he is begining to think that he bought a dud. I have had no trouble with the Accent in this way. If it makes any difference it is a manual transmission, and has 30,000 miles on the base engine. Thanks.
  • Skier:

    The Rio section of a KIA-specific forum I visit doesn't have any reports of a problem like this.

    I have a few questions for you or your bro-in-law:

    1. Is the dealer he's going to a "dedicated" Kia dealer?

    2. How often does the problem happen, and under what conditions?

    3. Did the dealer offer to install a data collection "black box" on the car that would catch and record the codes and engine info at the time of a fault?

    I've seen a mention of either an injector unit or ignition coil being replaced on other Kia's when a cylinder was misfiring, and it seemed to solve the problem.

    Good luck!

  • Here's some advice offered up by someone at the other Kia forum I frequent:

    "Bad gas / moisture in the tank? If he's consistantly going to the same station for gas, tell him to try somewhere else and run through a few tanks. A bottle or two of gas line anti-freeze (methanol) will also help counteract moisture problems."

    Another person agreed with me that you need to visit another dealer to see what their diagnosis is.

  • Ok. So, back in late '04 I bought a used 2004 Kia Rio with just under 20,000 miles on it. It was a good car, good on gas. Never had any major problems with it but since it was a used car, I didn't have the full warranty. I went looking at the new '07 Rio's two weeks ago today and ended up driving a really pretty blue one home for the weekend. Well, I loved it. They have made so many changes from the '04 to the new '07. I don't know much about cars, but I do know that this one takes off faster then my old one, both are automatics. It rides smoother. I LOVE the new design of them and I have to say that i really couldn't be more happy with the new one. There are a couple things that I don't like, which is the new placing of the cup holders -- in between the two front seats, really hard to put a drink in, and I use to use the little cubby that was on the ceiling for my sunglasses. That is no longer there, which stinks. But other then that, I LOVE it. I have the new blue one, and it looks so much better then my old gray one. My windows on the new one are also tinted, which makes it look even better.

    My '04 Rio had problem-free 75,000 miles on it when I traded it in and the dealership STILL gave me $2500 OVER kelly blue book for it.

    If your looking for an inexpensive, cheap, cute car that'll last, go for the Kia Rio.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I found that out too when I traded my 2002 Rio Cinco for a new 2004. I couldn't believe the differences
  • My name is Sergio and I work for a company in Canada named Willpak Industries Inc. and we supplied KIA Canada with their Rio Tuner Spoilers from 2000-2005.

    This spoiler was only available in Canada and a limited production of 500. However, the demand for the spoiler has been so big (some people have got theirs stolen!) that we decided to run another production program.

    Since this space is for KIA cars, I believe my product could be of your interest.

    If there is someone interested in them, please send me your e-mail so I can show you pictures of the spoiler.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.


    Sergio Castellanos
  • l have a car rio 2004 , i need a new engine, o used one, my question is where can i find new one , and what is the price , my car is kia rio sedan 4 door, thanks
  • This link has no activity;
    I know someone who said they paid $8K for their base Rio and it made me want to check here... but??? nada
  • The 2008 model comes like that. I can't believe a car these days doesn't include even a bottom of the line and AC as standard. I don't even see that in the options part of this site. What a rip!
  • Just bought a new '07 Rio Sedan with the 5 speed manual tranny, and the first thing I noticed (did not take it out on the highway during the test drive - my bad) was that is spins over 3000 rpm at a little over 60 mph - anyone know what gives? I have worked on, had, and driven lots of small 4 cylinder cars but never experienced such a high rpm at such a low speed (except in the old days of putting higher gear ratios in our small block Chevelles and Mustangs and having them wind out in exchange for more low-end speed) - I know that the automatics, especially with overdrive, have perhaps spoiled us and gotten us too used to 2200 rpm at highway speeds, but this seems a bit crazy - runs perfect and I love the car, but this is really bothering me for long-term wear and tear - any ideas or thoughts, anyone? Also, dumb question perhaps, but it has the 14 inch wheels - does a simple thing like putting 15's on make any rpm difference at all? Thanks for any help you can give me - much appreciated!
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    High RPMs at highway speeds on manual-equipped subcompacts seems to be normal -- I've seen the same comments about Yaris, Aveo, Scion, etc. I doubt it will affect longevity of the engine, but the noise factor and potential fuel economy losses seem to beg for a higher gear ratio in 5th.

