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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • "plus most Honda owners drive more aggressive... causing accidents and I hate to drive the same brand as those people... the last ten accidents I saw on the road always involved with a Honda (Accord 5, Civic 2, CRV 1 and Ody 2)!

    It seems like most Honda owners are most likely driving fast and rude on the road! Just the reality... So I don't want to be a Honda owner!"


    Man, that's funny. You must make some interesting decisions in your life, if you base them on your anecdotal perception of reality. :-) "Honda Drivers: Menace of the Highways."
  • $7000 transmission replacement in a car with 84K?!?


    Who robbed your friend, why did he pay it, and more importantly.....why bother replacing it at all for that kind of money?


    Also, where are you getting your reliability info from?
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Wow! So much dissinformation in a single post!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,354
    Once again.
  • ken17ken17 Posts: 19
    A very interesting post indeed. Why one would malign Honda owners on a message board whose subject would naturally involve a large percentage of people who either own or are considering a Honda is a mystery to me.


    Never the less, a relevant point is made concerning reliability. I've driven both Honda's and Toyota's for the past 20 years. Both companies make reliable vehicles. However, my experience has been that very little goes wrong with a Toyota. I have had numerous things go wrong with my Honda's - some small and some costly. How this impacts one's decision depends on how important reliability is to them. Having been traumatized in my younger years with an unreliable Dodge Duster and then with a very unreliable and costly Peugeot 505, having a reliable car is a big part of my buying decision. That's one of the reasons why I went for the Sienna over the Odyssey.
  • Let's just say don't buy Honduhhh,because their vehicles are stupid.I know you just wanted to see how many people respond to your post."Just kidding". This is just my "OPINION" and there is nothing completely "FACTUAL" about my statement.
  • thumperthumper Posts: 75
    I'm just at a loss for words.
  • When did the name-calling mudwrestling event start? I must of missed it. I thought this was about discussion of two minivans, not personalities.


    Somebody call me when the discussion is back to minivans.
  • ken17ken17 Posts: 19
    Amen! Let's move on.
  • mindylmindyl Posts: 3
    You forgot to mention that the Honda's navigation system is voice-activated and factory installed. The Toyota only offers after-market navigation systems. That was the selling point for me for the Honda.
  • I'm sorry about that please forgive me . I kind of lost it there. Let's move on and talk minivans.
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Posts: 25
    Sorry for any misunderstanding of my statement!


    It's just a general speaking... may only apply to 20% of the Honda owners and 10% of the Toyota owners... It is a relatively comparison... not an absolutely speaking, please don't feel bad if you're not an aggressive Honda drivers... that means you're the 80% of people driving Honda safely... Good luck and no accidents happen to you!


    I drove more than 500 different vehicles and owned more than 40 of them... I must admitted that Honda cars do retain a better resale value due to the demand and supply rule... so I suggested that if you don't keep your car for long ... buy a Honda and you will not lose too much money! Since the current trend of cars are getting sporty and more horse power... Honda will be a easiler selling car due to the current trend...


    If you see most cars which are remodified on the road... I believe more than 60% of them are Honda... as a matter of fact... based on what I have seen on the road... more than 90% are Honda or Acura (Accord, Civic, Integra, Legend...). When I see those cars, it is so obviously that they are aggressive drives with big modified tailpipe blowing smoke and making a lot of noise... It's just the reality... we cannot change that! Maybe Honda Odyssey is the only exception with the Honda badge on it! But I just don't like to have a car with the same brand with those drivers... just like people don't want to stay in a nice house in a rough neighborhood...


    Every studies show Toyota has a better long term reliabitity record than Honda... that's the truth and nobody can argue that...
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,354
    Hard to tell how serious you are here but lots of people would argue that.


    Both great cars with no clear winner.
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Posts: 25
    Even the Japanese consumers admitted to me personally that Toyota is number one, Nissan is number two and Honda is number three... It is the truth, not an arguemnt... just like the USA is bigger than Japan and Canada is bigger than the USA in terms of the size of territories!


    Anyway, go back to which van is better for you... it all depends on which is more important for you like subjective issues as appearance, color, taste and style! Or objective issues such as price, size, reliabiltiy, resale value and how long you will keep it for! Balance those things out, and pick which is better for your own needs! That would be my advice to choose the right van for youself!


    If you are looking for handling and resale value, go with Honda...


    If you are looking for long term reliability, soft ride and comfort, and more discount, go with Toyota...
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    "You forgot to mention that the Honda's navigation system is voice-activated and factory installed. The Toyota only offers after-market navigation systems. That was the selling point for me for the Honda"


    Funny, my Sienna came with a factory installed navigation system.
  • Hello All,

     We purchased a new '05 Odyssey after considerable research, etc. We have owned nothing but Toyotas (5) for twenty-five years -our trade was a 1991 Previa with 214,000k. It served us well and was generally a great vehicle. Our choice to buy a Honda was a well-considered risk for us.

