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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Olds as a division is now history.

    Hasta la vista!

    Buick is next???
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Buick just led the GM brands in quality on JD Power ratings, ranking up in the vicinity of Lexus (and way higher than BMW! ;) ). It will probably save their bacon during the next round of "let's try to increase profits by cutting costs" jockeying.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    The problem with Buick is that it has a "Grandpa and Grandma" (including our dear Aunty Mildred) driving image that is not popular.

    Same with Crown Vic and Grand Marquis. But Ford is lucky here that the police and taxis use them.

    Buick is trying to change that image with the Lacrosse. But I heard many seniors prefer the previous designs/shapes.

    Toyota has changed that image with the 2006 Avalon.

    It looks like the Baby Boomers are not yet ready to succumb to the golden age that quickly!
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    You've completely missed the point.

    You might as well call the Ody the "F-16 of minivans" or the "McLaren F1 of minivans". Or maybe the ".454 Casull of minivans".

    The 'BMW of minivans' is absolute, pure, 100% hyperbole and has absolutely NO relevance in the real word. My 'driving preference' would be a 10-year old Honda Civic over an Odyssey.

    Look, I have an '05 Ody. It drives.....okay. Doesn't it 'handle' better than the Sienna? Yes, a bit. But the difference was marginal. Was the Sienna more cushy/comfy (Lexus-like)? Yes, a bit. Again, the difference was marginal. But you try to make it sound like one would get behind the wheel of an Odyssey and start channeling Aryton Senna. Uh, no.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    In analogies, one must not take the compared items to mean literally exactly the same things. That's extreme. It could become tedious like dealing with lawyers where every 'i" has to be dotted and the 't" crossed. This analogy is just for relative ease of comparo.

    Yes the Ody is not a "BMW"

    Yes the Sienna is not a "M-B" or 'Lexus"

    But the BMW tends to have a better drive feeling than the M-B(even more than the Lexus) in the car category, just like the Ody is vs the Sienna in the minvian category.

    They are both fine vehicles - it all depends on one's personal driving preference. Like you said many times before, you could have purchased the Sienna as well.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "...just like the Ody is vs the Sienna in the minvian category."

    "just like"?

    No. There is a much wider range of drive feel between the BMW and the MB (or Lexus). The differences are huge. There is a very narrow range of difference between the Ody and the Sienna. That is why I have a problem with the analogy. One can't use these analogies for 'relative ease of comparo' because while there IS a large difference between the BMW/Lexus comparo, there is NOT in an Ody/Sienna comparo.

    Try this on: under your logic, I could call the Ody the "F1 of minivans" and the Sienna the "Maybach of minivans". The problem is that there is an absolute universe of difference between a McLaren F1 and a Maybach while there is NOT between the Ody and the Sienna.

    If you insist on analogies for 'ease of comparo' , how about: the Ody is the 'Accord' of minivans and the Sienna is the 'Camry' of minivans. This would actually convey a more realistic comparisons of the strengths of the two vehicles. Of course, it doesn't sound nearly as sexy as comparing it to a BMW.....
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Too many "i's" to dot and "t's" to cross!!

    Not prepared to go further.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    One more try:

    If BMW were to make a minivan, do you think it would drive just like an Odyssey?

    After all, Honda makes the Pilot. I can certainly envision you making some statement like "the Pilot is the BMW of SUV's". But BMW does make an SUV. So, do you think the Pilot drives just like an X5?
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Last try...

    Since I do not wish to use my personal resources on this further, I suggest that you take the subject up with which had a paragraph(which I concur with) in their 2004 minivan comparo in the link,

    with extracted paragraph,

    "If you value sporty handling and sedanlike driving dynamics above all else, then get the Odyssey. Where the Sienna is the Lexus of minvans, the Odyssey is the BMW of minivans. The Odyssey is actually fun to pilot down a twisty mountain road. Here's a really great quote from our editor in chief that effectively sums up how we feel about the Odyssey's driving dynamics: "Honda has done a great job of making the Odyssey drive, ride and feel like a big Accord." And that, as they say, is a good thing. The Odyssey also earns five stars in government crash tests."

