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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    The Ody and Sienna are both fine cars, and everyone makes their choice on many aspects including their preferences in the driving spectrum.

    But the bottom line is that the Ody has won so many awards that cannot go unnoticed, including,

    1.) C & D
    2.) Kiplingers
    3.) Autoweek,
    4.) CR
    5.) Edmunds
    6.) Money

    to name a few.

    They all cannot be wrong. The facts speak for themselves. The rest is just noise.
  • lastwraithlastwraith Posts: 350
    That's all well and good that the Ody won many awards, but it's not really relevant to what ljwalters was saying. They found the car that they thought best fit their needs/wants and got the best deal they could. I think they were just mentioning the fact that to them at least, the Ody seemed overvalued. Nothing wrong with that.

    On the other hand, I'm sure if sales drop enough on '05 Odys, the prices will fall in line to reflect it. The price for any car is usually whatever the market will bear, so you can't really blame the dealer for their bottom line. They aren't interested in losing money and I doubt they would purposely overprice the vans if they didn't think they could sell a few.

    In any case, it's nothing to fight over.
  • Thanks to those of you who replied about sightlines. I think it might come down to the fact that the Ody seems to have a bigger rear window, and that might be more in line with what I'm used to with my Caravan. I've been paying attention to the Siennas and Odys I see on the road, and just now coming home I was behind a Sienna with an Ody in the next lane over, so I could compare the rear windows side-by-side. No question, the Ody's was taller. I suspect there's no restriction in the view - just need to get used to seeing more through the side mirrors and less through the rear window. I'll pay more attention to this on my second test drive.

    Thanks for pointing me to the Sienna owners club.

  • 96corolla96corolla Posts: 94
    "They all cannot be wrong. The facts speak for themselves. The rest is just noise. "

    You are right. Ody is the best - no doubt about it. Perhaps we should have this forum closed now since there is really nothing to discuss :P

    Fortunately, the cars mags aren't the ones buying the vehicles and what is on the road and what is happening with pricing seems to tell a different story. That's just noise though, so again, perhaps we should petition edmunds to close the forum :blush:
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I simply haven't found Roush to be price competitive with other Central Ohio dealers. Yet I know folks who are repeat customers there for exactly the reason you cited - customer service.

    Hugh White has offered me the best of both - great prices and service.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Where are you located? In my neck of the woods, inventories are down to nothing!

    We are the largest dealer in the state and right now, we have a grand total of ***three***unsold Odysseys on the lot. In addition, most of our incoming ones are already sold with deposits on them.

    I know that situations vary based on locale but I sure wish I had 50 of them sitting here to sell!
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,191
    The real purpose of this discussion is to compare/contrast the attributes of these vehicles to help prospective buyers make up their minds. A good example of this is post #2550. Arguing over which car is "better" seems to raise the temperature and is unlikely to change anyone's mind. Posts that are disrespectful will be removed.


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    "But the bottom line is that the Ody has won so many awards that cannot go unnoticed, including,

    1.) C & D
    2.) Kiplingers
    3.) Autoweek,
    4.) CR
    5.) Edmunds
    6.) Money

    to name a few.

    They all cannot be wrong. The facts speak for themselves. The rest is just noise. "

    Wow. Some people have a lot of self-esteem wrapped up in their choice in minivans.

    I'm sure Car and Driver likes the C6 Corvette a lot more than the Odyssey. Are you trading your Odyssey in on one? The "winner" of car comparisions isn't the best for everybody - just the people evaluating them for the magazine who may have different prefences or priorities than the people making the purchase decision.
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    ody doesn't have AWD. ha, ha, ha,................ my sienna does.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    AND the Ody also does NOT have a nice, complete overhead console with compass/oustide temperature and accurate trip computer that is standard or available on almost every Sienna. :blush:
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    My Odyssey has traction control, stability control, and a tempature gague right under the spedo where the remaining oil life and odo is and that is STANDARD on all levels. Also standard on all levels in all 3 row curtain air bags. Looks like My Odyssey has more standard safety feature's then your Sienna does.
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    Hey, all. I've enjoyed reading and participating in this forum, but I think its usefulness has run its course. :( Both vehicles are great, and their differences minor (though meaningful for some). Anyway, I think the posts here have denigrated into a game similar to children calling each other names, so it's time to move on. Take care, all. Enjoy your rides! :shades:
  • okc1okc1 Posts: 6
    Someone please comment. Is Sienna LE with leather and package #6 comparable to Ody EX-L (without sunroof)?
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    I think the Sienna LE is more comparible to the Odyssey LX. You cannot get the Odyssey EX-L without a sunroof they all come with them. With the leather in the LE it might compare with the Odyssey EX but myself I would compare it with the LX.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    I've had good luck with Roush pricing on the last two Accords I bought. But good prices on Accords are easier to come by than they are on vans and Pilots.
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    We have a C6 alongside or Ody in our family. It belongs to my son-in-law.

