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Volvo C70 Convertible - 2006 and Newer



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes, the dealer should know approx. where your car is.
    However, Volvo doesn't always update the system. There are plenty of times where a car shows up at the dealer and the report still shows PORT status.
    Likewise, a car can stay in Port status for days, if there is an upgrade being performed.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Curious what folks are told about delivery dates for '07 models. I put a deposit on a C70 in Dec '05 and moved my order to an '07. The dealer said they still can't enter my order (probably by the end of this month).
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    I have a confirmed Oversees Delivery date of September 7th, for a 2007 model C70. While that obviously doesn't include shipping time, it does reasonably assure that 2007's will be rolling off the Uddevalla plant before that date. So October delivery dates at least to the east coast are certainly probable.

    FYI - We have had a September 2006 (for a 2007 Model) OSD slot since we placed our order in November 2005.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    shipping time to the east coast is approx 4 weeks from the time you drop the car off at the port in Europe.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    dealers have 07 allocation now.
    Your dealer may have filled his available spaces.
    Figure deliveries to the US between Oct 06 and Jan 07 for the first batch of cars.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    What kind of MPG are you folks seeing?

    any option you wish you'd purchased that you didn't?

    any add-on that you love?
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Max, do you know when they will start the build of the '07s. thanks.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    First 07's will be built starting the end of July.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Anyone have or can post a picture of a flint grey and off black interior C70
  • madon1madon1 Posts: 6
    I can, but can't do it tonight. Will post in a couple of days.
  • My MPG is low end (city driving) - 17-18 mpg and high end (high way a little over speed limit) - 26-27 mpg - mostly i avg probably 23-24 - i do love the stereo system - wish i would have gotten the premium package with the heated seats and the rain sensor - i have the headlight washers but the rain sensor i think would be really nice to have -
    Other than that - love the car - i already have about 4500 miles on it - hard to keep it in the garage.
  • Actually the 07's have been in production for over three weeks. I was at the plant in Uddevalla on June 29th and they had built over 1200, and I had the opportunity to see mine after it came off the assembly line. They are producing approximately 90 cars a day at this factory.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Hi Max, couple of questions (1) do you know when dealers will be allowed to enter orders for the '07s and (2) do you know if the pricing is out for the '07s and where I can find it. :shades:
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The Euro del units and Euro spec units are being built now. Most of the regular US units won't begin for a few weeks.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Hi Max, couple of questions (1) do you know when dealers will be allowed to enter orders for the '07s and (2) do you know if the pricing is out for the '07s and where I can find it.

    We are ordering 07's now.
    However, you must have 07's allocated in order to place an order.

    Dealers have the 07 pricing, base price went up $380.
  • cdk2cdk2 Posts: 19
    I was under the impression (from my local dealer, and previous posts on this board) that the plant in Sweden that is manufacturing the C70 shuts down for the entire month of July. Not true?
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Thanks Max for answering my recent questions. One more, Has Volvo learned anything from the production of the '06 C70 that they are fixing or replacing on the '07. Has there been any issues with the '06's thanks. :sick:
  • pf57pf57 Posts: 5
    Not sure if you saw my post last week, but my C70 has two pretty nasty ring-shaped stains on the cover behind the back seat. They are from the petroleum-based bumpers that are under the trunk and rest on the cover when the top is closed. My dealer is replacing both the cover and bumpers tomorrow and they tell me that Volvo has just discovered this problem on all of the C70s. They are trying a new type of bumper that shouldn't leave a stain.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There is one update being applied to the 06 cars in the port.
    There is a foam cushion being installed in the roofs to keep the roof cAbles from rattling.

    Otherwise, aside from some equipment differences, its the same car.
    The ring issue some people have mentioned seems to be a hit or miss phenomenon. None of our cars seems to have it.

    The factory will indeed be closing, soon if it hasn't already. Generally closes for 3-4 weeks.
  • VolvoMax -
    What are the equipment differences - '06 vs. '07?
    Are there different options/packages too?
    If they are correcting the roof cable issue, why are they not also correcting the aforementioned "ring" issue?
    Do they perform the corrections at the port or at the dealer?
    Are there Volvo tecnichians at the ports?
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