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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,347
    I respect your opinion. Looks are, indeed subjective.

    But, it's a MINIVAN! It's going to look "boxy".

    I know we are all different but, for the life of me I'll never understand why the "looks" of a utility vehicle are that important.

    I guess it's true..." the hand buys what the eye sees"
  • jsmath5jsmath5 Posts: 77
    I love you man, you see it for what it is, with Honda safety is standard from the smallest to the largest price tag, so the LX buyer has the same safety as the Touring R & N. Toyota 27 packages, Honda 7 packages, safety is standard on all 7 Hondas.
  • jsmath5jsmath5 Posts: 77
    Congradulations on the New Odyssey, you will love it. Best deal is to buy what's on a particular dealer's lot. Glad Honda came through, wouldn't like to see you driving what you thought was the 2nd best van, get the BEST!!!!!

    People rip PAX tires because they don't have them and also don't understand how they work. They are just fine. BTW, resale value is better on the Honda, so even though you unfortunately paid sticker, if you trade, sell, get wrecked in it, it will return more money to your pocket.
  • jsmath5jsmath5 Posts: 77
    Go to a dealer, if the van you want (color, model) is on the lot, say I will buy this van for $1000 off sticker RIGHT NOW, see what the salesman says, if it's me; you may have just got a deal on a new Odyssey.....SOLD!!!!! Timing and some luck go a long way.
  • Does anyone have "real world" mpg experience with the 05 Odyssey yet? Is the new engine helping gas mileage?

  • "But, it's a MINIVAN! It's going to look "boxy"

    So by definition, a minivan MUST be ugly?

    Would a vehicle measuring 200" length x 77" height that looks exactly like a BMW X5 with dual sliding doors and power liftgate be an "SUV" or a "Minivan" ?

    Or I guess it could be huge wagon?

    I wonder why BMW, Mercedes, and Audi have wagons in the US, but Toyota/Lexus & Honda/Acura do not.

    Subaru is releasing a 7 seater wagon in the US in 2006. But no word of Lexus or Acura.
  • Starlight:

    Where do you live? Do you know of any reliable / trustworthy providers of aftermarket installation services in CA? My experience, having of a number of friends and acquaintances who have had some non-fact. mods installed, is that the results have been mixed.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

    Best, LH
  • jsmath5jsmath5 Posts: 77
    The odyssey is getting about 25 in town, but you have to drive it like it's supposed to be drived, cruise or coast down to stoplights and signs. Also idling cuts gas mileage.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    Good thing you think that, because the van you're selling doesn't offer it on anything but the top-of-the-line 'Touring.'

    The power lift gate is a wonderful thing for people who are short and have trouble reaching the rear door when it is up. Also, the feature keeps your hands clean, as we all know the rear door of any van gets dirty very quickly--especially in the winter.

    Also, it allows you to approach your vehicle with an armload of groceries, and open the door without putting them down.

    A power rear door is a convenient and useful option. PAX tires are a gimmick.
  • cpstarcpstar Posts: 31
    Midwestfan1, Here is one report:
    2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L
    EPA Mileage 20 mpg city 28 mpg highway
    MotorWeek's mileage loop 22 mpg mixed city/highway

    REF: MotorWeek Road Test Program # 2407
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    Heywood -

    Just remember the Honda lover's mantra:

    "if the Odyssey doesn't have it - it's not important!"

    and the corollary:

    "if the Sienna doesn't have it - it's a must have!"

    People who don't think power liftgates are convienent don't have them. Much easier to open while holding your kids' hands in busy parking lots, and no need to get your hands dirty pushing on a dirty tailgate.

    PAX wheels/tires a dumb idea no matter how you slice it. A flat tire leaves you dead in the water unless you happen to be near an open Honda dealer. Get a flat on Saturday night in the boondocks, and you're going to be waiting awhile to get back on the road. The RFTs on AWD Siennas aren't ideal either, but leave you with the option of replacing a damaged run-flat with a normal tire, and can be changed or repaired by a tire shop.
  • I completely agree with heywood1 and ewt.

    I am 6'6 and I do not care for power liftgate, but my wife is... well I do not remember but much shorter. She really likes this idea.

    Adjustable pedals or telescoping wheel might look like unheeded item for you, but for me it's an important safety item (let's leave alone "safety for everyone" as it hardly means anything). Both (or ether) of these items might allow to sit further from the wheel.

    And PAX is indeed horrible. With Toyota you can choose not to use run flats, not so with PAX.
    PAX is a great technology, but it going to be owner nightmare until somebody decide to support them for real.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    1. You get a player BUILT INTO THE OVERHEAD SYSTEM with the systems that I described. Andrew, you need to learn how to read the posts before responding to them!
    2. You get an audio that is just as good for movies. There's nothing wrong with RF modulation.
    3. You have line-in on the overhead system. You get wireless headphones.
    4. A five year extended warranty on an after-marked DVD system will cost just an extra $100.
    5. I don't know which incompetent installers you've used, but all reputable shops will perform a flawless install that doesn't introduce any problems. Your Honda dealer is much more likely to scratch your precious van while changing oil.
    Bottom line: don't just shoot off your mouth before getting some facts!
  • "You get a player BUILT INTO THE OVERHEAD SYSTEM with the systems that I described"

    1) still not as convinient as a dvd player on the front dash
    2) a dvd player built into the overhead system will reduce some headroom compared to an extremely slim system in the factory Ody RES
  • "There's nothing wrong with RF modulation"

    Yes there is.
    1) You have to turn UP your volume, WAY UP.
    2) You get static if you turn the volume up.
    3) You get radio interference & a lot of static if you drive to a location that has radio stations close to your frequency. When I drive to Dallas, there's always some locations that won't even let me hear anything from the RF modulated system; all I hear is the severe static noise.
  • "You have line-in on the overhead system"

    Oh, yeah, that's great having wires hanging all over from the ceiling!

    With the factory RES, you get inputs from the 3rd row side and away from everything. Again, more convinient.
  • "I don't know which incompetent installers you've used, but all reputable shops will perform a flawless install that doesn't introduce any problems"

    I used Best Buy. Most of these installers will do a nice job, but they are humans, and humans do make mistakes.
    If they make mistakes at the factory, they will have to redo them so that it looks absolutely perfect. If a 3rd party screws up (because he is human), what will they do to fix that? Repaint your interior?
  • "Your Honda dealer is much more likely to scratch your precious van while changing oil.
    Bottom line: don't just shoot off your mouth before getting some facts!"

    And you should not shoot off your mouth before getting some facts!
    Do you have statistical evidence that Honda dealers are morely likely to scratch a vehicle changing oil than Best Buy, Circuit City, and other 3rd party installers? NO. You are just shooting off your mouth and made that up.

    Last thing, quit being cheap and try to convince other people to be cheap like you.

    I suppose you are going to try to convince everyone that an LX is just as great as a Touring model, right?

    Factory installed is always better. If it's not perfect, you don't buy the van in the first place.

    There's NOTHING WRONG with aftermarkets, but just don't say it's JUST AS GOOD as factory installed RES like you quoted:
    "You get an audio that is just as good for movies"
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    dulnev, too funny!
  • ncguy1ncguy1 Posts: 9
    Curious about mileage on 05 Ody w/VCM. Anybody realizing the 28 highway mpg as advertised? On what grade of gas?
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