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Kia Rio



  • go with a 2005 Accent GT. The deal was just too sweet to pass up. I got everything I wanted and they added cruise control. Paid $1800 under invoice.
  • because i went down to the dealership when i saw the commercial on tv and asked the salesmen and they really offered the car for about $6000, even though the true advertised price was $6988. i am not a Kia guy but if i was or if i just needed a car like the Rio i would have bought it. you have to believe me. if you want you can check out the dealership yourself. for a detailed description of the address go to bigredsports& or i can tell you that it is in the city of Norman south of Oklahoma City on I-35.
  • and also i appreciate if you can tell the gas prices in your area, i am just curious because here the prices are going down. right now it is $2.16 in OKC area and it has been going down for about 2 weeks.
    thanks, cougar7
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    The URL was incorrect, but I did find the Web site for the dealership by searching on a certain search engine that starts with a "G". What I don't understand is how they can sell something they don't have. According to their online inventory, they have no 2005 Rios in stock. So if they did offer a 2005 Rio for $5995 at one time, they don't anymore.
  • Has anyone driven an '06 Rio yet? Kia hasn't updated their site with the '06 info yet, but Edmunds has. It's a helluva lot of car for the money, particularly the LX. I was shopping for something in the Civic/Mazda3 range, but if the Rio meets my needs I sure wouldn't mind saving $5k!

    Anyone have any experience with it yet?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    If you look back a little ways you'll see driving impressions from multiple people, including me.
  • Now... the $64,000 question is..... WHERE DID THEY GET A RIO5 TO TEST????

    The article is summarized by this paragraph:

    "Too bad we don't give half-stars in these reviews. Because I might be tempted to give Kia four and a half stars for the Rio5. They have now polished their reputation so much in the United States that they almost don't need to keep giving buyers extras like a 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty and free 24-hour roadside assistance. But they still do. . Intangibles like that are all part of the total value equation, and the Koreans do that almost better than anybody."
  • Here's a very detailed and informative review article on the Rio and Rio5. - t/1/article_id_int/754

    It paints the Rio5 in a favorable light, BUT... the shortcomings that are described (that I *know* aren't in the Spectra line) would make me think twice of purchasing a Rio5 if KIA tries holding the price line anywhere near the $15k mark that a Rio5 SX with power pack and automatic trans will list at.

    I only paid $13,373 (not including tax and dest) for my Spectra EX just last year!

    The Rio5 equipped as described above had *better* come in somewhere between $11-13k (not including tax and dest) to keep my interest.

  • Has anyone seen a 2006 Rio with ABS for sale? It is very frustrating dealing with the Kia Dealers in the Dallas area. They say that the Rio's w/ ABS are sent up north.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    Heck, I've only seen a grand total of TWO Rios in my town so far--both were automatics w/o ABS or power package. So they aren't getting up North yet either (at least not in my part of Minnesnowta). But it's early yet.

    P.S. If you can wait a bit, the Rio's cousin the Accent will be out soon and it has ABS standard.
  • Thanks backy. Here in the Dallas area, there are about 100 2006 Rio's, none w/ ABS.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Any of the 100 have the power package? Any Rio5s yet? Here, there have been about 10 sedans, but no options except automatic. Only two have had manual transmissions.
  • I have not seen the Rio5. I have seen many w/ the power package.
  • I've been to two Kia dealers in the last few days just to look around. Most of the Rios I've seen have had the power package and they have ALL been automatics. Not one single 5-speed at either dealer. There were a couple of LXs without the power package, too.

    I would have test driven if they'd had a manual, but the automatic doesn't interest me in the least. I was impressed with the overall look and the interior. I gave my info to a salesman at both dealers so they could call when they got a manual in. One checked his incoming cars on order and said they have a red one coming in in 1-2 weeks, but no power package.

    BTW, none of these cars had ABS either. I wonder why they offer ABS but none of the cars on lots have it? To keep the price down perhaps?

    I've been shopping in the Civic/Mazda3 realm, but a lower car payment would suit me just fine. I look forward to driving a 5-speed Rio and the Hyundai Accent as well.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    You've hit on the reason I prefer ABS to be standard. It's too hard to find, especially on low-end Kias and Hyundais. That by itself would be a good reason to wait until the Accent with its standard ABS comes out.

    On the lack of sticks, I wonder if they think automatics will sell better because the mpg rating is higher? Also there's more markup on those. ;)
  • The higher MPG of the automatic certainly doesn't hurt. But the truth is very few cars are sold with manual transmission these days. Maybe 5% or so. Economy subcompacts are also the most likely to have manuals, but still they're few and far between.
  • For some reason that link I typed doesnt work. It is the right one. You'll hafta type it into the address bar. Dont know why its doing that
  • Sharp little car, especially for $12k. I saw one on the road today that was red, very nice looking. I want to take a look at the Rio5, but none of the dealers near me have any. They must be selling as soon as they get them.

    Your link isn't working because there is a period at the end when you click it. Edit the message and take off the period and it will work.
  • I wanted to look at the Rio5 too but the dealership i went to said they didnt even get any on the lot yet. Im in Phoenix AZ and i have to say i havent seen one 06 rio on the road yet besides mine. i really wanted to see what other colors they came out in.

    thanks about the link. i thought i was going nuts lol
  • My dealer here in Houston has yet to recieved any Rio5's. From what I hear no one has. I went to buy one on August 9 and the had none. I was told the would have them in 2 weeks. They still don't them. I was told the waiting list was about 20 people. Since I couldn't wait, which wound up being a good thing. They had a 2004 Cinco with just 1,900 miles on it! Got it for 2 grand less than a Rio5. Yeah I know I missed out on a lot of updates, but I'm happy.
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