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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • trashxtrashx Posts: 3
    I purchased vehicle from dealer stock. What I suggest is you email the dealer and make your offer. I'd like to buy this car for XYZ dollars. The dealer will likely accept a reasonable offer.
  • alfecaralfecar Posts: 2
    Thank you for all valuable replies. I tried dealer at Parsippany NJ. That's where they offer me $1500 off MSRP after I told them that I have seven month old 2010 Cayenne Tiptronic with sticker price $58,775. Currently i have 9500 miles. They offered trade-in for $42,500. I think it should be close to 48k. Is it reasonable to demand 5000 off MSRP for future cayenne hybrid with 48000 trade-in for my cayenne? What would be best option for me to upgrade to Cayenne 2011 hybrid?
  • bbc7cbbc7c Posts: 4
    just placed my order for cayenne s for 4500 off MSRP, thanks :)
  • Just wondering, did you lock in with the dealer mentioned in Dallas, or did you go through a dealer in Houston?
    I've got a Cayenne S on order with the San Antonio dealer, haven't locked in a price yet, but I'm interested in who you went with.....thanks.
  • bbc7cbbc7c Posts: 4
    locked in priced with Boardwalk porsche in Dallas.
  • smrt50smrt50 Posts: 6
    Shopped around the Philasdelphia area, and found two dealerships offering 5%p off the 2011 Cayenne....anyone getting better than 6% sticker price?
  • I am looking for the lease rates (MF/Residual) on a 2011 Cayenne Tiptronic 15K/36 mos?

    thank you
  • Folks,
    Please inform me any dealer offering maximum discount or negotiating maximum discount on Cayenne 2011 Basic model with Tiptronic transmission in Bay Area California.

    I am planning to buy this month Dec 2010.

    I read in TX , one of the member is able to get $4500 off the MSRP on Cayenne S 2011.
    Please refer message #601

  • Hi Kartik,
    Did you find a good deal on Cayenne in the bay area? I am in the bay area too and I am interested in a similarly equipped Cayenne. Please share your experiences.
  • Hi Ram

    Porsche of Livermore has offered discount of $2100 but I have asked for $3500 discount on basic model with tiptronic with PCM.
    Which model are you looking for ?
    let's do a combined bargain

  • Hi Ram,
    I need to buy with in a week , you can reach me at adymonu at gmail

  • Hi Kartik,
    Did you purchase? What was the discount you get?
  • Happy new year everyone.

    What have people been paying for the 2011 Cayenne's recently? I'm particularly interested to see if anyone got any discounts on the hybrid model. Let me know how much you are all able to negotiate off of MSRP. Thanks in advance!
  • 8k miles, Tiptronic, Premium, MSRP is $60k, what is a good target price?
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Not sure what a good price is, but I got offered 2.5K off a similar vehicle, new 2011 with MSRP of about 61.5K. Goal is 3K off if possible. Curious if anyone is doing much better on the V6 auto with 10K+ in options.
  • I too am interested in the Cayenne Hybrid and pricing...A dealer told me the other day that a package with enough features to suit me, not fully loaded but loaded enough, would run $80k...with a 3 year lease and 12k per year, I would be looking at $1,400 per month. Evidently Porsche is not supporting these leases or offering any special lease incentives....Has anyone seen or received better pricing...
  • I am looking for Feb 2011 PFS lease rates on a Cayenne S, 36mo/12k mile per year lease.
  • I shopped around for my Hybrid and was able to get 10k off of MSRP. Not sure if any others have had similar experience; many dealers weren't willing to budge from MSRP. But I guess the deals are there if you shop around. Good luck guys.
  • Thanks for the Hybrid info....What is the MSRP relative to the pricing on Porsche's website? If I "build my own" on their website, is that the MSRP? Was this for a Hybrid on the lot and available or did you order it? And, was this for a purchase or lease? And, if a lease what was your lease rate and residual? Thanks!
  • Was this in Philly, PA ? Which dealer ?
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