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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have been looking for a new 2004 Cayenne V6. I used both AAA Auto program and Costco Auto program to get a quote. AAA gave me the dealer at Redwood city but they didn't even contact me. Costco gave the dealer at Fremont but the salesperson is hard to deal with. (Ignored and missed my emails many times. Lost my fax number twice. I had to keep calling him for him to find me a car. And he wouldn't show me the quote unless I come to the show room.)

    Since I was tired of that salesperson, I then used Edmunds to get a quote from Stevens Creek Porsche and the salesperson there is much easy to deal with. The quote I got is about $1000 below the TMV price from Edmunds. Anyone thinks this is a good deal?

    Did anyone use Costco or AAA Auto program and get a good deal?


  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I used Oakland Porsche, which gave me a great price for my cayenne.

    I did not deal with Fremont.

    Stead's in Walnut Creek was fine also....but may want a higher price due to its location in a relatively affluent neighborhood...

    good luck
  • drcjdrcj Posts: 7
    Hello again all, I am curious if there are any known changes to the '05 version of the cay s? I heard P is going to up the horsepower on the turbo but I'm not sure if that is a rumor or real? Anyone up on this?

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    you are right...

    power is going up for the turbo, to about 500
     for the "S" , the power will go up too...

    as will the V6 ...but that is only what the car mags say....
  • jburschjbursch Posts: 11
    I have seen postings which indicate that one could get larger discounts for 05's ($6-$8K off sticker) for cars ordered to spec vs. purchasing off lot? Looking to purchase a v6 or S soon in the Los Angeles area. Thanks in advance.
  • frank9frank9 Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    went looking for a C04 this weekend in long beach but was talked into an executive demo CS04 (with 1500mi) with nav, comfort seats, moonroof, 6 cd changer, park assist and 4 separate climate control for $55K out the door. Just wondering if this was a good deal. The options arent important to me, with the exception of the moonroof. Just wondering what people are seeing year end for the CS in la area?
  • Hi all, have just settled on a cayenne, V6, silver with black leather, pretty well loaded with Nav etc, MSRP was $54195, agreed on a price of $48 720, $1k above invoice, this was in the bay area. Hope this helps
  • jimveejimvee Posts: 11
    Just bought an 04 CS in SW Fla. MSRP was about $65k, paid $58, which was $2k over invoice. Not sure we haggled enough, but happy. Came with nav, comfort seats (enhanced memory), 6-disc CD, tire pressure monitor (not working yet), 19" wheels, moonroof, and elec. comf. package (homelink). Carmon Red with Grey interior probably kept this one on the lot for awhile!
  • I'm in the market for an 05 CS. Which dealer did you deal with in the bay area and how did you like your experience?

  • I got my 05 C at Stevens Creek Porsche, dealt with them over the internet first and then went for a test drive, drove several cars, they seem eager to help. I cannot benchmark them against others as I only worked with Stevens Creek. Starting your position dealing with invoice plus seemed to work OK.
  • I am in the market for v6. I see some of the postings say $X over invoice for 05 model. Could you share with me where you get the invoice info? I went to many sites include Edmund but could not find 05 invoice.
  • I had the same issue, I ended up asking the dealer for the invoice of the car I was interested in, and then used the 2004 prices to ensure I wasn't being misled, the option prices seem pretty much the same and, as the MSRP had gone up $1100 or so, I assumed that invoice was about 85% of that increase so added it on to the 2004 invoice price, you may not be exact but you can be pretty close, the info I got from the dealer appeared accurate.
  • bobp7bobp7 Posts: 41
    in late september you guys were very helpful while i was comparing the cay, fx45 & x5. decision was cay; by more than a nose.
    had an opportunity to snag a good deal on a p supported cay but missed it by a couple hours. now another opportunity has come up - a new 04 s non metallic blue (dark sea blue) and grey (slate) interior. trbo look whls & crests, nav, elec pkg, entry & drive, cd chgr, bi-xens, moonroof. 54.5 sell. a bit more than 10k under 04 list. your thoughts are appreciated.
    this deal goes in the paper tomorrow so is it worth it to snag this particular one or wait for a better deal or an '05.
    thx in advance!
  • Just bought an 05 S, Titanium/Stone Gray. I paid 9% below MSRP but vehicle was loaded with stuff like carbon fiber wheel and gear shifter. Car equipped with convenience package, 19" wheels and I sprung for the SportDesign/Sport Exhause package. Looks great but stupidly expensive.
  • Bobp7,

    If the options are to your agreement (I like them all), don't miss the 10Koff. On the 2005, it will not be this substantial and you always have the issue if the vehicle on the lot is optioned to your preferences or not.

    One thing I know is that this is one vehicle you are likely to keep for long and if the thought is around the Trade in value etc.. I will prefer to take the immediate discount vs. buying 2005 at a higher price.

    Good luck and let us know what happened...
  • Just picked up my 04 S. I absolutely love it. Fairly well equiped plus the adjustable suspension. This was a must for me. I really like the flexibility. Car listed for 63 and change. I paid invoice which was about 55. I am very happy and learning about the capabilities of this great machine.

    One thing head lights leak. There is a recall and will be fixed right away.
  • I'm a tax law Section 179 buyer and things are getting right down to the wire (i.e., 1 Jan 05). I've been looking for a V6 in a decent color with some simple, commonsense options (maybe , Tiptronic, zenons, heated seats, not much else). The New England dealers seem to take their revenge on Porche for even having an entry level V6 Cay by loading them up with IMHO crazy options (e.g., "soft" look leather so it looks like a prom couple spent the night in your car; surround sound for $1800 to better listen to talk radio-how many Porche owners listen to rap?; NAV to find your way home from the dock, etc.)

    Is the hot tip simply to call all the big-allocation dealers in FL, strike a deal and get it shipped up for $700? (I assume that the big-allocation dealers, even the self described "worlds biggest Porche dealer", have some basic Cays in stock?). Or are the warranty/service issues going to make this not a good idea.

    Please advise before my wife says, not without justification, to stop this nonsense and just buy a Denali with 6 liters of cast iron American V8, ready to run out to 150K with just $19.95 oil changes (what is an oil change on a Cay? $150?), a severe duty (x-large convertor/huge fluid capacity) automatic, and parts available at every NAPA. After a while the world of Porche and its dealer body can become a pain. Must be from having to practice saying "Por-Sha" all day long.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    Hi bobp7

    I agree with sviniak. It seems like you have some pretty good package. I like the grey interior,,,,mine is savannah beige...which gets dirtier (visibly) easier...

    I like the navigation, but the 05 has the DVD based nav...the 04 is still the CD based nav. I have no problems with my Cd based one....I don't have entry and drive, and no changer either. So it seems like a good package....

    The turbo wheels are easier to wipe clean, compared to the other one, which I have. I wish I stayed with the turbo ones... sigh...
  • bickislandguy-that tax break expired in september, when bush signed it out of law-sorry.
  • bobp7bobp7 Posts: 41
    i have ended up going in a different direction. still getting a german v8 all wheel drive, tiptronic 6 speed vehicle but a sedan - the phaeton. what a car! amazing - this one really will give the S class and 7 series a solid competitor - once people learn about it and get over the badge.
    if you are the type of person that isn't totally wrapped up in a brand image and really want a well thought out and crafted car, check this one out!
    Anyway, I believe my Cay S is now 3 years away. Hope they work out the kinks during that time. I will be monitoring this board regularly.
    thx again!
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