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Toyota Yaris



  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    Awesome link! Now is it true that I'll go blind if I...nevermind.
  • No, you'll just need glasses!
  • Let's add some objective, empirical information to all of these subjective, and somewhat opinion-based, posts . . . My Background: I've owned the following marques of cars since 1968: Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Datsun, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan (same as Datsun, of course), Porsche, SAAB, and Volvo - not necessarily in that chronological order. Present Day: I own an 2005 Accord LX, 2007 Camry LE, and, my wife's older 2002 Hyundai Elantra GLS.

    Ladies and Gentlemen on this forum, I've been a "gear head" for almost 40 years, and one would have to be to own the British iron I previously owned. I learned to "turn wrenches" with the best of them - by necessity. All of the aforementioned brands and vehicles were purchased new, never used.

    You can say what you will about the Korean cars, but I must say our overall ownership experience with the Hyundai has been exemplary, equal to or better than both the Honda and Toyota we currently own. The Hyundai has 152,000 miles on the clock, and with the exception of normal routine maintenance (3,000 miles or 3 month oil changes, 24,000 miles or 2 year ATF changes), the only non-routine maintenance has been the replacement of the alternator at 103,000 miles at a cost of $79 - I bought it online and replaced it myself. Of course, the engine's timing belt was replaced at 60,000 and 120,000 miles, but this is standard routine preventive maintenance as per the book. I'm not talking tires, brakes, hoses, etc. here, as all of these are normal wear and tear items. That's it, after 5+ years, and 152,000 miles. No engine problems, no automatic transmission problems, no suspension or steering problems, etc. It had one warranty issue within the first 6 months of ownership - an 02 sensor. Pretty darn good I would say!

    The Accord has been the equal, but it's had 5 warranty-related service issues, 2 within the first year of ownership. The Camry, unfortunately, that's another story. We've had it in the shop several times during 2007, not only for the drive-by-wire throttle problems so well known on, but for an automatic transmission shift flare problem. And, the dash has several squeaks and rattles already. The verdict is still out on this one.

    That's one person's direct experience on Korean vehicles vs. the competition. And, it's a substantiated claim, unlike perhaps others. The overall quality of build of "this" Hyundai is equal to either our Ohio-built Honda or Kentucky-built Toyota, including panel gaps, seam matching, etc. Of course, this is just one sample, and I must admit that I take excellent care of all of our cars. The Hyundai is just as solid today, with no squeaks, rattles, or rust, as the day my wife drove it off of the Hyundai dealer's lot. I understand everyone's misgivings, but many statements on these forums are made without ANY ownership experience with a brand of car - rather only hearsay evidence or supposition.

    The initial Japanese cars we owned were no Rock of Gibraltar examples of quality and reliability. The Datsun and Mazda, and our earliest Toyota Corolla, had their share of significant mechanical and body problems. Over time, these companies improved their products immensely. In my opinion, based upon being a past or present owner of many of these brands, Hyundai is mirroring the same exponential improvement as the Japanese brands that came before it. Think about it folks: The Asian mentality in building cars, attention to detail, and concern for quality is different than most other cultures, and the last time I checked, Koreans are Asians too.
  • colloquor: I've had far more British cars and motorcycles than you could imagine, plus many more autos (some quite exotic) in my 50 plus years of buying vehicles. So what!! Why are we talking about Hyundais? This is a Yaris board and most of us are interested in this marque. Some people feel they have to justify their choice of auto to others. I'm not one of them. And I love my Yaris. For what it was designed to do, it does it well.

    PS I drove a 1966 Toyota Corona off the showroom floor in Phoenix and never had a problem with it.
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    No kidding. I came here for Yaris info and I get a bunch of lame Hyundai marketing and sales jobs. Being a suspicious person, I pointed that out and Pat, the host, deleted my post. What gives!! I don't care about Hyundais. I looked at them, hated them, and bought a Yaris. Get over it Accent lovers. Going 0-60 in 12.5 seconds does not appeal to me. Getting poor crash test results do not appeal to me. Move along Hyundai.
  • I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I'm reading the Yaris' forum because my niece is looking at a new Yaris, as well as other brands of cars. And, there were previous references to Hyundai, as well as other brands on this forum. Therefore, I wanted to add my actual experience with the brand - that's all! I didn't realize that it was so exclusionary and narrow-minded, and certainly didn't think I was going to be blasted by offering good-faith information.