    It is best in its class and price range. Mon.

    You can really appreciate why C & D voted it the best like they did for the Ody if your preference is in that sporty part of the driving spectrum range.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I have to agree with Ijwalters1 the last few pages here are childish. Of course the Ody got many awards this year. Honda did a lot to improve the car. Last year Toyota received all the accolades. The reviewers love improvement and they reward it in reviews. Maybe we should all talk again in three years after seeing how these cars perform in the real world.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I am considering replacement of our 2001 Odyssey LX on a 2006 Odyssey or Sienna. I'm mostly considering the Sienna LE8 with Package #5 and the Preferred Premium Accessory package vs. the Odyssey EX. I might consider the XLE and EX-L, depending on how the 2006 model packages are. I might accept a 2005 if the price was right. The main reasons for upgrading are side curtain airbags, stability control and an 8th seat.

    Overall, the vans appear to be pretty similar, and I'm sure I'd be very happy with either one. Even so, there are a few minor differences I've found and probably many I missed, all based on 2005 information:

    Some Sienna advantages:

    Sienna 8th seat seems much more functional and moves forward. It's larger, has an integrated shoulder belt and LATCH making it easier to fit 3 carseats and/or adults in the 2nd row.

    Third row appears to be wider and may also seat 3-across carseats and/or boosters a bit easier.

    5 LATCH positions vs. 3 for Odyssey

    3rd row LATCH anchors are integrated into seat and do not require the top tether strap to stretch across cargo area

    Possibly smoother and quieter ride.

    Possible slight city fuel economy advantage.

    2nd row seats tumble

    3rd row quarter windows tilt open

    5/60 drivetrain warranty standard

    Telescopic steering wheel

    Misc features like Tire pressure monitor, higher ground clearance, tumble forward 2nd row seats, coin holder, cassette player (we have lots of kids' cassettes), somewhat more cargo space, DRLs.

    Street price appears to be around a few hundred dollars less, excluding recent Toyota incentives.

    Odyssey advantages:

    Rollover sensors integrated into side curtain airbags

    ACE front end compatibility, if it isn't all marketing hype

    Exterior styling (personal preference, obviously)

    2nd row driver side power sliding door

    Possibly better handling/braking/performance

    Stowable 8th seat would be easier to store/remove

    Lazy Suzan storage (mitigates the stowability of the 8th seat, however)

    Driver power seat

    2nd row indexing seats

    Somewhat easier folding on 3rd row seat

    Misc features like CD Changer, rear window sunshades, rear A/C control from the front.


    The seating in the Sienna LE8 seems to be more functional for our needs, especially hauling kids. I do like the Odyssey styling and the rollover curtain airbag system. Most of the other differences don't really matter to me much at all. They'd all be nice, but I wouldn't really miss them. For example, the road noise issue isn't a big factor- our current Odyssey is noted for being noisy but is acceptable. We have manual power doors now and they are fine, so I don't mind only having one in the Sienna, etc.

    We have reasonable Toyota and Honda dealers in driving range that have provided good purchasing experiences and the local Honda dealer provides very good service. No experience with local Toyota service.

    I've driven a Sienna a few times, but haven't driven the new Odyssey yet, so I am basing the comments about noise and performance only on what I've read. Comments?

