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Honda Civic GX



  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    I found out a smog check is required just like any other car.
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    The GX has a different and much more expensive maintenance schedule than regular GXs.

    The GX requires replacement of the expensive "low pressure fuel filter element" every 10,000 miles. I have quotes from 3 different dealers ranging from $185 to $325 to accomplish this. This is not something you can do yourself, only GX dealers are supposed to do it. If you don't do it you may have warranty problems.

    You also need to inspect the "high pressure fuel filter" every 10,000 miles and replace it every 30,000 miles. The price I got for the rear "CNG filter assembly" is $998 for just the part!!! The GX dealers don't know much about these cars so its hard getting decent info from them. They are pretty much clueless when it comes to the GX, but thats the price the parts department gave me.

    The engine valves need to be inspected every 30,000 (probably the same as other Civics but that is maintenance most cars don't require.) My valves started clattering after 10,000 miles, so I can see why they require this.

    The CVT requires the oil be changed every 24,000 miles or 2 years if you live in a hot environment and drive fast (not sure what they define as high speed) otherwise its at 36,000 miles and again at 60,000 miles.

    The CNG tank needs to be inspected every 3 years or 36,000 miles.

    For those used to a low maintenance car, maintenance costs on this car may come as a shock!!!

    p.s. the 3 GX dealers I am familiar with each only have 1 technician certified to work on the GX, so if that person is off, or on vacation, don't expect your GX to be worked on.
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    Thanks for the info. What year is your GX? I got the standard civic owners manual but it does not cover anything about the CNG portion of the car. Did your manual come with a CNG suppliment?
  • gx222gx222 Posts: 32
    Mine is a 2003. It came with the regular Civic manual and also a smaller GX supplement.
  • rj90rj90 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where I can buy a used Honda Civic GX in California and where I can add another tank? Thx.
  • cajeffcajeff Posts: 4
    I have the Phill. I assisted in the installation. The purchase price is $3400 and there is a $2000 incentive either out or tba. (1000 from the MSRC, and a matching $1000 from SCAQMD that was supposed to be voted upon by the SCAQMD governing board on May 6.) It would, of course only cover the South Coast Air Basin and cover units purchased after Apr 01,2005.

    The scoop, to the best of what I can figure out, is you can lease the unit from Honda, and the $79/month could get down to < $40, pending these incentives..

    The unit uses advanced technology ceramics in the compressor. No oil is used in the compressor.

    Installation cost varies depending on what you have as far as gas lines and where you want to vent it. (It has cooling air and a dryer type vent) It requires a dedicated 120v min 15a circuit. (standard household circuit) Expect $500-1500 depending on your situation. I was going to opt for the second meter, and pay about 76c/T for gas, but I figured the the additional meter charge of $13/month made it not worth it. There is a "blended" SoCal Gas Co rate in the works to reduce your residential rate for certified users of home refueling. It's not out yet, but I'll wait. If I fuel at over baseline residential rates now, my break even is 40T/month. Not even considering the $704 one time fee the gas co wanted for the second meter. (Refundable at the end of 36 months based on some usage requirement which I don't know about) Of course, additinal piping would be required.

    The unit uses your car's tank and fills slow.Upon disconnect, It recaptures the gas in the line and doesn't have to vent it every time you disconnect like fast fill staions.. It seems to have no compression heating, (what you get with a fast fill) so it fills well.

    Hose.20 feet? No. 15? very likely. Being foward thinking folks, We always back our vehicles in, and my Phill is in the left side of my garage. If some other person nosed in, I can fill by reaching the hose over the back window and trunk. The noise level of the Phill is surprisingly quiet. I have a 2003 GX.

    Folks have commented about the fuel filter issues. I had the low pressure filter ($153) cut open after about 15,000 miles. A lot of folks seem not to replace them every service, in CA any way. (Our NG in CA is very clean) It was so clean I couldn't find any contaminants. I haven't replaced the high pressure filter yet,
    but haven't reached 30,000 miles either.

