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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    The Sienna LE does offer power sliding doors and actually most have them with the option, at least the ones in my area do. With the Sienna you can actually get bluetooth on the LE model when the Odyssey only offers it on the higher models.
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    The LE does have dual power doors with option packages 2 and 3. I have a 2008 Sienna LE and the dual power sliding doors are a very nice option to have.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    ok, thanks for clearing that up. I forgot that Toyota offers the packages. I was just looking at the base LE on this site. Guess if you were looking at the Odyssey EX, you could price out the Sienna LE with a power package that included power sliding doors and then compare the two. I would guess they are pretty close in price for similar features. When we get ready, we will drive both and see how they compare.
  • Thansk for response. At current price, I am more incline to Sienna as I am getting more features in Sienna XLE than Odyssey EXL at same price. The prices are at $30K+ for both vans, plus TTL. I will let you know the exact price of the van once I buy one.

    I am getting DVD, JBL and much better inside look in Sienna XLE at the same price w.r.t EXL. It does not have the backup camera, but it's compensated with front & rear park assist. Moonroof does comes with XLE, part of package.

    But you are not correct about memory for the driver's seat and mirrors. That's not available in XLE or part of any of it's package. It's only available in Limited version.

    I also found that many Toyota dealers are dishonest, at least in my area, they just want you to be at their dealership and then they play games with numbers and finance options. I walked out from couple of dealers just for this reason, otherwise, I may had a van by now already. I have much better experience with Honda dealers.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    LE with EVP 1 has the passenger side power sliding door, EVP 2 and up has them on both sides.

    My LE has power sliders on both side, and I agree with it being a key feature.

    You only have to step up to the XLE if you want a power liftgate. To match that on the Ody you'll need a Touring.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    you are not correct about memory for the driver's seat and mirrors

    I stand corrected...

    My latest brochure is for the 2008 model year and even then Toyota makes mistakes in their brochures.

    The 2007 brochure says my LE pkg 3 doesn't have a power seat, but mine sure does! The packages confuse even Toyota's brochure design staff. :D

    The fuel tank capacity is also wrong (brochure says 20.0 gallons, owner's manual says 21.0 gallons). I believe it's 21 gallons because people have told me they've topped off near empty tanks with more than 20 gallons.

    I shopped mine using no-haggle prices on web site and e-Quotes. Locally, and Carmax Toyota in Laurel, MD, put their prices up front. Then I got an e-quote from 355 Toyota DARCARS. They had the lowest price.

    To hedge my bets even further, I asked DARCARS to add fees and taxes to the bottom line and give me an exact amount for the total, so I could bring a Cashier's Check. They matched my price to the penny! :shades:
  • Actually, I believe the Odyssey EX-L has a power liftgate. Of course, the Touring does as well.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Are you sure? When did they add that feature?

    It didn't in 2007 when I was shopping (also per the ConsumerGuide I have in front of me). Same for model year 2008 (same source).

    Of course they could be wrong...or Honda may have added the feature for model year '09 or 2010. Lemme check Edmunds...

    Found 'em for the '09:

    SUV / Minivan Doors
    dual power sliding side doors rear power liftgate door

    So Honda must have added that for the 2009 model year, then.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Out of curiosity I checked the 09 EX on Edmunds and they list:

    SUV / Minivan Doors
    dual power sliding side doors rear liftgate door

    So you're absolutely right, the EX-L model adds that feature as of MY09.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Yes, that (adding the Power liftgate to EXL) was the big change from 08 (the MidModelChange) to 09. Memory seats still require Touring though.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Thanks for the detailed info.

    Usually I buy a Consumer's Guide book each model year, but my most recent one is 2008. It's late for an 09 so I'll probably wait until the 2010 model year edition comes out.

    I like the format they use - makes it easy to see what you get with each model. They will list the LX, then they list the EX and say "EX adds: ...".