    Try playing with this tire calculator to find a tire size that lowers revolutions. That will probably throw your speedometer off and cost some power on hills or for passing.
  • The solution is foam earplugs, available at most hardware stores. I have a 2006 Rio 5 manual and regularly make long trips down the 401 in Ontario at 70-75mph, around 3500 rpm. I put in my foam earplugs and pretend I'm on my Honda CB750F Supersport from my youth, another revver. Big bubbles, no troubles!
  • max43max43 Posts: 6
    I just bought an '08 Rio5 and have been pleasantly surprised by it's feel on winter roads. My previous car was a 97 dodge neon, which once outfitted with a set of snowtires did pretty well in the snow. But the Rio5 even with the factory tires feels more stuck to the road than the neon ever did. What's everyone else's experience with winter driving performance? What sorts of factors (beyond new tires) go into the Rio5's seeming superior handling on snowy roads?
  • First post here, Need to know what the following codes are. Feel like I'm getting cranked around by my KIA dealer, long story though. Codes are as follows, all were found same time as in being serviced: P0128. P0560. P0335. P0102. and P1780. Notes say they were traced back to low battery, cleared code and charged battery. Only thing is I originally took it to them for my Check Engine light which came on and my mileage immediately dropped from about 34-35 mpg down to 24-25 mpg! Blamed everything on the fuel pump! Like I said long story, although I'm not current car mechanic savvy per say, I'm not stupid having worked on many vehicles prior to 10 miles of vacuum hoses and 100 sensors all under 1 hood! Any help from you great folks would be greatly appreciated, personally I'm suspicious of the MAFS, but I'm also just giving it a calculated guess. Thanks in advance.
  • mafs is a mass air flow probably need to replace that one with the 02 sensor and the throttle body sensor. once replaced you will have to have the codes cleared from the dealership. i have an 04 with same problems and got screwed around also.they are junk cars and will never get one again.their value falls and depreciates worse than any car on the market.
  • look up cherry auto sales for a mine there for 1,000 with 2 year unlimited last year and it runs better than the original one.if you get one dont forget to replace the clutch and pressure plate and waterpump while the motor is out.did you break a timing belt?the cars are junk and they give you a warranty that doesnt include lots of things like a timing belt.they need to be replaced at 40,000 which they do not tell you that when purchasing.
  • anyone have any questions on their kia rios ask me,i have been there and done it.i have an 04 rio timing belt broke at 90,000 and destroyed the motor.replaced it along with over $500 in sensors.if you see this message and are considering a kia,any model,please reconsider.
  • jemtecjemtec Posts: 40
    Dude, Timing belts BREAK.
    It makes no difference what model car you are driving!
    Just about every timing belt based engine needs a new belt at 60K and some models go further to 90K.
    The Kia is rated at 60K and is recommended that you replace it as soon as you possibly can.
    It made it 90K. that was PLENTY of warning past the recommended 60K.
    If it wasnt changed after that time period, that is not the cars fault!
    Cars dont typically use non-interference engines (belt breaks, no damage) these days like they did at times in the 1990s and earlier.
    As far as sensors, that I can understand being a problem, but not just Kia.
    But to blame everything on a timing belt that is a maintenence item.. a very SERIOUS maintence item at that is a waste of time talking about.
    Basically, you neglected it, so its your fault and any car can take a dump if you forget to maintain this very important component.
  • take solace in the fact that he's a Stealers fan and...right from the start, that ought to tell ya something. I don't know why timing belts are such an issue with anybody. The manual that comes with the car says "replace your Kia's timing belt at 60,000 miles" or else serious engine problems might result.

    Pretty cut and dry, when someone is dealing with something as complex and expensive as an automobile, a creation of man that has so many moving parts and components, one has to maintain that vehicle. If you don't, well, our resident Stealers fan can attest to the folly of that.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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