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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • oh, ok, thanks for the info.

    in response to sightings:
    I have only seen a silver EX sedan in motion. It was a dealer plate on test drive and it does look good from the back, a bit tall maybe, but interesting curves and creases. I wonder what the 'best' color for the Civic will be...ok, ok, depends on the person.
  • No, it wouldn't be that the engine bogged down, just to maintain 75-80 going up a significant incline on the highway would require a shift down to 4th.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    And people who have the even the slightest concern about fuel economy would drive 80MPH up a significant incline?
  • Yes, on the interstate sure. Driving 75-80 doesn't mean I don't want to get the best fuel economy I can at those speeds.
  • I saw a black LX sedan pulling out of a gas station in Princeton NJ yesterday. The driver was atleast 70 years old - which made me smile since this models targer consumer is much younger. .
  • in Vancouver, BC yet. And Canadians buy a lot of Civics - I believe I've read it's Canada's best selling vehicle.

    So, who wants to tell us if the turn signal in a new Civic is orange or red? I like orange better, as it is much more visible, and can save you from being rear-ended.

    Also, if someone could post pictures of the interior, especially of folded back seats, it would be most appreciated! Thank you
  • It's red on the one I saw at the dealer. Lame. :(
  • nsa350nsa350 Posts: 3
    Just purchased and picked it up. A day later I am noticing a small tear and peel of the black sealant arount the driver's side door window. If you are familiar with the part that I am explaining, could you know offer some suggestions on how to mend this.
    The car is silver but around all the door windows it is outlined in that black sealant (not sure what to call it).
  • I have an '06 EX auto and was wondering something. When I'm in reverse
    or sometimes in drive and stop on an incline, the car will roll down
    the hill. Is this normal? I've never had an auto roll when in gear
    before. Otherwise, the car is SWEET!
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    Is it the black strip which the edge of the glass window will slide into when the window is closed? It is a new car under warranty. For me, I will take it back to the dealer & make them fix it (free of charge, of course).
  • That's normal. Honda's with ATs are like that.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    I thought the auto trans design for Honda uses "lock-up convertor" which will prevent the car from slipping backwards once it is put on "drive".....but I can be wrong.

    For the auto trans in my BMW3 & E320, those cars will stay & will not roll backwards on an incline even if I release the brakes or hand brakes.

    My new 2006 EX coupe is a 5 speed manual, I have to use hand-brake when I "stop & go" on an incline.
  • nsa350nsa350 Posts: 3
    Thanks bigal3... The tear is actually on the outside edge of the if I was to open the door and run my fingers along the outside edge of the door itself I would eventually come to the tear and actually feel it. Its more of an eyesore than anything else. It seems to be more auto-body related and I was hoping there is some sort of tape or glue out there that can mend it. Do you still think the dealership will fix it free of charge?
  • Seriously? Partially engaging the clutch is not enough? This MT sounds worse and worse. I can't imagine the pain of having to engage the hand brake on an incline every time.
  • we have a 2005 civic ex se that had a tear on the weather seal molding around the edge of the driver's side door that was replaced under warranty with no problem. the car had over 17,000 miles on it when it was done.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    Oh, you mean the rubber strip which seal the edge of the door when you close the door?

    Hey, it is a brand new car & it is under factory warranty. The dealer should replace the rubber strip for you (free of charge) if there is any defects. Even if it is accidently damaged or torned under reasonable conditions, I think the dealer will still replace it for free.

    2 years ago, I accidently torn the rubber strip which seal the edge of the car trunk when I pull a heavy box from the trunk. The car was under warranty & the dealer replace it for free (the dealer got paid by the manufacturer for replacing parts under warranty).

    Worse come to worse, if you happened to buy the car from a nasty dealer & they refuse to replace it for free, you can just say no & drive the car away. You have nothing to lose anyway.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    When I have to stop & pause on a slope (incline), I always use my hand-brakes.

    I don't want to over-heat or wear out the clutch pre-maturely by partially engaging the clutch on a slope. Beside, you will also burn up more gas & your legs have to partially engaging the clutch as well as the accelerator for the whole length of time when you pause.

    When I use the hand-brake, I just pull the hand-brake once & it will lock itself in position. The engine can idle and my legs & hand can relax for the whole length of time when the car stop or pause.

    When it is time to go again, I just release the hand-brakes slowly. There is nothing to it.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said:

    Seriously? Partially engaging the clutch is not enough? This MT sounds worse and worse. I can't imagine the pain of having to engage the hand brake on an incline every time.

    We used to call that feathering the clutch, and it really wears out the clutch fast. Using the handbrake technique is much better.
  • I think the old Toyotas have a lock-up convertor. Not sure about the new ones, but I remember my 92 Corolla doesn't move backward on uphills and forward on downhills. My 97 Civic, and all of my friends' Hondas behave the same way as your new Civic does so don't worry about it. Although this behavior can damage the transmission in some way, it's normal in a Honda. I guess that's why some cars are equipped with a lock-up convertor.
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