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Vehicle Sales Tax Questions



  • you pay tax on the price on the back of the title, whatever you and whoever is selling it agree on minus taxes, i'm sure you could ask them what price they'll be putting on the title
  • pefredpefred Posts: 1
    In 2012, the GA Legislature passed a bill, a part of which eliminated a really great part that stated that, and I paraphrase here, "people who buy used cars from individuals do not have to pay sales tax". The new law treats individual and dealer purchases the same. However, although the law was effective on 01/01/13, portions of the law don't go into effect until 03/01/13. However, I have not been able to figure out if the individual used car sales tax portion went into effect on January 1, or goes into effect on March 1.

    So, here's my question for anybody who knows the new law. I'm planning on selling one of my cars between now January 7 and March 1 on AutoTrader as an individual. If I sell the care prior to 03/01/13, does the buyer have to pay any sales tax. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I purchased a vehicle from my daughter, is there sales tax on family member to family member purchases in ohio ?
  • cp9974cp9974 Posts: 1
    I have searched the web extensively and these forums but I can't find a definitive answer regarding purchasing in AZ as an out-of-state resident driving it back to my MN where I reside. I have actually read conflicting things about AZ in particular.

    The dealership quoted me with a city tax.

    Can someone please advise?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Here is the info on the topic on the Arizona Dept of Revenue site-

    If it becomes too much of a nightmare, is it absolutely essential that you buy the car in AZ? Or can you return to MN and buy it instead?
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  • glayfan40glayfan40 Posts: 27

    I've purchased a new vehicle back in Jan of this year and paid the MA sales tax ($1500 and change). I've since sold the vehicle in June to a dealership. Am I entitled to a partial refund of the sales tax I paid originally?

  • I took over a lease from an individual in Orth Carolina , I live in Illinois , went to get plates today and the DMV said I had to pay sales tax on the original purchas price even though there is only 9months left on the original 36 month lease. So I would be paying $2600.00 so I can drive for 9months . Seem to be a very unjust law. My question is since this is least to my company can I register it in nearby Wisconsin where they appear to understand what a lease is and how they work. What is the legal penalties for doing so, if the fine is less than the tax, I'm thinking of doing it that way.
  • thegreythegrey Posts: 20

    I have a question: if I were to move to MD (6% tax on cap price of entire car) with a lease in progress, and I were previously leasing in PA (10% tax on payments) - would I have to pay the difference in the taxes backdating from when the car was initially leased?

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