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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • yesroh,

    "I am a competative cyclist" Outstanding keep it up. I rode my first century in 1976 and rode the last three years in the MS150: Houston to Austin. I still ride a lot not so competative anymore.

    Giant Bikes!,

  • I would've jumped on that 15K for a new Accord if they were available. I don't care about the new model in '06. Not much change. Got to wait couple more years for the '08 model and the new look.

    $19.3K is for 2005 Honda Accord 4 cylinder 4 door LX auto. +ttl.

    $24.7K for 2005 Honda Accord V6 4 door EX. +ttl.

    I do like the Accords better than Camry. But in my small wallet, it's not worth addtional $3K.

    Has anyone seen '07 Camry. It looks similar to GS 300.

    But the bottom line is I am disappointed about the price hike on 06' Civic. $16K would be a sensible price for Civic auto LX if that was OTD price. Honda, FYI, smaller car market got much more competitive.
  • 2006 Honda Civic Si= 197 hp, weighs 2900, Lsd,fwd,...0-60 7.5?
    2006 Scion Tc= 160 hp, weighs 2900, fwd....0-60 7.5?
    what went wrong?

    The guys a TOV are getting 6.8 0-60 times with their production Si. Nothing went wrong. It's that upshift to 3rd at 58 mph that give the appearance of a slight lag. Further testing is coming.
  • Now, Dear, that's a very reactionary and sexist reaction in this day and age to describe a lady's response as "melodramatic" or excessively emotional. As for the dust, I'll bet your mommy did all your dusting. Now as to the defoggers, I'd like to get you out here in the Great Plains and have you take a drive with me in a serious winter snowstorm in the remote Nebraska Sandhills in reduced visibility and see if you think my concern with defogging all that mega class windshield on the new Civic is a real world concern or "ridiculous" as you describe it ? Would you be available ?
  • i am not a competitive cyclist, however this does not have anything to do with anything. umm...yes...

    i do find that the mazda3 does not appeal to me. it's bloated and tries too hard to look sophisticated. the 06 civic, on the other hand just lets its aerodynamic lines define its simplicity, and its styling is already growing on me. the rear looks wicked. the mazda3 styling has not grown on me at all, in fact, it has degenerated on me when on day one i thought that the 5 door might have been nice.

    oh, well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. what i do think will win beauty contests is the ford focus hatchback, especially the 5 door svt version, but any pre-facelift one will do it.
  • Wouldn't it just be easier to move to better climate. Not reactionary; not melodramatic " Just the facts Maam" Ugh! Snowstorms Ugh reduced visiability!


    Fog-on ( or should that be Fog OFF) ,

  • playplay Posts: 38
    You could try one of those large hood ornaments like the Ram trucks have. That should do the trick.

    Yes, yes, thats it. Thanks. I'll give it a shot, I mean a whirl, er ....a try.
  • playplay Posts: 38
    all you care about is the out the door complete price. nothing more. Do not enterinto a conmversation on anything else. You do not care if they charge $299 for a doc fee.

    "how much out the door"?
    I suggest you also get internet pricing. Same request.

    Best of luck.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Maybe the Next New Thing we'll see is front-end radar to go along with the rear radar available in many cars. :)
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Agreed on the Mazda3 sedan, but I was thinking of the hatchback.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I've had a couple of cars with steeply raked windshields/back windows, and it gets pretty tight trying to clean the inside of the windows near the dash/rear package tray. Not that this is a major issue. It is true that cars with these kind of windshields get hotter inside. Most heat inside a car cabin doesn't come from a hot roof, if comes from a dashboard and rear package tray heating up under the impact of the sun coming in. However, I have heard some cars now have window glass that blocks both ultraviolet and infrared (the heat rays). Anyone know anything about this, or about the type of glass on the new Civic.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    as far as I know, the state of Tennessee is sold out.

    I like the 2006 though. The main things I'm attracted to are 40MPG, all 'bags, and the nice H badge on the front and rear ends, and the CIVIC badge on the back...

    Not as attracted to the Corolla.

    Still loving my '99 though, and it hasn't given up yet. In light of the high gas prices, it might be worth it to own 3 cars in my case. (less depreciation due to less miles being racked up, car purchases can be spaced out a little more (because of less mileage per car), and of course, the miniscule savings in gasoline)
  • for the coupe and sedan both lx woot!
  • alright! please post your impressions, esp noise and ride harshness! thanks...
  • Can you get pictures of the coupe? EX if possible? I have yet to see a real-world picture of the coupe.
  • Maybe that was all nonsense and you work for Mazda. Anywho your loss. :P
  • Hmmm, now here's a true gentleman. This man sticks to the facts. Midnight Cowboy,eh ? With that handle it sounds like you could live in my part of the country, but your answer indicates otherwise. Shucks ! Maybe you might consider moving here. Yeah, we have snowstorms and the visibility's bad, but look at the bright side. There's no congestion or crowding, no urban sprawl, plenty of elbow room, you're never stuck in traffic, never get a traffic ticket, little or no crime so you can leave for months and never lock your door, and car insurance is cheaper. You can even see cowboys punching cows down the middle of Cherry County highways near Ted Turner's mega ranch (one million acres +).
  • yes, less people to buy the civic so that the price goes down :D
  • I like your responses very interesting and intriguing. I used to live where there was some snow but now I am in Houston. I like the outdoors and would like a lot less traffic; there are 4.4 milllion peopel in Houston and all of them drive, it sucks. I accidently have came across two that a good drivers and no they weren't in Priuses. Sorry to make light of your defrost problem; It you situation it is of concern and I hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.

    Have a good weekend!

  • what field do you drive in. or do you drive
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