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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    The Sienna XLE should be compared to the Odyssey EX-L, (with or without Nav/RES) IMO.
  • yes, you hit it on the head. you have to buy an Alloy Rim. The spare kit that Toyota sells is a joke. It's a donut, so why bother. I too don't want to take up cargo room. The only reason I built the spare is to toss it in when we go on a long trip. If anything at all happens, I can at least toss on an OEM rim wiht an OEM tire and deal with the mess after I get back home. We have a Thule Box for the top of the car for all our stuff, so giving up part of the back isn't too bad.

    I just think that they should have given us an opetion to have an inexpensive steel rim. but whatever. You're like me, you used your resources and found a great deal !

    And I definitely feel that because of this issues that ALL toyota dealers should be required by the parent company to stock the tires.

    Some other folks really needed to be warned about this though.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Like other stuff you toss in the back of your van, it's best to secure that spare so it doesn't become a flying projectile in the event of an emergency stop.

    Steve, Host

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  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Odyssey trim levels are much simpler and more straight forward than Sienna.
         I have NEVER seen a Sienna XLE that did not have as a minimum the leather (option 13 in Edmunds @ $3,000). That puts the Sienna XLE with leather $32,590 while the Odyssey EX-L is $30,810.
         As confusing as Sienna options are, the DC minivan options are even more complicated.
         Odyssey EX @ $28,510 remains my first choice of new minivans.
  • Hello,

    Has anyone used a service called CarBargains to purchase his or her vehicle? If so, what was your experience? They claim to do the dirty work of negotiating with nearby dealers by means of a bid process.

    Thanks in advance, LH
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Sounds similar to Using a Car Broker to Buy Your Next Vehicle.

    "A consumer can often get similar deals by simply calling or e-mailing a dealership's fleet or Internet manager and negotiating prices through them."

    But a broker avoids the hassle....

    Steve, Host

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  • chiawchiaw Posts: 92
    #1. Wrong. Both Sienna and Odyssey uses electronic throttle.

    #2. Sorry. Toyota automatic is by far the smoothest of all japanese manufacturer. I have owned more than enough honda/acura/toyota/lexus.
    This is especially coming from a total disaster 5 speed automatic from TL. Toyota automatic does not shift excessively.

    #3. Sorry to burst your bubble. There are only two color interior on the sienna. THERE IS NO BLACK.

    #6.?? Please read more carefully. The original post states that sienna 3rd seat does not folds perfectly into the space. I am stating other wise. What does this has to do with Odyssey?

    I spend a month going back and forth on whether to trade in my 04 limited for a 05 Odyssey touring. Spend so many time on both vans, I am fully aware what each van can do.

    BTW, i did took pictures of W211 Xeon vs Halogen, as well as 3rd seat folding on the sienna. I just misplaced my USB cable. will upload as soon as possible.

    Yes, its close. But XLE does comes with more feature than EXL+RES. Need I point out the missing power rear hatch? missing 2 115V output?
  • chiawchiaw Posts: 92
    The rims are standard. The tire on the other hand are slightly harder to find due to its odd size. But this is still far better than honda's speical rims and tires that has no alternate.
  • A close match to the EX-L is an LE with package 6 and getting leather as a stand alone option (about $1500 extra).

    You can also get an LE with package 8 and stand alone leather which would approximate an EX-L with Nav.

    There are still some differences between the two vans, but they were about as close as I could get.

    Just ordered the first of these two after many test drives and after much consideration.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I agree with most of what you say. I own a Sienna LE. Chiaw, there is Shiny black plastic trim on this level. Honest my stereo control area looks like Darth Vadar.
  • Actually, I saw one XLE without leather last December in MD when I was looking for a FWD LTD. So, they do exist. Also, the dealer can always special order one. With close to 170K Siennas being produced a year, I am sure pricing will be good too.
  • chiawchiaw Posts: 92
    you meant the vent and the hvac control? Those are not that bad. Actually it does not even look cheap. It actually looks better than honda's depressing grey.
  • chiawchiaw Posts: 92
    Sorry, there are currently two XLE in my dealer in fremont ca that has cloth in stock, one is blue mirage, the other i believe is deser sand as of last night when I drop of my van for the recall.

    For $1700 difference you got more equipement on XLE than EX-L.

    1. Power rear hatch (missing in EX-L)
    2. 2x 115V outlet
    3. True tri-zone automatic temperature control (EX you can only change the fan speed)
    4. No window shades- comes standard with leather.
    5. No power passenger seat.
  • LE #6 is missing a power driver-side sliding door, power sunroof, 6-cd changer, and color keyed mirrors. (Compared to an EX-L)

    LE #8 is a RES model, not Navi (unavailable with the LE).

    --> Andy
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Yes it is not bad. And the interior of the Ody is unquestionably less refined
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    YES...if fake wood is considered a mark of refinement.
        Many of us do not like fake wood and prefer the Odyssey interior that does not have the fake wood of the Sienna.
  • There are other missing "touches" in the interior. The lack of a leather steering wheel in the EX-L is just baffling. (although the non-leather wheel is ok, still. C'mon!) Things like that would've helped make the interior feel less "Grown Up Civic".

    But yeah, I don't like the fakey plastic wood either. I actually prefer the XLE wheel to the Ltd wheel for that reason.

    --> Andy
  • chiawchiaw Posts: 92
    fake wood is still better than cheap plastic.

    The entire odyssey dash plastic are worse than Sienna. The HVAC control buttons on the odyssey with chrome insert looks good, but it actually very cheap to the touch (rough). Although the Sienna has shiny black hvac buttons, it's a huge step above odyssey rough depressing grey plastic.

    The leather in the odyssey is also worse than Sienna's leather.

    I will live with fake wood instead of entire van covered with cheaper plastic and leather. At least toyota took time to finish the plastic inside the van.
  • Actually you'll find that the Euro sedans go for a matte finish on their plastics rather than shiny & slick. That's the complaint people have about the Sienna's finish.

    Not that it matters, it's all plastic. It's down to personal taste. :)

    --> Andy
  • I don't any experience with this type of engine. But I have to let everyone knows that the price to pay to get the model with a VCM engine is not worth it. VCM engine claims that you will save approximately 12 percent on gas when in used at on city driving and when on idle. That 12 percent boils down to extra one mile to a gallon on city driving. On high ways VCM engines gives the same mileage consumption as a regular 3.5 CC engine. So is it worth to pay the extra thousands of dollar to get it?
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