    I found the the 4 dr Civic with SIABs was listed as one of
    s 10 safest cars of 2002. I also have seen pictures of a rear end collision of a GX by a gas tanker truck. The tank didn't leak and definitely provided substantial safety over a conventional gas car.

    Hope this helps...
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    Used Civic GX: I just got mine from the but keep an eye out on ebay and

    The tank: I just saw an add at the LAX CNG station. A company called clean-tech in Los Angeles can add a 5 gge tank for $1500 installed.
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    Thanks CAJeff for the detailed information!

    On the Phill unit it sounds like the rebates are still being ironed out. What if they never materialize? Would you still have got the unit?

    How did you "help" on the install? Did it save you much?

    Have you had it long enough to figure out approx how much it cost's per "gallon" to fill up at home with Phill?

    Sorry for all the questions.
  • cheapdudecheapdude Posts: 2

    If you don't mind, can you tell me how much you paid for your used civic and the year.
    I just bought a 2001 for just under 13k. Was that a good deal? They are so hard to find.

    BTW, I called cleantech and they quoted a 3 GGE tank for $900 installed
  • cajeffcajeff Posts: 4
    I did some investigation on this, as I have a 2003 GX.
    There is a lot of mis information out there.
    The high pressure filter cartridge has an MSRP of $47.02 part number 16905-SIG-003 and has a 36,000 mile reccomended replacement schedule. The entire assembly which DOES NOT need to be replaced has an MSRP of $822. This evidently is where this big $$ misquoted item comes from. I understand this is for 2001's and newer.
    The low pressure element that has a 10,000 mile reccomended replacement NOW has an MSRP of $115, and this is a newer price. Expect that to come down, too.
    It seems that the 10,000 mile service interval on this filter is due to the fact that some CNG facillities in the NorthEast end up adding oil to their NG due to compressor lubrication, or specifically for it.. How this is done, I don't know, but it really isn't a problem most everywhere.. I guess some injectors got clogged when someone never changed their filters, so now it's in the service schedule.
    I plan on changing or I should say EXCHANGING my low pressure filter between two filters, and inspecting them. I would hope that this service interval becomes an INSPECT for oil but that's what I'm going to do. Worst case would be clogged injectors, and If my filter is clean, that's not going to happen. You may find a little clear thick fluid, mercaptain, the odorant in your filter, but it evaporates. Oil would be obvious. I totally cut my first one apart. I changed it at 15,000 miles, as I had to have the filter ordered.
    If it's any consolation, the oil filter only needs to be changed every 20,000 miles!
    I get mine changed every 7,500 miles, as I get free oil and filter changes for the life of my car. (A deal that my dealer no longer offers for obviou$ reasons!)
    Hope this helps.
    ps, the PHILL uses high tech ceramics in it's compressor and thus has no oil.
  • fe2cruzfe2cruz Posts: 1
    Honda currently uses 1.7l SOHC for thier civc GX CNG car.
    I want CNG, but with more horsepower and a 6 speed tranny.
    The K20 engine seems perfect for this, however is Natural Gas
    compatible with DOHC VTEC? Or will all the power gains be lost?
    Are there parts available to convert the K20 engine to propane?
    I know I will lose some power, but with mods it seems
    I can still be over 200 hp. It seems i may lose lots more
    torque though.
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    Thanks for the clarification. Overall it seems the CNG has an inexpensive service schedule, considering the miles between oil changes and everything else.
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    Sure I paid $7750 for a 99 GX with 69k. The car is in ok condition, 1 large dent in the rear drivers side door and it also had a oil leak at the rear main seal (between engine and transmission). Luckily, the car is a certified preowned honda and has a powertrain warranty till 100k so the leak is getting fixed free. I don't think the prior owner knew about the warranty.

    $900 isn't bad. Did they say the tank fills up the rest of the trunk?
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    I just got the owners manual and GX shop manual supliments. It appears that the 98-00 GX's only have one fuel filter near the tank on the underside of the car.

