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Honda Odyssey 2005+



  • Our'06 Ody EXL/NAV/RES has an engine vibration similar to yours. When the car is cold, there is a definite vibration in the steering wheel & noisy like a loose exhaust manifold/pipes. Also, at certain idling conditions, i.e. at a red light the engine vibrates & the mounts cannot correct the motion properly - must be a software bug.

    Our engine mounts were replaced in an effort to eliminate the droning defect. There was no change in the engine vibration so you may have to live with it. Also, the droning noise is still very loud on the highway. The mounts are electronic active type that adjust to cancel the engine vibrations. If you ask me, the '05 & '06 Odysseys were Beta cars that wre not fully tested with new technologies (VCM, active engine mounts, etc.)

    IMO, the previous generation has a much more refined engine/exhuast setup even though they use the same engine. Strides in ride comfort & appearance were made but they sacrificed the smoothness of the powertrain.

    Lastly, the '07 has a new transmission with a completely different shift point program. The droning noise is pretty much gone since the 2000 rpm occurs at 75+ mph not 60mph like the '05+'06's. I did not verify if the motor mounts have been updated or reprogrammed.

    Keep us posted if Honda is able to fix it for you.
  • Hi cccompson and sebring95,
    When I said cold, I guess I meant just the drivetrain (tranny, axles, PAX tires), NOT the engine. I mention the PAX tires, since they were replaced about 8k miles prior, and I wonder if they could somehow exhibit this behaviour. We warm the engine up fully every time before driving it (at least 2-3 minutes, heater's blowing warm air, etc.). When it happens, everything else about the car seems normal - it accelerates fine, idles fine, VCM kicks in on decelerations, etc. Again, this is not the droning issue - it is a definite rattle - almost like a loud ticking noise, and you can also feel it in the gas pedal and steering wheel. It sounds/feels very much like a bad CV joint, although I know that's not it since the problem exists when going straight, and also goes away once the drivetrain warms up.
  • I just heard back from the service writer: the mechanic found a bad intermediate axle shaft bearing, and it had also caused the splines on axle to wear down. They're going to cover it (complete intermediate axle assembly replacement) under warranty due to being so close to the period ending as a one-time good-will coverage. Yeay! Larry Hopkins Honda rules! Parts should be in tomorrow, and I'll post an update after we have a chance to drive it cold...
  • mom24mom24 Posts: 2
    I have experienced the same noise on my 2005 Ody. It is usually cold outside (50 or below) and the engine is warm. Whenever I turn left or right there is a terrible whining sound. I am taking it in tomorrow to have it checked out and am fearful that it will not happen while it is in the shop. Will post my results
  • i back up. stop. put trans into D and step on the gas. it takes a second or so before it engages forward gear. i am afraid of jamming (so to speak) it into gear, so now i wait a few seconds before driving forward. any ideas. is this normal?
  • Both of our big Hondas seem to take a second to fully engage Drive after Reverse. Giving the vehicle the time to engage (and ~15 seconds after starting) before hitting the gas is a good practice.
  • nivajnivaj Posts: 1
    This isn't one of those 'rotting' or 'burning' smells that people have complained about. The smell that I'm getting occurs only when you first start the fan (AC doesn't need to be on). Then you don't notice it anymore until your eyes start to sting a few minutes later. The smell is more like toluene or a monomer (a chemical used to make plastics). It's a really pungent odor that hits you in the face when the fans are first turned on. I notice the smell the first time after the last service was done on the car (did a 6 month minor service and check the AC output..whatever that means, topped up all fluids, lubricate chasis/hinges, etc.).
    Any ideas as to what this smell could be would be much appreciated. The Honda dealer wasn't much help...they said I was imagining it!
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  • I have also had this problem. Every time I would go to the dealer they would test drive it and say. Well sir I can not hear anything and we can not fix anything that we cannot hear" So off I went. One very snowy day it did it again when I was right there at the dealer. They heard it and replaced it one week later(12/15/06). Now two weeks(12/28/06) I am hearing the same noise. Maybe I can them to replace the oil tank to see if that will help. Any update Mom24 on your recent noise.
  • I have a question. I am in the process of trying to buy a 05 Odyssey EXL with about 24K miles on it for around $25K. first, is that a good price? It has a sunroof, dvd, cd disc changer and is in very good shape with tan leather interior.

