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Honda Odyssey 2005+



  • I should call you a really nasty name purely out of jealousy ;-). However, I know that my EX-L R&N should be here in the next two to three weeks. I guess I have waited this long...a few more weeks of jealousy can be dealt with in a civil manner.

    Congratulations on your new Ody. Keep us informed as you rack up the Smiles 8^)
  • kixokixo Posts: 35
    With the 04, Honda was pretty skimpy with providing actual leather in the interior. Only the "seating surfaces" and some door inserts were leather. Not the entire seat. And no leather at all in the third row - just vinyl. For leather, Honda charged a whopping $1500 over the cloth EX, making it a huge profit option. (The EX-L did come with heated seats).

    The difference between an '05 EX and EX-L is now $2300, for which you get leather, moonroof, VCM, ANC, heated seats, and adjustable front seat arm rests. That's a huge jump.

    Does anyone know if Honda has added more leather to the seats and interior, and if the 3rd seat is now leather?
  • Yes- thank you! It's pretty funny-- watching the people on the interstate as I drive by pointing-- I was the first in CO to purchase! :)
  • I know a few Toyota owners who switched to Honda because they found them more trouble-free. If you go to the Camry, 4Runner, Sienna, etc room you will find people who have problems just like Ody, Accord, and Civic owners. I have had lots-o-Hondas and have had VERY good luck with them although my 97 RAV4 was bullet-proof as well. As far as the older Toyotas I have owned ..

    1995 GS300 - bought at 135,000 miles. Climate control lights went out, leaked power steering fluid, and the power tilt/telescopic wheel stopped working.
    1991 Toyota MR2 - my husband had this car before he met me but at 20,000 miles or so the turbos failed and he had to have them replaced.
    1987 Toyota Camry - My mother-in-law bought a new one in 87 and had her head gasket fail at 17,000 miles

    None of the above are major problems but it does show that no car is perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Toyota though nor would I hesitate to buy an Odyssey. Although I do normally like to wait a few months into production before I buy a brand new model. But our 03 Accord coupe bought in December (new model was introduced in September) was perfect in the 16,000 miles we owned it before trading it for a sedan out of necessity.
  • Test drove an '05 Odyssey home last night. My wife and I both loved it. Spent all day today trying to get the best deal in North Atlanta.

    The EX-L RES MSRP lists at 32400. Two dealers would not even talk about reducing their prices which were MSRP plus $1700. Two other dealers did negotiate. I ended up buying one for MSRP, though it wasn't easy.

    Bottom line - be willing to shop around, as you would for any vehicle. I might have even done better if I threatened to buy a SIENNA as a negotiating tactic. (P.S. I don't think the SIENNA comes close to the ODY)
  • Absolutely untrue. Here in Western PA, interstates are curved and hilly--not to mention the secondary roads. I appreciate the advantage of my Sienna's AWD every time I drive in the rain, not just ice and snow. While it's true that traction control makes a difference on a FWD model, it is no substitute for AWD. My previous Sienna was FWD with traction control, and I had trouble getting up a substantial grade in snowy conditions (even with four snow tires). The traction control would kick in and bog down my momentum. But it never happens with the AWD van. And with the Blizzak's I've ordered, it'll be virtually unstoppable this winter.

    Honda loyalists in this forum are defending the '05 Odyssey's lack of AWD by declaring it's unnecessary. I predict Honda will sell all the AWD's it can make as soon as the company realizes this glaring omission in its product line-up.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Thanks a lot for posting those comparative MSRPs--illustrating once and for all that this talk about a "small" increase from '04 was a crock.

