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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mdbpetry1mdbpetry1 Posts: 13
    Please give me some feedback on the "best" internet price I have received from 4 local Boston dealers.

    08 M35X Slate Blue w/Tech. Package, Xenon, Splash Guards, Trunk Matt

    MSRP $50,835
    Invoice $46,480

    Price $44,867 (includes $1K rebate and destination charge)

    Plus $300 Doc Fee

    Is this a good deal?

    All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter from a large finance magazine is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Infiniti M35. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

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  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    I want the same car. $625 +tax or tax included.?? How many months/miles?

    What dealership?

    What was capitalized cost, and adjusted capitalized cost, and MF.
  • lthaley756lthaley756 Posts: 21
    I have found 3 used M 35 2007

    Year Miles List price

    2007 14.5K $31995

    2007 19K $31998

    2007 22.5K $33995

    I am also looking at new

    What would you offer on the above used cars and how much would I pay for a base
    M35 listed at $44.5K

    I am an infiniti owner now
  • mdbpetry1mdbpetry1 Posts: 13
    I am closing my deal today on the new M35 listed in my earlier post. Based on my experiences pricing the car with several dealers in New England, I think you should be able to get the car for $2500 - $3000 below invoice, including your $2000 rebate. Since I am not a current infiniti owner I only got the $1000 rebate.

    There is also 2.9% financing available for new cars.

    Sorry I can't help on the used car front.
  • What would be a good net cash price to buy a 2008 M45 2WD with zero options? I'm not a current Infiniti owner. Can I expect to pay about $1000 to $2000 below invoice price including the rebate? I'm in Dallas but could buy anywhere. I'm in no rush. No trade-in or financing.

    I have never seen a M45 on the streets anywhere and no one seems to talk about them in the forums. My local dealer did not have one in the showroom and said the M35 is the biggest sedan they sell. Does Infiniti really make the M45?
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    The difference is the M35 has a V6, while the M45 has a V8 engine. The body is the same.
  • dulfelderdulfelder Posts: 10
    Hey big D. I drive a 2006 M35X with 26.5 miles. Need the awd in New England. Like it a lot but wish it had a 6th and/or 7th gear because at 70 mpg the rpms are close to 3000. I average 19.5 overall mpgs and alternate 89 octane with 93. Have nitro. in the tires and keep them nearly full. See a few M45s around here. They have the V8 and maybe larger trunk but at $4.20+ gas a V8 seems like a luxary. The v6 is quick but not quiet. Car is safe, very comfortable and fun to drive. Got much better tires at 17.5 and they've been much quieter and stickier. I'd buy another Infiniti but not until they have 6 plus gears. I believe the X50 has 7 speeds so the 2009 M's probably will. Good luck. D. Ulfelder
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    For cash money you should be able to get it for less than the invoice. Here are the number factors on a 2008 M45 with no options: $46,163 this is invoice price so my thought is (cash talks bull crap walks) I think you should be able to get it for at least 42K or 43K cash money depending on what car company you go to. I would call around to different dealerships and make them compete against one another to see who would give you the best deal. Thats what I am doing with getting my 2009 M45 which come out in October I am buying mine cash money so if I have to get mine from a dealer out of NC to get the best deal that's what I am going to do.
    I wish you the best on getting your brand new M45.
  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    Walt, I understand your "cash is king logic" but that is not how the car business works.

    I am currently a certified financial planner, but in a "former life" I was in New Car F&I, and New Car sales.

    New Car managers and sales people get paid off of the gross that they hold.

    It is irrelevant whether you are leasing or buying, putting $1000 down and financing $45000, or stroking a $46000 check

    Each car has an invoice, holdback, maybe some dealership retro bonus money for hitting a monthly target, etc.
    General sales managers get paid off of Front end gross, and back end gross (the money the F&I dept. makes for selling you a rate a point or two over buy rate, pushing a warranty, or glass etch, or whatever.

    The F&I dept gets paid on the back end gross only.

