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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid



  • if you buy on west coast why ship covered to the east coast??? you are going to be driving it on the road for chrissakes!!

    i just shipped two MB R500s from northern Calif to Wash DC and Phila on able auto transport - approx $900 each. you cant ship coast to coast for $500 based on the research i did....
  • "A dealer I recently contacted offered me $2k less MSRP for a 200 mile driven 2008 Cayenne S. The MSRP of this car was around $65000. Is it a fair deal?"

    Are they kidding? Tell them you need a 10% discount on a brand new one.
  • Hi, everyone.

    I lived in corpus christi. There are a only one dealer(Just got open-new owner)
    One salesman told me " It's porsche, You have to pay 4,000 more than the MSRP" So I told him. I knew this kind of business..

    Finally, He said " Ok, 4,000 off of MSRP"

    but, I got out. I felt a bad..

    they are not pro salesman. ...

  • Hello there, Do you know of a good Porsche Dealership in the Bay Area? I'm looking into buying a 08 Cayenne V6 w/ Manual Transmission.
  • Hello Porsche Cayenne owners,

    I'm looking into purchasing a Cayenne V6 with manual transmission. Is the air suspension and PDCC option worth getting? How much time would it actually take to special order a Cayenne with 6MT?

    Also, would anyone recommend a decent porsche dealership in the bay area that could potentially offer 10% off MSRP?

    ~much appreciated!
  • tmhw1tmhw1 Posts: 7
    Try the internet department of Steven Creek, don't walk in. For some reasons they cannot give very good deal when walk in. Got my three months ago and dealing with them is simple and straight forward.
  • If you don't mind me asking? What kind of deal did you get from Steven Creek? Did you get a V6? S? Turbo? and how do you like your Cayenne?
  • I just bought a base 08 Cayenne S with basically nothing but seats in it.. - i put aftermarket heated seats in it.. I love the car wanted something a little cheaper then the high60's after tax.

    So i got mine new for under 60k now do i put atermarket options in .. I have a garmin so i didnt need NAV.. Should i leave the car base.. or should i put bigger wheels, stereo etc in it??

    Was this a good deal? i really havent seen any CAYENNE S trade new below 60k
  • tmhw1tmhw1 Posts: 7
    I got a V6 Cayenne with autotramission. I've post my review of the Cayenne in the X6 vs Cayenne thread so I'm going to repeat myself. And I got 10% off MSRP. Hope this will help.
  • Howdy,

    I'm in the SF Bay Area and have begun the process of trying to procure a base Cayenne with the Preferred or Preferred Plus with 18" wheels. I see that folks were getting about 10% off MSRP a few months ago, but did not see anything current.

    So anyone care to share their experience with wisdom? I'm going to do the email all dealers, but would appreciate any direct experience from our side of the table.

  • tmhw1tmhw1 Posts: 7
    I'm in the SF bay area and I'm the original who posted having 10% off MSRP. Try Steven Creek Porsche internet department. They make better deal than walk in.
  • This car below seems like a good deal. How much can I get it for in your opinion?

    9AD - Automatic Climate Control
    3FE - Moonroof
    1NP - Wheel Hub Covers Colored Crest
    1D6 - Trailer Hitch w/o Hitch Ball
    G0R - Tiptronic S
    PG1 - Driver Seat Memory
    PPA - Preferred Package
    0TD - Front & Rear Flr Mats Int Clr
    PK1 - Front Seat Heater inc Str Whl

  • Hi,
    could somebody please advise whether this is a good deal,
    people in the forums are getting pretty good deals so just wanted to run this through
    $69k msrp discounted to $64k for a cayenne S
    10K down payment from my end

    lease/month:$830/month for 36 months 10,000 miles per year.
    thanks in advance
  • I'm looking to buy a Porsche Cayenne S in the Chicago area. Does anyone know the discounts normally given in this area and any good dealerships??
  • I am looking to buy a higher end Cayenne - possibly waiting on the GTS - but also heavily considering the Cayenne S.

    Does anyone have a recommendation on best discounts being offered in NC SC or VA area?

    Will gladly take a name to contact.