    I trust Honda knows their market well enough to know people will pay it, and I certainly hope that those who do enjoy their vehicles, but, at 31K for an EX-L, I can't imagine being one of them. You've saved me a trip to the dealer.
  • Live in Boston suburbs, and drive a '00 ODY EX and have never gotten stuck. Several warm memories of others unable to drive uphill, or just stuck, while I drove by without a glitch. You can see the Traction Control light come on when you drive on snowy, or slippery surfaces, and it works great! Descriptions of it bogging down don't apply.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    So you would argue against buying a FWD Sienna as well?
  • Honda sold lots of Odysseys without AWD and Toyota sells plenty of Siennas that are not AWD. Toyota has made AWD vans in the past (Previa anyone) and they made up a small percentage of overall sales. Toyota also attempted to market AWD in it's cars with the Camry and Celica All-trac. Very slow sellers although I'm sure the car mags and the one's who bought them thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.

    Not everyone lives in the snow belt and AWD is all but useless here in the SE where a good set of all-season tires with lots of tread will get you through all four seasons without issue. The driver skill probably makes more difference in the inclement weather than any AWD system ever will.

    hlefty: Which dealer in Atlanta did you purchase from?
  • Hey...I'm in CO, too...South Suburban Denver. I have my car ordered from Schomp...Where did you go? I was there on Friday night driving the Touring model that they had (Midnight Blue).
  • I actually went down to Vidmar in Pueblo. Willing to negotiate, and no horrible wait to get into finance! Painless! I got it at 1000K UNDER MSRP for a EXL- RES-- (midnight blue as a matter of fact!) I can't wait to drive it again tomorrow!

    I'm in Colorado Springs-- and I must say that TEAM HONDA hasn't been any help (in a number of issues). I would recommend that EVERYONE go to Vidmar -- such a pleasant buying experience!
  • I live in CO. I actually like the fact that the Odyssey only has the traction control. I live in CO-- never have needed anything more than the traction control (I figure if the roads are that bad-- I'll stay home) All the AWD seems to do is bring down the gas milage.
  • Get the Odyssey-- better value for the "standards" like TC-- AWD just eats gas...
  • Hey...Thanks for the tip. I have purchased most of my Hondas from Schomp (I live in Highlands Ranch). They are always a pleasure to work with, but I have no special attachment to them. I will gladly go down to Pueblo for $1K. I'll have to give them a call.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    With the 04, Honda was pretty skimpy with providing actual leather in the interior. Only the "seating surfaces" and some door inserts were leather. Not the entire seat. And no leather at all in the third row - just vinyl.

    I once read an article about the so called "leather interior" in automobiles. Only a few makers use leather for entire seats. Most of them, you guess it, German. Not even Lexus! The so called, "leather trimmed", "leather seating surface", etc. all mean that the portions that your body normally touch while seating on them are leather. Other portions are just color/texture-matched vinyl. Now, the 3rd seat being entirely vinyl... I don't know how to defend that for Honda. They are just trying to cut cost, I guess.
  • kixokixo Posts: 35
    I have also read that the mix of leather and vinyl in the seat promotes splitting and wear. Leather and vinyl contract and expand at different rates according to the ambient temperature. This stress on the stitching where the leather and vinyl meet promotes splitting over time.

    Having said that, I have never noticed a torn seat in an Odyssey (although I have with other Hondas), and I think manufacturers have really improved the quality of both the leather and vinyl to prevent this from happening in modern cars.
  • They apply to me. Believe whatever you want.

    Perhaps roads in Boston suburbs are are better--and more frequently--maintained than here.

    I'm just sharing my experience. Don't tell me I'm wrong, unless you were driving my van in my neighborhood while I was sleeping.
  • Depends on where you live. But I've been so pleased with the AWD Sienna, that I'd definitely choose it over the FWD again--assuming I still live where I do.
  • Well, of course AWD is more practical in some parts of the country than others. I agree that FWD with traction control should be enough in the southeast. But tell that to all those driving SUV's in the Atlanta area.

    Sounds like you're defending Honda's lack of AWD availability by declaring it's unnecessary. I can't wait to read all the posts here from loyalists about how wonderful AWD is when Honda offers it on the '06 Ody.
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