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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    I agree ,it is too much.I bought ,3 months ago a M45X,2008-12,000 miles.Perfect condition,CPO,Premium package with Factory Chrome wheels for less.The M's are nice cars.I look forward to the drive to work and even more to the drive home.Brand new 2008's were selling for 41.5 Nov. ,2008 with adv. Tech.Offer 35.4K and good luck!
  • Hi,

    Could you advise of how and where you were able to get an aftermarket nav for your 2007 m35.


  • I just bought a beautiful black on black 2006 Infiniti M35 with 53k miles from an independent dealer. It has every option (tech, nav, dvd player, etc) and was well taken care of (previously leased).

    I paid $19,500, which seems like a good deal but wanted to bounce it off you guys.

    I was looking at a used G37 but after driving/cruising comfortably in my M, don't feel like I'm missing out too much...
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    I believe you got a good deal if the car is still under warranty - even just for 2 month, so you can check everything out and have the dealership taken care of any defect, or get an extended warranty.

    If it is out of basic warranty, I would still have the dealership check it out thoroughly to make sure power train is perfectly fine.

    Other than that, keep the regular maintenance and you should be able to enjoy your M for a long, long time.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21

    Great Forum
    I am lookingto purchase new M35 2009 with sport + tech package, MRSP is ~51K @ Would you folks kindly comment how much should I ask to buy this car for, is it around 18-20% less due to the bad econony and not many cars being sold near Galveston/Texas. Do you have any good car salemans that would work with you especially in Galveston Tx Areas or surrounding areas.

    Thanks and kind regards
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Well, the economy is not good, but has picked up a bit, so it is not realistic to expect 18-20% off MSRP. I would set my target at 10% off MSRP, which is about $5-6K below, that is $2-3000 under invoice. Especially the M35 has a 7 spd tranny for 2009, it is a bit harder to negotiate.

    So, if the MSRP is $51k, I would start from $45k and settle around $46 - 47k. On the other hand, if you are looking at the M45, you might be able to negotiate more off, although you will still end up paying more, but you got a better car.
  • zhlmmczhlmmc Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a 2009 M35 with tech package. The listed price is 50K. The dealer offered 39.8K. Good deal? I know infiniti is giving 5K incentive on this car. My target price is 38K. Not sure if it is a feasible price.

  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Is it a demo. or program car? How many miles are on the car? If it is more than 2000 miles on it, you are basically getting an used car instead. But, still, it is a decent deal.

    If it is new, it is a fantastic deal, I would just jump on it now.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    That is a great deal, almost too good - I'd get it. $38k is not feasible assuming this is a new, untitled car. ;)
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    I'm also looking at a 2009 M35 S (Sport) with tech package. The listed price is 51.665. The dealer offered 10K off at 41.665 + tax and fees, Atlanta area dealership.
    This is a brand new, untitled car.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    would you kindly let us know how much TTL should be in texas [around ~8% of sale price], right?
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    Just buy the car.You will like it!
  • Texas tax is 6.25% ... if you have a trade, the vehicle is taxed after you deduct your trade allowance from your sales price...
  • jabatjabat Posts: 8

    Is this for a new car? I'm looking for anew M35 non sport to lease in the Atlanta area. So far best deal is msrp at $53, 035 discounted to $47, 785.

    If you're getting 10k off on a new car, I'd say its pretty good deal.

    Can you tell me which dealership?

  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    I got that quote from Nalley Infiniti of Decatur.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76

    Never mind, When I got to dealership last night to purchase car with my check book and financing in hand... I was told that car was just "sold", but we can show you what we have, how low for a luxury car dealer!

  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    The 2010 M35 and M45 will start arriving next month. For the most part it is the same vehicle as 2009, less colors to choose from and most vehicles will have Navigation - we were very limited in the amount of base units we could order.

    The 2009's have the big saving with the dealers getting at least $5000 dealer cash on all remaining models. We only have 11 left and we are the largest dealership in the West (finished #2 in the Nation last year). ;)
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    Is this posting for advertizing!
  • zhlmmczhlmmc Posts: 3
    I just drove the car home. 2009 M35 with Tech and Sports. I paid $40500 for it before tax and title.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    Congratulations on new car!!! wow, what a deal, more than $11000 off MSRP! would you please share which state and dealership?

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