    I don't have to justify my purchases of anything, and was not doing so here. I offered the information based on experience, and thus, thought some folks might actually be interested - apparently not. It was not marketing or sales hyperbola, simply life experience, which is more endemic than many of the uninformed opinions that are written about many brands of cars here on

    Some people take things entirely too seriously!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    If you and other Yaris owners want to keep this discussion focused on the Yaris, then why not do that and refrain from posts like yours and bottgers' where you go off on long tirades against Hyundai and anyone who happens to like their cars? Why not just stick to the Yaris, and if someone brings up Hyundai, just ask them to stick to the topic and move on?

    And in the interests of full disclosure... did you buy your Yaris before or after the IIHS crash tests came out on the Yaris? And your Yaris has or does not have the side air bags and curtains?
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    As long as you Hyundai people continue to come here and post false information about the Yaris, I will continue to prove you wrong.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    The "Hyundai person" you are talking about owned a Yaris, traded for a Hyundai and now happens to prefer the Hyundai in some ways. Is that a crime? But I agree those kinds of posts should be made in the appropriate comparision discussion.

    So, anyway, when you bought your Yaris, were the IIHS crash test scores out yet, and did you get one with the optional side bags/curtains that allow the Yaris to get a Good vs. Poor score on the IIHS side crash test? I figure the answer to both questions must be "yes" based on your earlier post.
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    If you traded your Yaris, why are you still here?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    You know what and who I am talking about. And if you look back at who brings up Hyundai in this discussion in a new thread, it's not me.

    Are you going to answer my question about your Yaris?
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Backy, not the person you were asking the question of, but I bought my Yaris with the Airbag Package and ABS after the IIHS and Consumer Report tests. I would not have bought the Yaris without them. I would have just waited longer to get a Honda Fit.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    How easy was it to get your Yaris (hatch or sedan?) with those options? I mean, did you have some selection on the lot, or did you need to "order" it and wait for it? Also can you tell us what kind of deal you got on your Yaris?

    The Yaris interests me due to its high fuel economy and good crash test results with the side bags/curtains. If availability with ABS and the airbag options is improving, it could slide into my "consider" list for next year. I am also crossing my fingers that for the 2009 MY, due to be a refresh, Toyota will tweak the interior and put in straight-ahead gauges, since they are moving that direction with Scion.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,371
    Let's get away from this personal beef that's brewing.

    I understand that people get passionate about their vehicles, but there are times when it's best to agree to disagree and move on.


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  • I have a 1986 Buick Gran Sport. My problem is I'm considering selling the car. Buick has said that 1029 were made. In my state 2 were sold, and I am the orginal owner of one of them. The car is in very good condition and stored winters. The only information I have is I've been told the car is "very rare". Can anyone help me in giving me a value.
  • errrrr, might be better to ask this on a Buick board.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    It was difficult to find. I needed 4 doors and wanted the factory cruise so I bought the sedan. I also wanted the power package, the airbags, and a manual transmission. As is usually the problem with the unfriendly Toyota machine, there were none of those available in my Southeast Distributor region.

    I kept my eye on Fitzmall as I had a relative who lives reasonably nearby. That Maryland-Virginia region was one of the very few that had a number of Yaris Sedans equipped just as I wanted one. Fitzmall did not have one when I was ready to buy so I went to Koons nearby. They had exactly what I wanted. It stickered at about $15500 and I got it for just over invoice at $14600.

    Fitzmall has a very similar one right now at invoice about $14425.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    Thanks for the details. Good to see you were able to get a good deal. Unfortunately I don't live very close to Fitzmall, and the last time I checked a few weeks ago, I couldn't even "build my own" Yaris hatch with the side bags and ABS, and I could get them both only on the top-line Yaris S sedan (I'm in Toyota's Chicago Region). If I did get a Yaris, I'd prefer the hatch with MT, ABS, side bags/curtains, rear wiper, and a 60/40 split rear seat. I don't really need the power package on a small 2-door with non-functioal rear windows. But I don't know if such a combination exists.
  • Where do I find the Buick board??
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,371
    Use the Browse By Vehicle search tool in the left sidebar. Just choose your make and modle of vehicle and you'll get a list of all relevant discussions.


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  • The 60/40 split rear seat is part of the power package. The only way to get the seat is by ordering the power package.