    P.S. Hi Steve!
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Do they both have VSC? VSC is a big feature you should check. There is a rear AC and temp control in my 04 LE I think it was pckg 7. Also test out the AC. Sienna has both a front and a rear AC coil so if should run the rear AC air to take full advantage. The Sienna is definitely quieter and smoother ride. Make sure to test the ODy at 70 mph on the highway and listen. Also try it on a bumpy road. If you go to a parking lot regularly with speed bumps remember the Ody like all Hondas (suvs excepted) has really low ground clearance.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I agree that they are both fine products and the choice frequently will boil down to one's particular needs. You really do need to spend some time driving an Odyssey though. My '05 Touring is vastly improved compared to the '99 we had for five years.

    Recently, I urged a Honda leaning co-worker (who has a one year old) to shop the 8 passenger Sienna due to the forward sliding middle second row seat. Amazingly, she said Toyota salesman told her that the slide forward feature is essentially a useless gimmick that is unlikely to be of any real benefit.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Sienna package 5 has VSC, as that is a critical item for me. It also has curtain airbags, rear discs, wiper de-icer, DRLs and a few other goodies.

    I can't comment about the utility of the Sienna slide forward seat, as I've never seen the 8-passenger version. Even so, the Odyssey second row indexing seat is probably similar. It has probably come in handy a half dozen times in 5 years...
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    I have to have AWD. The choice is clear.
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Amazingly, she said Toyota salesman told her that the slide forward feature is essentially a useless gimmick that is unlikely to be of any real benefit.

    It stupefies me that, through arrogance or pure idiocy, car salespeople too frequently act as their own worst enemies! :confuse: :(
  • amosanon1amosanon1 Posts: 23
    Excellent comparison! We recently went through the same choice and settled on the Ody. I agree that they are both excellent cars, and we would have been happy with either one, so I'm not involved in this whole discussion about which is "better." We were comparing the Ody EX-L DVD with the Sienna XLE package 6.

    Let me just add a couple of thoughts about why we chose the Ody.

    First, I agree that the 8th seat in the sienna is more useful than the 8th seat in the Ody. However, we have found it very difficult to get to the third row when there are three seats in the second row, particularly if the outboard seats have carseats on them. For this reason, we would have preferred the 7-seat sienna over the 8-seat sienna, since we don't usually need 8 seats. However, we liked the flexibility of the Ody, since we can generally use it as a 7-seater (and allow access to the back), but use the 8th seat in a pinch. So for our situation the 7/8-seater Ody is more functional than EITHER the 7 or 8 seater Sienna.

    Second, we were originally leaning towards the sienna because it had the automatic rear tailgate in the trim we were looking at. However, we found that the tailgate moved very slowly, and so we would have turned that feature off anyway. (Others have not found this problem, and it is possible that it was just a problem with the one we looked at.)

    Third, the Ody in our trim had the moonroof, the Sienna did not.

    Fourth, the Sienna was somewhat more expensive.

    Fifth, we liked the interior of the Ody better. Although we liked the exterior of the Sienna better, we felt that we are going to spend more time looking at the inside than the outside.

    Sixth, the Sienna recommends premium fuel, whereas Ody does not.

    Seven, it is true that the Ody is slightly more noisy than the Sienna. But we are upgrading from a 98 Ody, so we aren't that used to a quiet car to begin with--and the new Ody is MUCH quieter than the old 98.

    Eighth, the DVD in the Ody has a better screen and, more importantly, it loads upfront by the driver. This is important to us, since we have little kids who won't really be able to load up a dvd in the back.

    Finally, I hate the Toyota option package scheme. It is this byzantine system where you can't just choose what you want, but you have to take all of this other crap with you--and that;'s if you can find the option package you want.

    As you can see, most of these are relatively minor, and there are some benefits of the Sienna that counter them.

    In the end, we just went with our gut.

    I do recommend that you do test drive the Ody if you can. But if you can't, I'm sure you'll be happy with the Sienna.

    (By the way, I notice that you found the Sienna to be a little cheaper. That might be because you aren't exactly comparing apples to apples. We really wanted the DVD--yes, I know you can get them aftermarket for a little cheaper, but we didn't want to deal with it--and both power sliding doors. Once you figure that in, you have to compare the EX-L RES with the XLE (package #6).)

    Enjoy your purchase!
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I was comparing street prices ( price) of the Odyssey EX vs. the Sienna LE8, with package 5 and premium accessory package. Obviously, other models may vary, but those are the ones I am most likely to buy. They are actually very similarly equipped, aside from the differences I mentioned.

