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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • you'll need to know someone who works for nissan/infiniti. there's 2 levels of vpp. the direct level employee vpp is much better than the friends level. either way it helps to have something like that so you can start your negotiations.
  • gcannongcannon Posts: 5
    Thanks to all on this board, especially CarMan, for helping me get a great deal! M35, Journey, Tech, Spoiler, Splash Guards, Trunk Mat, plus "extras": nice custom pin striping, sunroof deflector, tinted windows, wheel locks. MRSP $48,920, plus $200 tinting, and unknown for other extras (estimate $300-500). Discount price: $45,016. With the extras, I believe I paid invoice or below (mgr claimed he was under invoice).
    Leased 24 months, $0 cap reduction. Payment: $579.76 (includes 3% NC tax). Residual 66%, MF .00042. Cash OOP, 1st mo payment, $550 acq fee, $599 Doc Fee, $80 tags.

    My local dealer (Charlotte) wouldn't do the deal for less than $669, and then got fairly indignant when I presented him with the deal I would accept (based on $500 over invoice, and all the info gathered here). So I called a dealer about 30 mins away (Lake Norman) on last day of the month, talked to the sales manager and asked him if he wanted to sell an M35 today. Gave him the deal I would accept, he had 2 cars that met my requirements (journey and tech w/Sirius). One had black interior, which doesn't work in the south. The other was black with bourbon interior; however, it had the extras. He didn't even give me a chance to respond and he said ok he'd do the deal! The clincher was that for scheduled maintenance they would drive a loaner to my house, pick up my car, and return it in the same day.

    Thanks again for all your help. Now I have to go figure out how to use my new car!
  • gcannongcannon Posts: 5
    Failed to mention - 15K miles/year on above M35
  • kmt123kmt123 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know when the 2007's will be in dealers, or has anyone seen one? I was about to select another vehicle based on my wife's complaint that the passenger seat on the 2006 model was very uncomfortable, I am anxious to see if the 2007 meets her requirements before going with an A6 or GS300.
  • Should be next week, I'm told. The dealers' system reports it as "week of 7/7", but since 7/7 is a Friday, I don't know if that means the week ending 7/7 or the week starting 7/7.
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    The internet rep I am dealing with emailed today that they got 15 2007 M35's in today.
  • Where are you located? My dealer (Metro Infiniti in Southern Cal.) told me that they were delayed a week, and my car wouldn't be in until next week.
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    I am in South Florida..
  • tazmojtazmoj Posts: 1
    Can anyone share the major difference between 2006 and 2007 M35 model ?
  • ram60ram60 Posts: 20
    Just an update, I visited a dealer lot in Atlanta this afternoon and sat in a 2007 M45. Interestingly enough I had to argue with the sales rep to see the car. When I first approached him, he claimed the 2007 would not be out for months, I insisted that he check with the manager and sure enough the 2007 M45 had arrived.

    I am in the process of getting price quote/ MF / lease terms and will update accordingly.

  • ram60ram60 Posts: 20
    Thanks for sharing your information. I am in the process of negotiating for what sounds like a similar model. Would you mind me asking what the Total Cap cost was for your deal? Also did you do a trade in ? Thanks in advance for the info.

  • kmt123kmt123 Posts: 6
    Did they have M35's or just M45's?
  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    I received what I feel is a very fair offer on either a 2006 M35 Sport or a 2006 M45 Sport w/ Journey, Tech, and Sirius packages. 39 months, 15,000 miles. 1st payment down only, $595 + tax on M35 sport, $665 + tax on M45 sport. I was told the car is being sold at invoice. I suppose it must be a decent deal when a competing dealership insists you are lying to them.
  • devbrattdevbratt Posts: 1
    I was quoted a lease price for a 2006 M35X with Journey package, with 28K per year for 2 years at $686/month and $4000 down (this includes all taxes ((8.125 is the tax rate for me since I live in NY). So is this a good deal or bad? Thanks!!!
  • lurkerlurker Posts: 9
    The Infiniti dealer in Huntsville, AL claims they don't plan to get any 2007 M's until late this year.

    Their Sales Manager says their overall business has been off this past year. I don't think they are selling many of them because they won't meet the competition from Birmingham or Atlanta. (BTW, Nashville Infiniti told me they bought Huntsville Infiniti a while back.)

    Huntsville Infiniti also told me that there is no break-in period for the M, so it's Ok to wring them out during test drives.....phew!
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    This is one of the strangest and, from a sales-marketing standpoint, one of the most self-destructive year-to-year transitions I've witnessed. It has seemed as if the 2007 M35s looming on the horizon have had the usual effect of slowing down sales (Infiniti sales have been down this May and June from what they were last May and June), but stretching things out in this ambiguous way wouldn't seem to bring any advantage to Nissan. Odd and troubling.

    Also, my M35 manual clearly spells out a 1200 mile break-in period with cautions about going over 4000 rpm, etc.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    This sounds an awful lot like a dealer who is giving up the infiniti franchise and trying to unload 2006's before they give infiniti's up completely.

    No serious dealer would not order 2007 cars.

    Alternatively, they may have just too many over equipped cars and they are desparate to sell them so they tell you what they think will help them dump those cars.

    Doesn't matter which is the case....this should suggest that you might want to shop at one of the bigger dealerships around you
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402 you have the sense that nobody really knows when the 2007s are arriving (perhaps, including Infinity dealers) or do you think it is now known that their arrival is immanent and this one dealer was just mystifying the scene for his own purposes?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    most of the dealers already have their first shipment of 2007's. It's not a mystery.
  • mwgmwg Posts: 28
    My one suggestion, I'm sure there will be others, is to find out the selling price of the car on which the calculatiuons are based. It should be at or below invoice. This is especially true in NJ , where I bought an M35 at invoice three months ago.

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