    The GMs get paid off of the whole dealership

    Everybody is working their pay plan, which is based on gross profit held.

    The actual bottom line is that in reality if you are paying cash money the dealership loses a possible three or four hundred dollar flat fee that a financing bank might have paid the dealership for steering the deal to them, even if you financed at the buy rate. So, there is positively less incentive to give a cash buyer a better deal than someone who is financing, because there is no back end gross opportunity.

    Still, I remember many times that people will say, "What if I pay cash"

    I used to always laugh inside, and think..."If you only knew"
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    I didn't know that. My question to you is if I pay cash money for a fully loaded M45 (premium) I would not get as good a deal as I would financing it. That seems so weird. But what about all the finance charge that is added to the deal when you finance the car.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 930
    All the finance charge :) I just leased an M35 for a mf of .00002 which is $1.50 a month interest.
  • lthaley756lthaley756 Posts: 21
    you mentioned they get paid for financing- does this include Infiniti financing such as the current 2.9 or 3..9%?
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    which is better? paying cash money or financing to get a great deal?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 930
    irrespective of spiffs, under the table payments, kickbacks and holdbacks, I believe you can always get the best deal with cash. If the finance company is kicking something back to the dealer, you are paying for it...etc.

    The exception to this is when there is manufacturer money that applies to financing or leasing, but not to cash. Then it gets interesting. One other option I''ve used is when there is money for buying but not for leasing, don't use manufacturer leasing. Years ago I had a Nissan dealer arrange financing thru GE credit because Nissan had some dealer money that only applied to purchases. I was paying a higher interest rate, but with the money back, the lease cost me much less.
  • mark824mark824 Posts: 9
    I am looking at 2007 M35 or M45. I will probably go for the M45. I am seeing pricing with the Navi, adv tech package for about 35-36k with 15-20k miles. This is in Atlanta. It looks like the M35's arew about 4-5K less.

    35K looks like a good pricefor the m45 with 15-20k miles and navi etc.. What is everyone else seeing out there?


  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I also was looking for a 2007 M35.....$35k for an M35 with the options you are looking for sounds about right. Gwinnett in Atlanta seemed to have some of the lowest prices in the Southeast. Be careful to NOT buy a service loaner car - those cars are a bit more prone to longer term quality issues. Most 07 M35's are previous service loaner cars.

    At the end of the day, I ended up getting a brand new 09 Maxima as the gas mileage was better, the body style was new, and a number of the key features found in the M35 are also present in the Maxima. This is particularly the case when comparing the Premium Package cars. Two exceptions to that are the dynamic cruise and lane departure warning systems. Those are unique to M35.
  • mark824mark824 Posts: 9
    I looked at the 09 Maxima but it is smaller then the M35 all around and I ned a car with more interior space and trunk space. Nissan did a great job with the new Maxima.
  • Can anyone share the latest MF and residual % for on 08 M35? I went on and they say the residual is 51%-53% for 36 mos. and the MF is .00064. The 51% for 36 mos seems really low compared to other posts I've seen here in the low 60s.

    Also I was just on Edmunds and they list two current a $3000 customer loyalty and the other a $2000 customer loyalty discount. Both say they are for purchase or lease of a new car without trade in. Wondering if anyone has gotten the $3K?
  • mark824mark824 Posts: 9
    I have pretty much set my mind on a 2008 M35 with the tech package. I had the car for a day and I am very impressed by it. I was looking at the GS350 and RL as well.

    The price I am getting out the door is $40,400. This includes the 3k reabte that is good until Sept 2nd. I think the price of the caar is $37.5k. The GS350 and RL would be 4-5k more.

    Only problem is, I cant pull the trigger until Sept 11th. The 3k reabte will be done and the car will be cloer to 44k now. This would bring the GS350 back into play. Do you think I might still be able to get the lower price and or the rebate in 2 weeks? I am paying cash.

    I guess they could extend or bring out new rebates. I just hate the thought of paying 3k more just becuse I am buying 2 weeks later.

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