    The rear access issue is an important one. Fortunately, our oldest will be 7 and would probably use a booster in the passenger side 2nd row seat or the 3rd row center. That will allow for easier moving/tumbling of that seat to allow rear access.

    I'm not a big fan of DVD or NAV- just one more expensive thing to upgrade and/or replace once the warranty expires. So, those won't be a factor in the pricing unless I get a great deal. Otherwise, if we ever decide we want them, our preference will be for cheap portable rather than a built-in unit- much like the portable VHS unit we used in our Odyssey on long trips. Heck, I can get three personal DVD players and a Garmin GPS for less than the cost of either one built-in, let alone both, and they can be used outside the car too;-)

    The premium fuel issue is not a major factor. 1999-2001 Odyssey models also recommended premium fuel and even rated HP/Torque figures on premium. Even so, they also allowed regular like the Sienna and I've never had an issue. I've seen a few anecdotes on Sienna forums of pinging on regular, but most owners appear to use regular without issue.

    I will definitely take an extended test drive and inspection of the new Odyssey before deciding. It will probably depend on the pricing, changes and options of the 2006 models.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    September Odyssey arrivals will be the 2006 model. Salesman told me they have their allocation of 12 Odysseys for September.
    If the Sienna LE had the separately controlled temperature for the driver and front passenger, it would be more competitive for our needs. Without this nice feature, the Odyssey EX moved to a tie with a GC SXT for our desires.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    The 2004 Sienna got a 5 star front end driver crash rating. Its the exact same frame etc. as the 2005 which did indeed get 4 star from the same testers. go figure?

    Given they only tested two samples, it's quite possible that the results can vary slightly. Most likely, the 2004 model tested was just over the threshold to award 5-stars, while the 2005 model was just under the threshold. Even so, both could still be within an expected margin of error to account for variations.

    It's also possible they tested two slightly different versions of the Sienna. Suppose one had a power driver seat, the other manual. Depending on the seating position, even some fraction of an inch could account for a small test difference. A retest of a different model Odyssey might show a similar variation.

    It's also possible the NHTSA made a small change to their testing or ratings from 2004 to 2005 and this affected the scores of the retest.

    You can nit pick small differences in the IIHS and NHTSA crash test results, but both these vehicles did very well in all the tests. Given their weight and availability of stability control and side curtain airbags, I'd consider them both to be among the safest vehicles on the road. It would be nice if the IIHS would do their side impact testing on minivans in the near future, especially since I'd think minivan buyers would be among the most safety conscious groups.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    September Odyssey arrivals will be the 2006 model. Salesman told me they have their allocation of 12 Odysseys for September.
    If the Sienna LE had the separately controlled temperature for the driver and front passenger, it would be more competitive for our needs. Without this nice feature, the Odyssey EX moved to a tie with a GC SXT for our desires.

    I also like being able to control the rear temperature from the front or rear. Our current Odyssey allows this and I think the new one does, too. If I recall correctly, the Sienna only has a control for the rear in back.

    I'll be hitting showrooms in September. While it looks like the Sienna would be my choice on paper, I have a hunch the Odyssey will win points once I see it and drive it.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Can do it with my 2002 T&C LX....and I also have separately controlled temperature for the driver and front passenger....a feature NOT available on an Odyssey until the 2005 model appeared.
    Thanks for the information on the Sienna rear A/C and heater. I will have to look more closely at the Sienna features.
    With a DC minivan, the rear fan speed can also be controlled from either the front or rear. ( It is probably the same in the 2005 Odyssey EX models. )
    Each of the 3 have distinct advantages...but for some people, the Mazda MPV is a better choice than the 3 we are considering.
  • irgirg Posts: 197
    You can also control the rear AC from the front of the Sienna, at least I know I can on my '05. I love the automatic control feature. I can use a "sync" feature, where everyone gets the same temperature, or change it between the driver, passenger, and rear occupants. Works great. And I love how quickly the AC cools everything down. Overall, I have no complaints whatsover about the Sienna, and I am glad I picked it over the others. I probably would have been happy with the Honda too, but my lease rate was much better on the Sienna (in May) than it was on the Odyssey.
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