    If anyone needs info from the shop manual let me know and I will post it.
  • cheapdudecheapdude Posts: 2
    He said the trunk is pretty much gone after adding the 2nd tank. He said, "but you can still fit in a pack of cigarettes"
  • moore101moore101 Posts: 39
    hah nice. Are the cig's to perform a leak test ;-)
  • I am very interested in purchasing a GX, especially since there is a refueling station a couple blocks from my work. I have a few concerns though. Most of the stations listed in the San Fernando Valley seem to require a SoCalGas Card to purchase gas even though they are listed as "Public Access". I tried calling the 800 number to the Southern California Gas Co and the rep I spoke to didn't even know that they had CNG refueling stations- much less how to get one of these payment cards. Does anyone have any experience using these stations and how they managed to get one of these payment cards? Also what price per "gallon" could I expect in the Glendale area? Shouldn't the Gas Company be promoting this technology- or at least training their employees that it exists?

    Will the 2006 models have any significant upgrades? I was very diasappointed looking over the GX brochure in that Honda charges almost a thousand dollars more for the GX versus the Hybrid, but they don't provide any of the extras that are standard on the Hybrid- ie Leather trimmed seats, Electronic Brake Distribution, 4 speakers instead of 2, Hybrid exclusive color, blue lit instrument panel... Seems odd that they would charge more for the GX over the Hybrid- which has a much more complex drivetrain and very expensive batteries and motors, and then not even offer the same features. Will Honda get serious with the GX in 2006 by either reducing the price or giving it exclusive features like their other premium priced Hybrid?
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    The City of Glendale has a fuel station available to the public. It does require a SoCalGas Card. You can apply for one with Bill Torres, (213) 244-5215. The prices per GGE vary quite a bit depending on the station. The most expensive and most consumer-friendly seem to be the Clean Energy stations. Last time I philled up over at LAX it cost $2.14 per GGE. Down in Long Beach at a SoCalGas station it was $1.59. I haven't used the station over in Glendale so I don't know what the price is over there.

    I don't know what the plans for the next model year are, but I think the GX is a better vehicle than the HX. Natural gas is cheaper than gasoline, especially when it's from your home gas line. I also think home refueling is such a huge convenience they should make a bigger point about it when marketing the GX. The last time I bought gas at Costco I waited in line for 20 minutes. Also, the emissions from the GX are lower than from the HX, and it's a less complicated vehicle. I would have liked leather seats too, but I'm very happy about the political statement I'm making by not buying gasoline anymore.
  • I completely agree with you that the GX is better than gasoline powered hybrids. I just wish Honda felt the same way. It seems like all the car companies are pushing costly hybrid technology when natural gas is far cleaner, cheaper, simpler, and has the added benefit of being domestically produced and not contributing to US reliance on middle east oil.

    Hybrids seem to add a lot of complexity (read- more things to break down) for a minimal 23% increase in economy. Couldn't they achieve 47 mpg just by improving the engine? Am I mistaken in thinking there were cars getting 50 mpg back in the 80's? Plus when gas prices go up to 4.00 a gallon (and higher) you're still stuck using gasoline. Until America stops being infatuated with SUV's and China stops becoming industrialized I don't see gasoline getting cheaper. So what's the automakers solution- Hybrid SUV's! So now you can get the same 29 mpg from your Ford SUV as you can from your full size Crown Victoria! Pure stupidity. Does anybody honestly believe these 2000.00 battery packs will last for 7+ years? Much less retain even 50% of their capacity. I have yet to own a battery (lead acid, ni-cad, nickel metal hydide, lithium ion) that lasted more than 3 years.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I am in complete agreement with all you posted. It is amazing that more car companies don't sell CNG vehicles. Many of the taxi's in San Diego are CNG. Is the Civic GX the only factory produced CNG car available to the general public?
    I was going to convert my 1993 Chevy truck and the company went out of business a few years back. I like the duel fuel idea even better. For those times you may not be close to a station or your home fueling station. Has anyone with a PHILL installed calculated the cost difference by refueling at home?
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