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Honda Odyssey 2005+



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    ALL late model cars will do the exact same thing.


    They are designed that way. Nothing "notorious" about that.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630


    It happened once w/ my Celica and at least twice w/ my wife's old 4runner. I've known individuals with BMW's, Ford's, and GM's that have done the same thing. If the gas cap doesn't tighten sufficiently, air will enter the tank as fuel is burned off, and the on-board computer will send an error code ('check engine light' comes on on the Toyotas).
  • Just checked the mileage after 1180 miles, and ended up with 20.8 MPG average. Computation was easy as I have to use gas coupons to pay "only" $2 per gallon (Germans pay roughly $5 per gallon), and I had an exact record. These are mostly highway miles, but there are also about 30 days of driving the car just 1.5 miles to the school, then back, then repeat again in the afternoon. So there are some pretty "wasteful" miles in there too.

    Overall, I am pleased with the mileage.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I was not suggesting this happens only with Hondas and apologize if the impression was to the contrary - it does indeed happen with all cars.


    In my experience (and those of others I know), Hondas just seem a bit more sensitive and one MUST make sure that gas cap clicks repeatedly after sealing.
  • I am going to check the manual tonight. This has really been on my mind lately. I may not have time to actually try it until this weekend but will let you all know how it goes. I must admit I love driving this van, much faster than my Accord, though I only get to drive it fast when the kids are not in the car....

  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    The many accollades/awards for the Ody are coming in...


    "Best performance minivan", "Best buy", etc from


    Consumers Report

    Car and Driver

    Money Magazine

    Kiplingers Magazine


    and others that I cannot recall now.


    The numbers speak for themselves. No need to say anything more. Just Observe.
  • I am new, so please accept my apologies if this isnt in the "correct place"


    Well, my hubby surprised me on my birthday (Nov.9, 04) with an 05, EXL odyssey. We had test drove it but they wouldnt deal so we left. We searced for a great price and could never get it, even with cash up front. My dh REFUSED to pay over 1000 over invoice. Well, he evenutally found somewhere who sold him the van for $29,500 (? i think it was 29,795 actually).


    I LOVE it! I IMMEDIATELY (within the first 800 miles) started having really bad grinding noises with the brakes. I also had a wobble? in the wheel. I took the van to the dealership and they "patched" it. They sanded the brakes and machined the rotars. A few weeks later, same problem. This time they replaced the brake pads, machined the rotars AGAIN. My hubby was really upset with the machining of the rotars rather than replacing.


    WELL, the van is now 3 months old, 4000 miles and in the shop for the 3rd time....same problem.


    They keep telling me and my hubby its normal. I have had 9 hondas, 1 explorer and I know this isnt "normal"


    Anyone else with brake problems? The dealership has told me that Im the only one in the US with this problem, I doubt it though!


    Thanks, Erin
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    This is the first such problem that I have heard. So it is probably an isolated case.


    The fix should be to replace the rotors and brake pads with new sets. That would cure your steering wheel wobble problems. Any imperfections in the rotors will cause these problems.


    Maybe the dealer wants you to come back more often to charge Honda for repeated work???
  • thanks! The rotar problem is rust? Does that sound right? They keep saying that rust is normal on all new cars...I dont know, just seems really fishy. I dont know what to do next though, just wait to see or go somewhere else? Contact honda?


    Were lost, any ideas?
  • dc0027dc0027 Posts: 11
    Does anyone know if adding a seat in the middle row (to make Odessey 8 seats) is possible for 1999-2004?


  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,958
    Welcome to Edmunds and what a nice birthday surprise!


    If the problem is normal, why is the dealer then telling you that you are the only one in the US with the problem? sheesh.


    I'd contact HondaUSA and tell them you aren't happy with the dealer's efforts to fix your brakes - maybe that'll get you new rotors or whatever the van needs.


    Check out the Honda Owners Club forums too.


    Steve, Host
  • The rotors are cast iron. New or old, they all rust. The rust is worn off with the next application of teh brakes. I have not had a brake rotor warpage problem in a Honda since the early 80's - very strange. As I have not heard of a problem from others, I wonder if there is a problem with the pistons in the caliper. Who knows but I have found the brakes to be rock solid to this point.
  • You need new pads, new rotors and make sure that the Honda Tech's properly torque the wheels by "hand" and don't use an air gun!
  • We have had this happen several times with our 2000 model. There is something wrong with the rear braking.


    In 130,000 miles we have had to replace the front pads and rotors many times, however, the rear shoes have never worn out. Apparently the front is doing all of the work, getting hot and warping the rotors. The rears are just going along for the ride.


    I had hoped they had fixed this problem with the newer models. I would make sure this is fixed before your vehicle is out of warranty. Otherwise you will have this problem forever or have an expensive repair bill out of warranty.
  • I just upgraded my EX-L's audio system with new speakers and a small amp/sub combo. Everything sounds great, until I start driving... then the ANC kicks on over and over and I hear a loud booming through the sub. My wife has taken to counting down for our impending launch now whenever it starts!


    Anyone know how to disable or defeat the ANC?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    In my experience, Honda brakes pads simply do not last very long. I suspect (without any evidence whatsoever) that they are designed intentionally very soft to help avoid the earlier rotor warpage problems Hondas had.
  • azkid2azkid2 Posts: 47
    I've yet to hear of really good gas mileage with the VCM engine. I thought I'd ask here under the '05 ODY, but you might want to post in the gas mileage posting. Thanx.
  • ace1000ace1000 Posts: 151
    I've calculated the mileage three times, and the mpg was 22,24,and 22. The 24 mpg was primarily freeway driving, but I was helping someone move, so the van was packed to the ceiling with a lot of furniture and heavy boxes. The 22 mpg included much more around town driving. I have an EX-L with under 2000 miles.
  • 05 with VCM at 7500 miles, 22 mpg highway. So far I'm very disappointed with the mileage.
  • I was thinking about adding an after-market powered subwoofer but reading your post about ANC incompatibility issue, I wonder if I am better off with a genuine Honda sub.


    Has anyone actually compared the sound quality of the Touring model (with Honda? power sub) and that of EXL?


    Does the sound quality worth the extra cost of adding the $234 sub from "H and A Accessories"?
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