    The car you described is basically the car that I own (I have fog lights, alloy wheels and a sway bar too). I highly recommend it. The more I drive it (8,000 miles now), the more I appreciate it.

    The Liftback S model that Toyota will offer for 2008 may be up your alley (you would still need to add side airbags and ABS, but those might be more easily found on an S). The new Liftback S gets a tach too.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    Why am I not surprised that the only way to get a 60/40 rear seat, standard on just about every other hatch, is to get a power package? ;)

    The Liftback S might be up my alley except for price. With the power package with steel wheels (cheapest way to get the 60/40 rear seat), ABS, and side curtains the MSRP is $15,475. There's some nicer cars availble for that kind of money or less, even considering a discount on the Yaris.

    The xD would be another option, if I could stomach the looks of it.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,027
    Your experience is one comparison, unfortunately the overall numbers don't mirror your experience. Reliability numbers still overwelmingly show Japanese vehicles are more reliable than Korean. The Korean makes are definitely improving, but they're not up to the better Japanese makes yet.
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    Nevermind the proven reliability of Toyotas. The Yaris is one of those cars that makes you realize the brilliance of the design the more you drive it. The auto tranny for instance has the gated, flick left for passing gear feature instead of the straight up and down lever. I found myself flicking it left and right often because it's just so much fun. The cup holders by the air conditioning vent keeps my drinks cold. BRILLIANT! The passenger seat adjuster is a perfect chinese noodle soup togo holder to prevent spillage. BRILLIANT!!! The glove compartment behind the steering wheel holds a map in place so I can read it while driving. SUPER BRILLIANT!!!!! And there's that peppy engine and gas mileage thing too.
  • TIRED of it? WAAAH..... Better get USED to it! You already admitted you don't even know what I am talking about. I can also see you have no idea what YOU are talking about.....
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,371
    Let's drop the personal back and forth NOW and stick to talking about the vehicles please.


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  • Hey, if you just want a cheapo-strippo, why not get an Aveo?

    Really... is it all about price?

    I'm not sure you could get a "nicer car" that gets the kind of fuel economy that a Yaris (fully loaded, mind you) gets for only $15k and some change.

    You can get a $12K Yaris. But it won't have the options you want. That's the way it is. If you don't like it, get something else.

    You might not like $3-per-gallon gasoline either, but that's reality as well.

    I paid just over $16K for my fully-optioned Liftback.

    Worth every penny, from where I sit.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    No, it's not about price. It's about value.

    You're correct in that there are few cars that get comparable fuel economy to a Yaris. But since I drive only around 7-8k miles a year, I don't need exceptional fuel economy, just good fuel economy. I'd accept just 30 mpg overall (with a lot of city driving) for a car that offers more comfort/room/convenience/features than a Yaris, for the same or less money. Let's face it, the main attractions of the Yaris are fuel economy and low price. (It should be reliable also, but that's not the big differentiator it used to be.) If I have to pay near $15k to get a Yaris that has the bare minimum features I need, then I start looking at alternatives.

    There's several very nice cars available for just over $16k. That's not pennies to me, so before I spend it I'll check out all the options. If you are happy with your Yaris then I am glad for you, it's just the right car for you.
  • Yeah....As I TRIED to explain in the most simple terms originally to help in the search for rattles. Again, simply walk around the front of your Yaris. Take one or two fingers and simply "TAP" along all the different areas of sheet metal. (even that Buick like front door!) Now, as you go, you will hear the cheap, NON-reinforced "metal" buzzing as you tap in certain spots. Especially as you move around the sides near the windshield/dash area. For the record, we now have 1 Yaris liftback, auto trans with NO side airbags, AND a new Hyundai Accent.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,827
    Sheet metal isn't what it used to be, in general. My 2002 MPV has probably the thinnest sheet metal on the front fenders I've ever seen on a car. I'm afraid if I push too hard with my index finger, I'd dent it.

    It's possible the metal on the Yaris is actually pretty strong, if it's formulated to be high-strength steel. Also it's important if it's treated against rust, e.g. galvanized.

    If your Yaris rattled, I'll bet it's not the sheet metal that was rattling as that is welded (except the front fenders?). Probably something else. Lots of little parts in a car that can come loose. And as has been noted, the thinness or thickness of the sheet metal doesn't have much if anything to do with crash worthiness; that's related to the structural design (including crumple zones), the strength of the florrpan and crossmembers, the reinforcements in the doors, airbags etc.
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