    Our new Odyssey rides well and although generally a bit more noisy ( road noise) than the Sienna we drove, our perception was that the ride was tighter and more predictable than the Sienna. It had more included options, plus safety and comfort features than the Sienna for the same "decent" price- if anyone considers $29,000.00 plus a decent price for any car.

    Ok, I'll get to the point. We bought the Odyssey based upon our conclusion that the quality of the Honda van paralleled the Toyota. Now we have doubts. The Odyssey has been at the dealer for two weeks. After putting 500 miles on it in light driving, a problem developed with the driver's side door. At first, it would unlock but not open. Then it would open after the car was warmed up, but not latch upon being closed resulting in the door flying open as I turned onto the road in front of my house. Scary .

    The dealer's first fix was to lubricate the latch mechanism with dry lubricant. This sounded less than permanent to me but logical. Honda America indicated that they would do nothing unless the problem could be duplicated.

    The dealer could not duplicate the problem and was ready to send the car back to us when , luckily, I guess, ...the problem re-occurred. Coincidentally, the next day the service manager at the dealer received a fax from Honda America to check all the lock mechanisms of the remaining new Odysseys on their lot. Two other Odysseys on the lot and one they had sold had the problem. I immediately assumed that Honda America has discovered a systemic problem with Odyssey lock mechanisms. The driver who took me home from the dealer said the 04's had a problem with the sliding side doors. It is now two weeks later. The dealer is waiting for a fix from Honda "engineers." The problem seems to stem from water entering the mechansim and freezing a cable when temps drop. My concern is long term. I am not an engineer or a mechanic but I have enough hands-on experience with mechanical systems to know that repairs may or may not be effective, and if not designed-in from the get go, run the risk of failing due to not being part of the original design, untested materials failure, or improper or ineffective installation. OK, I understand that original parts run the same risk but I am wondering what these Honda "engineers' are doing. Are they fabricating a new part? Are they going to test it before they prescribe it? Is it going to come with a detailed installation procedure? And since the passenger door has the same locking mechanism, are they going retro fit that door as well? My greatest fear is that they will jury-rig something that will deteriorate and fail one mile after the warranty expires three years down the road. So, fellow Honda owners, although I own a Honda snowblower, lawn mower, and motorcycle, this is my first Honda auto, so please fill me in. Has anyone had a problem with their doors? Has anyone had a problem like this with a new Odyssey that Honda finally fixed?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Meanwhile, it appears that this problem involves more than these three vehicles so tell your friends who may be considering one.

    Note: As of now I am less than thrilled with Honda America's response. They seem cool on the phone responding with stock replies when they have responded at all. One rep. actually asked me as a final question ( she was obviously reading it from a list ) : "What would you like Honda of America to do for you at this point?" .....Uh, hello? How about fixing my brand new van and returning it to me. And, oh yeah, extending the warranty to cover the fix past three years would be professional and go a long way towards keeping me as a customer. There seems to be little communication between Honda America's Customer Service division and the dealer. To be fair, the dealer has made an effort to keep us happy with a loaner car after a rough few minutes when I thought they were going to insist we take the van back after they couldn't duplicate the problem the first time. Nonetheless, we feel as if we are at the mercy of two separate entities now: Honda America and the dealer. We are already starting to see some tendency to pass the buck.

  • greg_ygreg_y Posts: 26
    This is incorrect. The Sienna is available with a factory installed navigation system.
  • mindylmindyl Posts: 3
    For those people in Southern California: avoid Toyota of Huntington Beach. They do not sell the Toyotas with the factory installed Navigation system. Instead they send you down the street to pick out your own from Bose, and then they install it. I thought it was shoddy, but maybe I will keep looking at the Toyota, based on the last posting of Honda's problems.


    Can anyone give me any feedback on the ease of use and relevancy of the Toyota navigation system?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,354
    Scare you away. That isn't typical and you'll find similar tales of woe from Toyota owners.


    Forums like these will always attract those with problems.


    I think I would stay away from an aftermarket navigation system although I'm sure some of them work fine.
  • twins2twins2 Posts: 16
    We have several friends with Honda Oddyseys (2002-04 models) and several with Sienna's. All are happy and have not had problems. My accord has 160K and has been very reliable. my parents' camry has 100k and is reliable. Bottom line: both are in general reliable. Its disappointing that Honda didn't step up to the plate when you had problems. Definitely write letters to Honda, the dealer and cc the Better Business Bureau. If you live in a state with a lemon law, the delaer may be obligated to take the car back...
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