    secondly, when test driving it today my wife and i both noticed a vibration in the steering wheel, and the engine seemed to be a bit loud for what i would think would be a very insulated ride. The service manager then checked it out and said it was a bad motor mount which they're apparantly fixing before we would close on the deal.

    Then, we noticed a burning smell that reminded me of an electrical burn. Have there been any known issues with smell in the 05+?

    It seems like a lot to digest especially as it was our first experience with the Odyssey but we love the car. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  • I have an '06 EXL/NAV/RES and can offer some comments.

    1. The vibration in the steering wheel will probably not go away with the replacement of the engine mounts. Ours had both replaced & still have vibration issues.

    2. The engines are louder than the previous generation models ('99-'04). Toyota Siennas are probably just as loud.

    3. Burning smell - did not experience - maybe the oil was just changed & some dripped on the engine.

    4. '05+'06's have "jerky" transmissions - the new '07's have a re-designed 4-shaft transmission (same as Pilot & Ridgeline). Honda stated the new transmission "alleviates any concerns that consumers may have"

    5. Most important - the '05 & '06 Odysseys have a droning defect. Basically the noise sounds like blowing air across an empty 2 liter soda bottle. There is no fix for the problem if you have the defect. A service bulletin TSB-050 tries to reduce the noise but many report unsuccessful attempts (including myself).

    I would look at buying an '07 if you can afford it. You should be able to get a new '07 EX-L for around $28-29k.

    Most of the bugs were worked out the '07 including the drone defect. The shift points have been changed so the 60mph 2000rpm drone is essentially gone.

    Hope this helps with your decision.
  • I have 5 children all under 7 and there are 3 carseats in the back. With the seats so tightly packed together, it is quite difficult getting them all buckled in. Getting the male fitting to click in to the buckle is very very difficult.

    I was wondering if there is a seat belt extender that would click into the buckle thus extending the buckle portion that the actual belt attaches to. Six to 12 inches would be sufficient. :confuse: :cry:
  • i have a 2005 EXL and i have exactly the same problem,usually I noticed the noise when the engine is warm and making turn on either side. Is there a service bulletin from honda regarding this problem? I had numerous problem with my o5 exl,water leak on windshield,rock piercing the condenser (which I installed the wire mesh after it was fixed),grinding noise with hard breaking which was fixed 6 months ago. The problem is that the noise is not consistent but definitely i noticed after driving for at least 30 min you will hear the noise. ">
  • Interesting. we have exactly the same problem with our Ody 2005. After raising the problem with the dealer, a filter got replaced for 130$ but it turned out that it did not solve the issue. Have a next appointment in a weeks time. Hope this gets resolved. It is definitely not an imagination issue! keep you posted
  • As for the wire mesh........ what do you use and how do you attach it?
  • You can attach it with plastic wire ties. If you really want it to look nice, visit

    You can find it on eBay direct for $79. Looks great and I am very pleased with the quality and the look is awesome.
  • there is a discussion regarding the grill insert. called "Honda Odyssey - Grill Insert". it is a simple - and depending on how you do it - and relatively inexpensive procedure.
  • I have an '05 Odyssey with Leather, Navi, and DVD. I have been to the dealer 7 times in less than two years. Should I consider this to be normal for a Honda?
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    Well that depends. What have you been in for? Regular maintenance? Warranty repairs? Other problems?
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    bradah, one of our members, chimrichalds, explains it in our Honda Odyssey Grille Insert topic.

    He's also provided a step-by-step guide with photos here:
    Chim's CarSpace



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