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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    However, the Ody was also a complete redesign in '05 when the +1 seat was released. Meaning it is NOT a "kludge" fit into an existing 7-passenger version.

    The 2005 is a nice evolution, but calling it "complete redesign" is a stretch. It's not the dramatic change we saw from 1998 to 1999, when they went to the new chassis. If you look at them, you will notice that the 2005 Odyssey second row seating is very similar to the 2004 version. Perhaps calling it a kluge is a little extreme, but they did pretty much just stick a small 8th seat in between the existing ones and called it +1.

    I understand the differences in the two vans and how their use may vary from person to person. Indeed, I'd call the +1 seat a bonus, too. I'll be happy to have it if I purchase the Odyssey, but I won't fool myself into thinking I'd want to sit there for any extended duration. In fact, this is basically why I'm not strongly considering a Sienna XLE or Limited. At that point, I'd rather have the EX or EX-L for the +1 seat.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "...but I won't fool myself into thinking I'd want to sit there for any extended duration."

    Fair enough. But I wasn't trying to fool anyone into thinking they'd WANT to sit there. Obviously, given a choice, I'd much rather sit in the outboard seats. All I'm saying is that it is more useful/usable than it looks. I've personally had people look at it, tell me it was completely useless, and then (after sitting in it) saying, "wow, this seat's actually pretty comfortable".

    If you're over 6'0" and/or in excess of 180#'s, no I wouldn't recommend it. But for it's intended occupant (kids of normal build up to and including most HS'ers) I think it should be just fine.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    What did you own before the '97 Caravan? :confuse:
    If you had owned a small sedan like a Civic, Corolla, Nubira, etc. the difference in size between it and the '97 Caravan would be much greater than between the Caravan and the Sienna. :blush:
  • minivanguyminivanguy Posts: 85
    If you really research the two vans. You'll find out that there is basically a 90% change in the 2004 to 2005. To me that's "DRAMATIC"!!! ;)
  • OK, you may have a point - I drove an MR2; had a little "incident" in that and switched to my husband's Mitsubishi Eclipse. When child number one came along, it became clear that the Eclipse just wasn't going to cut it as a family car, hence the Caravan. But you'd think after driving it for 8 years I'd have figured out how to get it straight into a parking place, and yet I never did. Today I got the Sienna spot on every time I tried. Go figure. Mind you, I haven't tried to parallel park, so that might be another story. I've always been able to parallel park just fine, but this one seems so much longer than my Caravan, I'm almost afraid to try. (Of course, compared to parallel parking an MR2, this is going to be like trying to dock the QE-II, but that poor MR2 is just a distant, fond memory at this point.)

    The only complaint I've had, after a full 24 hours of ownership, is that the kids are bemoaning the lack of reachable cupholders in the middle row. I know I could move the console back there, but I like it in the front. A minor point, I know, but I thought I'd throw it out there for those still contemplating their purchase. I'm toying with the idea of buying a second little console at Target or someplace. Not that I'm ever going to let the kids eat or drink in my brand new car...ha ha ha ha.
  • kjokjo Posts: 24
    The Sienna LE had only the optional power sliding passenger side rear door and the overhead console...NO power driver seat and NO cast wheels

    My LE has 8 way power driver seat and cast wheels and 4 wheel disc. I t just depends what option package is on it. I might also add that the I like the cast wheels on the LE much better than the Ody EX. ;)
  • jim2363jim2363 Posts: 7
    Hi, all. I am looking for some advice on choosing between the Odyssey and the Sienna. I just sold my Subaru WRX-4 kids and a divorce have put me in the hunt for something a lot bigger.
    I'm leaning towards the Sienna because I've been spoiled by AWD but I could see myself buying either one. The dealers that I have been to here on Long Island are not coming off MSRP for the Odyssey (I was considering the EX-L for the sunroof) and they are offering the preferred price for AAA members but that's it. Can anyone recommend a good Honda dealer? Or is it just that there isn't room to move on the EX-L? The best price I've gotten is $26,882 + tax for the EX and $29,449 for the EX-L. I'm not sure the sunroof and the improved engine are worth the difference. Has anyone done better? If so, where?
    One of the Toyota salesman told me that the Odys have trouble with their electrical systems and transmissions after a year or so and I can't find any evidence of these claims on this site or the others I've visited. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Have I mentioned that I hate car salesmen and this whole process?
    As to the Toyota-the best price I have so far for an Sienna LE 7 passenger is $29, 345 with $1,350 for a dealer installed sunroof. There is a customer cash back plan for $1,000, but that sum is taxed so the savings is not all that significant (we have 8.625 sales tax here). Has anyone done any better? Can anyone recommend a better dealer?
    Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
  • regganaeregganae Posts: 22
    We will be purchasing an Ody or Sienna (still researching both) when my husband gets back from Iraq this fall. We are moving back to Germany next year, and I want to know how the Odyssey will hold up with speeds of around 100mph, since there is no speed limit on the autobahn. When we drove our civic over there, we got it up to 123mph, and it has had no problems. But I am concerned, especially since the Ody is redesigned, about the road noise at that speed and if it will eventually cause harm to the engine.