    The 2005 Ody would fare better with its improvement and indeed trade places to the top spot in the 2005 comparo.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I see, so everything you read in Edmunds (or other reviews) you treat as gospel?

    First, reviewers utilize excessive hyperbole all the time. It's called entertainment and is expected. You should see some of the hyperbole thrown around in C&D from time to time; I remember one analogy comparing the handling characteristics of the subject vehicle to "a pregnant water buffalo with dysentary". Humorous? Certainly. But not to be taken seriously (I can just see a customer expressing real concern to a salesman that he heard that car handled like a water buffalo).

    But when that hyperbole is repeated ad naseum in here by owner's, then other potential owner's start thinking 'hey Mildred, that thing'll drive just like a Beemer'. That's not the case.

    "The Odyssey is actually fun to pilot down a twisty mountain road." Umm, I've driven an Ody on mountain roads. Competent? Yes. Sure footed? Sure. Confidence inspiring? Okay.


    FUN??? The whole time I was driving the Ody on our vacation through Colorado, I kept thinking about how much fun I COULD have had if I had been in my Celica instead of herding 2+ tons of understeering, body-leaning, slushbox-motivated, crayon-hurling, juice-spilling minivan. If your idea of 'fun' is driving an Ody on a mountain road, you've led a fairly sheltered automotive life......
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Driving our Yukon XL through Rocky Mountain National Park was exciting (if knotted muscles and white knuckles qualifies as excitement :surprise: ), but I wouldn't call it "fun". I'm guessing the Odyssey is at least a little bit less of a tension creator in such situations, if not exactly fun. ;)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Oh, I had no hairy moments whatsoever with the Ody; it was extremely competent. It also handled a few inches of slushy snow on downhill decreasing radius curves with aplomb. I just think that 'not terrifying' and 'fun' are two different things.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    "But when that hyperbole is repeated ad naseum in here by owners..."

    Yeah, I would agree with rorr. I read that Lexus of minivan, and BMW of minivan, junk so much in here I'm about ready to hurl. Comparing the 2 is about as useful as you know whats on a bull.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Help me with this math

    Why not just use the same source for all the sales prices? can provide an actual quote for consistency.

    Adjust the ALG residuals if their percentages are based off MSRP.

    It may still come out in favor of Chrysler, but at least you haven't added any spin. Not that Chrysler needs to be in the comparison. Given that the title of the forum is "Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna", I think more people would be interested in numbers for those two vans...
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Don't let it get to you; I understand that the MPV is the Porsche of minivans. zoom zoom ;)
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    "Don't let it get to you; I understand that the MPV is the Porsche of minivans. zoom zoom"

    Isn't it really more the Lotus Elise of minivans since it is the smallest and lightest? I read it somewhere so it MUST be true.....
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    This isn't the "My Analogy vs. Your Analogy" topic, and the discussion's being derailed again. Please get back on topic.



  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    VERY good camparo. I do feel the Ody drives better then the Sienna but I mean a BMW to a Lexus? C'mon! The Accord to a Camry is alot better seing how the Odyssey does drive like an Accord and the Sienna does drive like a Camry. I know because I have an Accord and my uncle has a Camry! That is the better term to campare to not BMW to Lexus!
  • My latest on pricing: Best we could find on Sienne XLE, package 7: 32,000. But we'd probably go with our local dealership at 32,250 because of what they threw in for service. Best we could find on the EX-L, RES was in Langhorne, PA: 31,000 (our Virginia dealerships laughed at us - they gave us $33,600 as an original price, but then came down to 32,600 when I told them what I was going to pay for the Sienna at Rosner Toyota in Stafford, VA). Inventory on Odysseys in Virginia (Fredericksburg and north, anyway) is pretty bad - but we're not surprised because of the high demand down here. For those of you shopping for these cars with any chance to shop out of market, I'd look into it!

    I did get the opportunity to test drive the EX-L up my steep driveway, and we're really close, but we make it.
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    I do have a BMW 530i and also an Ody as well as a Sienna and Mercedes C class. The Ody is in NO WAY like the Bimmer at all. Owers of Ody can dream though. I suggest they test drive a Bimmer and see for themselves. But the Sienna is even better than my Mercedes in term of the interior appointments and the quality feel.
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