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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • After complaining about Honda I end up buying a new Ody.
    To be fair I got EX cloth because I really could not accept idea of PAX. After reading some recent reports on VCM engine vibrations at high speeds I ruled out buying a Ody EX-L.

    At cloth level both vans are very similar. With Sienna you can't have two power doors, but Sienna has other advantages (3rd row windows can be opened and so on). Price wise/value Sienna is actually better (IMHO).
    I liked Ody design better, but that's subjective and will vary from person to person.

    At higher end models Honda messed up with VCM and PAX. They choose not to use these technologies on say Acura. Why? Because they are new and expiremental Nobody knows how reliable and useful these items will be?
  • mikamika Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me if a previously reported (2 weeks ago) wind noise on '05 Ody is a confirmed issue? And what about '05 Sienna?
    Suggested road test conditions: should be driving on freeway between 65 and 80 mph, with all windows/doors propersly closed, and radio/RES/wife/kids all turned off.
    Thank you!
  • ch1313ch1313 Posts: 12
    "I view folding second row seats as a negative rather than a positive."

    I'm not sure how you would think it as a negative addition. If you have a family with kids, you will appreciate the folding seat. When you have kids, you have groceries and you have shopping. I have my Quest for 5 months now. In the five months, I had to fold down the seats 5 times. When we go shopping, there are times that we have buy things unplanned. These stuff can sometimes take up space. That's when the folding seat comes in handy.

    The folding seat is a convenience, not a necessity. However, when you have the need to use it, it is becomes important, or you could use your both arms to carry those seats out and pray that you don't break your back.

    Nissan did a comparison of the second seat for Sienna and Quest. It says that Sienna second seat, although can be moved, can easiy scratch and damage the plastic that covers it.
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    "However, due to legal issues that toyota perceives, it still does not allow input to the navi while in motion."

    In fact, it does allow input, at least at low speed, as I did once while driving from the parking lot onto the street.

    One thing the salesperson said is new in '05 is the adjustable arm rests.
  • I do not have any wind noise. Even if it's there it should be fixable.

    I belive that part of the problem is the liner at the bottom of the windshield. Sometimes it's not properly installed. This was the case with my car. I demanded that they fixed it and they fixed it in 5 min.
  • The summary data from the relevant Motorweek tests is as follows:

    0-60: Ody 8.7 s, Sienna 8.4 s
    1/4 mile: Ody 16.8s @ 85 mph; Sienna 16.6s @ 76(?) mph
    60-0: Ody 130 ft; Sienna 135 ft
    Ave MPG: Ody 22; Sienna 20

  • Thanks for the info.
    Did they have any interior noise level data?

    Seems to me like the new Ody is "too Toyota-like":-)

    I mean, it's slower, has better fuel economy, and is now very quiet.

    Hmmm, Ody EX-L w/NAV+RES for $34,600 MSRP.
    This means by next year, I could be driving one for $31K. Not bad.

    Afterall, it is "practically an Acura" :-) Just kidding***hee**hee
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I would question the 1/4mile speed on the Sienna too. More like 86, not 76, given the slightly quicker ET for the Sienna at 16.6seconds.

    All that said, unless Motorweek corrects for atmospheric conditions (temp, barometric pressure, and humidity), you can't read too much into those numbers since the two tests were done months apart. For all we know, the Sienna may have been tested under better conditions, or the Ody when it was hot and humid. The ONLY time I'll try to draw conclusions from comparing acceleration times is if the vehicles were tested at the same time (same conditions), and by the same driver if possible.

    I'm still awaiting a C&D back to back comparison test before I draw any conclusions about which is quicker.

    One thing for sure: the 25hp advantage the Ody has doesn't seem to translate into any real street benefit.....but it is interesting that the heavier, more powerful vehicle DID get 10% better mileage than the Sienna.
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    on 10/1/04. I drove it from Houston to San Antonio last weekend. First fillup gave me 19.6mpg. I don't think tank was completely filled by the dealer when delivered. I'll be filling it up in the next few days and I'll report. Driving at speeds between 70 and up to 90 at one point I noticed very little wind noise. Leaving next weekend for Atlanta and St. Petersburg. I'll give full report when I get back. My wife and I both love it.
  • I'm not inferring that the Sienna XLE will always beat the Odyssey but rather meant to point out that it will be competitive.