    It is very difficult to drive on the autobahn going less than 80mph, as there are BMW's and other faster vehicles blowing past you going around 180mph (are poor civic would literally get blown off the road when we first got there and got used to driving so fast). I wonder which performs better at these speeds, the Odyssey or the Sienna?? Does anyone know???? :confuse:
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I quite honestly have not heard of any electrical problems with the Ody. Both are very comparible vans. Alot of it is going to come down to your personal taste. In general, the Ody will feel a bit sportier/truckier (depending on perception) while the Sienna will feel a bit more composed and quiet. Styling again may come into play. Keep in mind that you're not obligated to deal with dealers in the "City" if you don't mind making some phone calls and/or email requests. It may be worth your while to take a few minutes to drive to a dealer that is outside of the City if they're willing to work with you some more and are a bit more upfront and direct with you.

    Hope this helps.

  • jim2363jim2363 Posts: 7
    Thanks Ken. I just priced both on CarsDirect and I am amazed at the price savings, especially on the Toyotas. I guess I'll have to go look at them both again this weekend and decide what options I have to have. carsDirect is quoting the Ody EX-L at $28, 548 and th XLE AWD at $about $29K. Can't believe the difference.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I would say the higher horsepower Ody does better on the autobahn...yahh?
  • gxpgtodanmangxpgtodanman Posts: 210
    Remember the Oddy is electronically governed to only 117 mph top end, according to Car and Driver. You might want to see if someone can reprogram that and at the same time put a higher speed rated tire on the van. Also I would use a synthetic motor oil and tranny fluid for that sustained high spd. The tires it comes with are only rated to 130mph or less. Otherwise I think you are still going to have trouble on the autobahn.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Good points gxpogtodam. But, I don't think she was intending to cruise above 117mph in a minivan. Probably 100mph so she doesn't get run over. What about it regganae. What is your need for speed in the Ody?
  • regganaeregganae Posts: 22
    You are so right! It is scary driving past 90mph, especially w/ kids, and I can't even think about going that fast in a minivan (how are those rollover ratings?!?) Germans are pretty good drivers, but when there is an accident at those speeds, it is devastating. I tried staying at 80mph in my civic, but you get pushed off the road by the other cars.

    Their is an "American" Honda dealership over there (they sell to the military), that is where we bought our civic. But you get an "American" engine. German cars have engines that are built for the speed there. At one time I wanted to buy a Mercedes from a German dealership, but I was told I would have to get the engine converted to the tune of $3,000 because it is "too fast" for the American roads and I wouldn't get it past customs. I'm kinda drifting off from the topic now, but I just want to know what shape the Odyssey will be in from 5 years of driving on the autobahn at around the top speed that the engine can handle. But thank you for your input because this is a concern that I have. I have not seen any reviews on how the '05 Odyssey handles at it's top speed on the autobahn for 5 years. Oh, I must say, I won't be driving on the autobahn every day. But we will be taking trips to France and around Germany, but I will be driving locally on a day to day basis. Thank you so much you guys!!! I need all the help on this decision that I can get! ;)
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    If you are lead foot driver, the Ody is the obvious choice in minivans!
  • smittyokcsmittyokc Posts: 5
    My wife and I just purchased an 05' EX-L from a local Oklahoma dealer, from their internet sales dept, for $28,543 (included delivery). If I recall, that was a little over $500 above invoice, or close to that. Good luck on your purchase.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Sounds like an excellent price!

    Enjoy your Ody!
  • regganaeregganae Posts: 22
    I just found out that the military Toyota sales in Germany sells an 8 passenger XLE. Odd? They do not sell the limited, AWD, or the Ody Touring. My wild guess is because of the tires over there. I am still pondering on whether or not I should get a Touring as I do not know how to get the tires for them over there, but it was interesting to see that thye sell an 8 passenger XLE, but no leather. Now I am wondering if I should get that instead. Ody EX-L w/ NAV or 8 seat XLE? Decisions, decisions! :confuse:
  • gxpgtodanmangxpgtodanman Posts: 210
    The only 2 recommendations I would make is Just make sure you use synthetic motor oil in it and change the tranny fluid a lot more frequently and it should be fine for the high spd operation Those Honda Vtec motors usually last a long time, even with people HARD on them.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I can't speak about the Sienna's high speed drivability but can attest that the Odyssey is superb as it approaches triple digits.
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