    Even for the Sienna they list each package for each model. It reads like a menu, so it's simple to find what you want, if it is available.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Just comparing the 2 MSRP and if you take the Sienna LE and add the #2 package which includes 2 power doors and 8 way power drivers seat adj. there is a big difference in the price. Including destination, the Odyssey EX would be 30,615 and the Sienna LE plus #2 package would be 27,440. Would have to drive to see if the Odyssey is worth 3K more for basically the same features. I picked the power package #2 for comparison since my wife insists on 2 power doors.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I made a similar observation back in 2007 when I bought mine. Back then it was called Package 3 on the LE, though. They changed it to EVP #2 for model year 2008.

    The Ody will have dual zone climate control, FWIW, while the Sienna has a trip computer.

    You'll find minor differences in equipment like that, but I agree those are roughly comparable models.

    I opted for the Lotus Evora's engine. ;)
  • What years and what model Siennas have you owned? Do you still own either one or did you dump each after you found out neither was as good as your earlier Chrysler van?

    The Sienna is a good van if a person wants the most cargo space behind the 3rd row and is satisfied with an uncomfortable front passenger seat, uncomfortable 2nd row seats, and overpriced Toyota routine maintenance. ;)
  • These posts are getting old hans, whether you include a " ;) " in it or not.
  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    We owned a 2004 Limited AWD model and now own a 2007 Sienna XLE FWD model. We only switched because we didn't need the AWD and wanted the upgraded motor(timing chain vs. timing belt) even though the 3.3L was fine. Our Previous Chrysler T&C was a POS and was not comparable to the Sienna in our Opinion.

    Your post about the Sienna are getting old. I agree with thegraduate.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Independently owned dealers set pricing for service, not Toyota.

    Everyone knows that.

    Manufacturers set pricing on the vans, though, and here's what you had to say 2 years ago in the "2008 Minivans" thread:

    I agree that the Odyssey is the MOST expensive and the Sienna has the MOST power at the lowest price

    That's quoting you, hans. :P
  • I thought I'd just take a moment this morning to register some dissatisfaction with my 2005 Toyota Sienna. Now- for most of my life, I have been a Toyota loyalist. My first car was a Celica that I adored. I can't even say I ran it into the ground because my sister got it at 120k drove it to 150k and sold it....

    HOWEVER- I have not been too pleased with the Sienna. First- we had issues with the cooling system. We've had various mechanical issues (tailgate; back up sensors, you name it). Mechanically- it just doesn't live up to our Toyota expectations. And my chief annoyance complaint- the LOCKOUT on the Navigation and DVD. Yes- I eventually figured out how to override the lockout on the Navi- but, just look to Hertz- you press the "I agree" for liability, and then the Navi is unlocked. For the DVD it's even more problematic. My husband or I have to sit in the front seat, lean the chair all the way back so we can see the screen and handle the controls, while we're on trips. It's just ridiculous. If no passenger is there- I have to drive, and lean back and fiddle with it. Really safe.....

    Now- I love the comfort of the Sienna. Personally like the interior wood vs the aluminum look in the Odyssey. But not sure I would buy another until Toyota starts to listen to the consumer more.
  • I am following this forum already some time. So I knew how to get the best price thru internet department. But when I said, I found some Toyota dealers as dishonest, I meant it. They try to trap the customer with very attractive price and want the customers at their dealership. Once the customer is at their dealership, they starts playing games with numbers or finance options (they will tell you that you are not qualified for Toyota finance with low interest rate and try to push their own finance with higher interest rate) or even will try to sell a demo car for quoted new car price.

    Did you ever heard that the dealer wants you to buy the car before they tell you if you are qualified for finance or not?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Garmin is the same as Hertz' system, in fact you can take it our of safe mode and not have to press any button at all.

    Manufacturers should use the airbag sensor in the passengers seat - if a passenger is there the Nav screen should be unlocked automatically, because it means you have a co-pilot to enter destinations.

    Voice commands help somewhat, but this is what all manufacturers should do.

    Check out the Sienna Nav threads, people have figured out ways to hack the system, involving creating a hybrid DVD yourself.

    I agree with your suggestion, though. They could learn from Garmin.
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