    The actual tests were probably a year and a half apart; both were done just after public release.

    Likewise the braking test could have been done with different surface conditions even if at the same track.

    The better mileage is due to the VCM system; I believe the non-VCM Ody is behind the Sienna in mileage.
  • soyyo1soyyo1 Posts: 18
    No noise,,,I drove from Boston To Orange, CA in 3 days in the noise was minimum ...I turrn the radio off and traying to listen to any noise was vewry good ..I can't say is no noise ata all but is so different then my 4runner
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    in our 05 Ody EX. With the cruise at 75 my wife and I listening to CD's on low volume could talk to each other without lifting our voices. That's how quiet it is. Above 80 the noise level goes up a little but not much..
  • racerx1racerx1 Posts: 35
    At one time or another, most rental car agencies were owned by the Big 3 as an outlet for the cars. Hertz is still owned by Ford. The rental companies enabled the mfrs to run their plants at full capacity & achieve better efficiency.

    Also, the Big 3 captive finance companies also helped with fleet financing. I am not sure if the Big 3 were really big if you stripped out fleet sales.
  • Mileage comparison (EPA estimates):

    Sienna FWD: 19/26
    Sienna AWD: 18/24

    Odyssey w/o VCM: 19/25
    Odyssey with VCM: 20/28

    In the grand scheme of things, you'd save about $700 over 100,000 miles by choosing the Odyssey VCM over the non-VCM (assuming 50/50 city/highway and gas at $2 per gallon). Obviously you'd save a little more if you drive mostly on the highway, but even at 100% highway miles you'd only save another $150 (VCM vs. non-VCM & $2 per gallon). Potential buyers might want to consider this when they decide?
  • Are you factoring in that to get the Sienna numbers that you will need to use premium fuel. Otherwise with "regular" unleaded, according to a Toyota salesman, it can drop off as much as 3 MPG. He did say that there have not been any problems show up over long haul by using unleaded as opposed to premium. He mentioned that many folks use unleaded...not sure what that is based upon.
  • indy93indy93 Posts: 97
    Where did you get the info on the 05 Sienna NAVI..I was wondering why there are no 05 Sienna's with NAVI in my area....which includes Longo T. Can you add the mike and button as an accesory? ( for the Ltd )
  • I realize that in order to get Toyota's rated BHP and torque that you would likely require premium fuel.

    However, the Motorweek review only mentions mileage based on regular fuel.
  • please read my message which i just posted. i had the same problem this past sunday. as i was leaving north carolina for a 13 hour, 800 mile trip to florida, my low pressure sensor came on. i drove to a gas station at 6:15 am andput air in my tires. several minutes later, the light went on again. i stopped and heard air coming out of my front tire. i opened the trunk and went looking for my jack, whick i found. i then went looking for my spare, which i did not find. it turned out i did not have a spare, i had run flat tires (i was not told i had this). AAA told me they could not do anything for me - they could only change my tire, but since i did not have a spare, there was not much they could do. i drove 25 miles on my flat run-flat to a nearby walmart only to find they could not fix it and did not stock replacements. i called toyota customer service 800 number (worthless) to find they are closed weekends. all local toyota dealerships were closed. i was stranded! upon my return home the next day i checked with all the toyota dealers and no one stocks the tires. they can order them (3-5 day delivery) and they cost close to $300.00 each! the tires cannot be mixed/matched with regular tires, so you are stuck with these monsters. it has made me a very unhappy toyota customer - i'll never buy their products again. their customer service stinks!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Toyota and Honda goofed by putting "run-flats" on their premium Sienna and Odyssey.
         Another example of how engineers have lost touch with the real world of owners.
         Chrysler made a goof with 2nd row "Stow-N-Go". Buyers of luxury minivans don't want to be stranded by not having a spare or having the ability to turn their luxury minivan into a cargo van.
  • torquetorque Posts: 14
    Could it really be true that the US version of the 05' Ody does NOT have Daytime running lights? If so, why not? Isn't this a safety issue?

    I didn't know that they still made cars without DRL.
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