    Also - what is your experience with service when you buy from a dealer out of state?

  • I just ordered a Cayenne Base Tiptronic today with Bose, Nav, Variable Assist, Park Assist, Driver Seat memory, Heated Seats and Steering Wheel, Automatic Climate control, Floor mats, Moon roof. I was given $2000 off MSRP. According to TMV Pricing, it was about what others are getting for discounts in the Los Angeles area.
    I was willing to pay a premium for using a local dealer close to home (Torrance) but I hope I didn't pay too much more. Hopefully, there will be more posts that can verify the TMV pricing system.
  • I am wondering if the falling Dollar value against the Euro in the past six plus months has had any impact on the discounts off msrp. In May 2007 the dollar was $1.36 against the euro; now it is $1.48.
  • Thanks. I am talking to several different dealers in the surrounding area and out of state. Seems to be helping!

    My local dealer has agreed to pick my car up for service and bring me a loaner.
  • My brother just bought a Cayenne S, nicely equipped for about $7000 below MSRP which I think is close to invoice. I think the LA/ Socal area dealers are starting to see inventory stagnate and are making decent deals. Anyone know what the best money rate is for a Turbo and what the residual is? Do dealers have discretion in moving the residual % or is that fixed?
  • where dealer shop did you use in LA?

    thank you ;)
  • Just leased a tiptronic with msrp of $57650. Selling price of $52,900. Long term lease (63 months) , 15,000 miles per year , $3600 down includes first month payment and all fees, total monthly of $657 includes tax. Top tier credit rating. Mid-west location. Does this seem like a good deal?
  • I think it was somewhere in Norwalk or Long Beach.
  • On my Jan.12 posting of my Base Cayenne: I forgot to add 18inch Cayenne Turbo II Wheels which was in my order. I didn't want the standard 17in wheels that came with the Cayenne Base. I'm surprised to hear that the Cayenne S is selling for $7,000 off MSRP in Long Beach/Norwalk. The local dealer in Torrance says they aren't getting as many allocations as they would like.
  • I gave up on trying to find a base Cayenne, and am now considering ordering an '09. My local dealer, whom I have a relationship, does not even have any Cayenne's on the lot; with the exception of one over-optioned love child. He confirmed the oversees buyers pre-buying every Cayenne they get, especially the black ones, and that they have only been allocated 2 until May-both of which are pre-sold to offshore buyers..

    It is just weird paying near MSRP close to the end of the model year, when 10-12% discounts could be had a few months post launch. Concur with the results of a weak Dollar. Little incentive for Porsche, opportunity for ROW.
  • sage5402sage5402 Posts: 1
    X5 4.4 lease is up. Went to the dealer yesterday and placed a deposit on a "just traded in" 2008 Cayenne S. 3000, miles with sticker still in the car for 86K and change. They will sell to me for 67000. Loaded car with $4200 wheels, nav, soft leather, etc.

    7.49% for 72 months. My credit is excellent. Is the price and rate a deal? Seems to be.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I think the cayenne is 1 of the best and very fast SUV but since owning a x5 u did not consider the new X5? or the just arrived new x6?

    It seems the deal is nice but since its driven try to get the price lower if not best of luck and do sure your experience.
  • mdellingermdellinger Posts: 13
    I am looking for a new Cayenne S. The dealer in my area (Walnut Creek, CA) seems to be saying that they sell on at MSRP, but wondered about anyone's recent experiences and where. You would think with the economy and mid-year that one could get some $$ off MSRP.

    Thank you for any input.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    For what it's worth. On my 06 Cayenne they gave 7% off without much hassle. I have heard that some folks get better than that. A 'gas guzzler' should go for a discount these days given gas prices and public sentiment re: the economy.

    I would find another dealer.
  • mdellingermdellinger Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply. Maybe I will tell the dealer here that unless he is planning to discount the Cayenne off MSRP, I might as well move to another dealer. Maybe I will work him over on my trade-in and get the discount that way.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Do both....

    May as well get the best deal you can. Time is your friend on this kind of thing, the longer you sweat them the sweeter the deal. If you are under no pressure to do the deal you are in the best position.

    Good Luck.
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