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Insurance and NJ No-Point Ticket option



  • I have a court date for a accident in october 2012 and thinking whether to go to court and talk to prosecutor for point reduction or simply pay as guilty over phone. I got careless driving 2 pointer ticket.

    My driving history is not that good, though my latest Driver history shows only 2 points
    from 6 incidents in last 5 years after twice 2 pointer credits "POINT CREDIT -ANNUAL SAFE DRIVING".
    Generally, If I am guilty , I go to court and ask the prosecutor to reduce the points for extra fine. Rarely, prosecutor says no to this except only once saying some thing which I didn't understand. He Said some thing like " If you get 3 times break or 3 times in 5 years you will lose your driver license" .

    I doesn't remember for which incident it is. As per the record last accident in July 2012 has 2 points, which I beleive he reduced from 4 points to 2 points I think.

    My question is whether I go to court and ask the point reduction or just pay with out going. The challenge is I need to skip the job for that day, if I have to go to court. This I want to decide based on the probability whether the prosecutor gives the break or not.
    Though my boss agreed to take a day off to compensate later, he was not happy with that, so I want to avoid court, if Idon't have the chance to reduce the point.

    My question what is that rule that decides whether prosecutor gives point reduction. I know they want money and we are just a number.

    My driving history record report doesn't say when he gave a break in points. Are there any way I can get the information.
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