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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is this $9K off 2010's?

    Also can the $4,000 cash to dealer be used on a lease? It says here on Edmunds that it cannot be combined with the special finance rates, but not clear if that applies to leases as well. Thanks!
  • $9k off a 2009 - I think you will see about $7k off a 2010. The $4000 dealer cash can NOT be used with a lease. (For a 2009 they have $3750 with lease, for 2010 they have $0 for lease - but both have $2000 loyalty with lease - must own/lease an Infiniti now to get that).
  • jung1jung1 Posts: 6
    I just purchased FX35 and are looking for a current owner who has not redeemed their code to team-up for the Amex gift card incentive. Because this Amex promotion is expired on 11/30/09, I am looking for someone who is serious about this promotion. (I realize that) everyone is reluctant to exchange one's personal info by email because nobody can trust each other. If someone who lives around NJ, NY and CT, I am willing to meet him/her face to fact to make this deal. Also, if an owner with the code emails me, I will send my cell number to discuss about how we can exchange the info. If you are interested in this promotion, please email to
  • In NY and just purchased M35x. Not sure what this AMEX code thing is about, but sounds like I could help you.
  • 2006 infiniti m45 sport with tech and advance tech, 39000 miles, titanium coler, aero body and spoiler kit, only one key, price 25,300 dollars. Is this a go or no go
  • 21,500 Max.The aero kit and spoiler say a lot.
  • thanks mltsurger, what do you mean by aero kit and spoiler mean alot? I'm thinking you believe it was driven hard? How do you tell. Thanks again for your input
  • I would look at the tires,probably second set,check the brakes and crawl under the car.Yes, my thought would be it may have been driven hard.
  • 2007 M35 with 29k for $28,900... Good deal or not?
  • 2 much !Try poquet motors ,mpls,mn.
  • Well what is appropriate? Cause this Auto place you named has the exact same price...
  • They have been known to have good prices on Infinities and if the prices are the same thats a good sign.If the M you are looking at is in good shape,go for it.They are incredible cars.I look for excuses to drive somewhere.Good Luck with your buy,be safe and have a great ride.
  • The incentives on the M line did not change from last month.

    If you can find a 2009: Special rates + $1000 or $6000 dealer cash ($7k on M45).

    2010 M35: Special Rates or $4000
    2010 M45: Special Rates or $5000 (very rare - super limited production)

    Still a $2000 lease Loyalty rebate - must lease and must own an Infiniti.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    Dear GSM
    hope you are doing well
    Do you have any new 09 m35 left with special deals? thanks and kind regards
  • 2010 Infiniti M35X with tech package:

    609/month 10K miles/year (includes tax/financing etc.)

    1300 due on signing (includes 1st month, title, MVC fees, bank fee, tire fee, etc.).
  • Sorry - have not been on this forum page in awhile - sold out of all 2009 M's - have plenty of 2010....
  • Just got back from Vegas, where Infiniti let us sit in (not drive) the 2011 M56 sport - this car is NIIICE!!! Can't wait till it gets here! :)
  • I soooo can't wait to drive the M56!! I am on my second M45 sport and after 14 months and 21k miles I am still as happy as day one. With 420 hp This car will be an absolute rocket. Look out M3 here comes the M56! :)
  • In the northwest, there are several 2010 M35s on the lot. Does anyone have a sense of what a fair price is for a straight purchase? I was seeing $10K off MSRP with the '09s but not sure if that is realistic with the 2010s.
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    $5k off dealer cash applied to best price you can negotiate OR zero % financing 1-3 years, 1.9% up to 60 months, higher up to maximum term. You do not get both. This deal thru Jan 04, 2010. I had to mention the dealer cash, they don't volunteer it. YMMV.
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