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  • jsvhjsvh Posts: 14
    Hello I'm John. I have a 2005 Silver Streak Mica Scion tC 5-speed. The only option I got was floor mats. I love this car. I can not ask for a single thing more for the price of this car. I hope everyone else loves this car as much as I do.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Greetings! I am Gene, owner of a Black Cherry auto tC. My custom plate for this rig is "BING" because of the colour. I went auto because I plan to keep the car until they haul me to "the home." The only accessories I purchased were: mats; wheel locks; door sills (because I didn't realize how good the stock items were); mud guards; and cargo net. I picked these items because they are easy DIY items and partznet saved me over $200. I am VERY anal about detailing so the car is done about every two weeks. (Washed at least once per week.) Oh! I also had Classic Soft Trim install opal leather and heated seats. (pics available)
  • I'm Terry and I've got a black 5-speed tC. Had it three months - waited 6 weeks. NO regrets! Got the floor mats and cargo liner two months after purchase. Will likely get the mud guards at some point but for now, I'm happy. I only have 1800 miles logged. No problems at all, other than hating the super long throw of the clutch. I'm one happy camper!
  • Hi,

    I'm Joe and I have an Azure Pearl automatic. I opted for Wheel Locks, Carpet Mats, and Mudgaurds. I also had Katzkin black leather installed. The leather is definately worth the investment.
  • My name is Michael. I bought my White 5-speed TC the week the car came out. So far, I have about 3400 miles on the car. The car drives great. Sometimes when I look at the car, it just amazes me on how tight it is. The only option I have is Floor Mats. I also put on a nice pair of tints.
  • Hey there people! My name's Joon and I am a proud owner of a Scion Azure Pearl tC that I picked up three days ago with one mile on the odometer (and after waiting eight weeks(!!) since ordering it. It's manual and the only options I got were the floor mats and the side airbags. I've not had the third gear / transmission problem nor the roof glass popping noise. And yes, I have to grumble a bit about the long throw of the clutch... considering I'm only 5'6" and now have the seat pulled all the way up to reach it. damn, the car makes me feel short (but then again it makes up for it in other ways). God, I love this car... what an upgrade this is from a Toyota Paseo 95!
  • I was waiting for this road test from Edmunds! Take a look-see if you're interested in the Scion tC. It's well-researched, has lots of detail and lots of tC information. Looks to be a great car at a great price!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Hi, I'm Tony the soon to be owner of a 05 TC - projected delivery date is Nov. 26th !!! Can't wait .. I ordered Indigo Ink (blue) with fog lights, spoiler, floor mats, 6 disk changer, bumper protector, and window tint to 50 % on driver and passanger, and 30% on rear windows..

    Can't wait until I can pick it up !!!
  • Scott checking in from Springfield, MO....

    I've had my Absolutely Red xA now for about a week and I love it! My Explorer Sport Trac will be in Wednesday's paper for sale and my gas bill just got cut in half!

    I drive down the road with a smile on my face everyday now. Simply a fun car to drive.
  • Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • HI, I'm buying my xB at the end of the month in blue. Q. Has anyone gotten a crash test results for the xB? Also, did anyone add the after market turbo? Does it work? Lastly, any shops in LA that specialize in xB after market parts?

  • Tony here, Have 6500 miles on my Black Cherry auto. I no longer fight with the wife over who gets the Lexus. I love this car. Has exceeded my every expectation. Yet to get less than 28.5 MPG (lot of hwy diving,55-70 mph.

    Nothing out there can beat this car at this price. Only option was the auto-dimming mirror-Can't live without it. Will begin to add little things as time goes on, but truly, it does not require any add-ons.
  • I am getting my blue xB anyday now also. What options did you get?
  • Bought one in Flint Mica in October 2004 - could not be happier with the car! I only added a security system and floor/cargo mats. Read the "problem" forums and it's like most of those people were either expecting too much or are driving a different car because I have had no issues what so ever! Got exactly what I expected - and am very happy. Nice to see the tC being worked into the Scion ads now, too - though if we get too many out there mine won't turn as many heads as it does now. Seeing a ton of xB's and xA's on the road, too.
  • I own a black cherry Xb and wanna join a club. My name is Manny and I'm 19 yrs old. Im from Elizabeth New Jersey and i would like to meet up with anyone who has some information. u can email me at
    ps. Even help me find parts less expensive than the dealers.

    Hope someone can help me Thank you.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • tonylexustonylexus Posts: 94
    Read your long term review. I have 7400 miles on my tC and have had zero problems or complaints of any kind - I am even pleasantly surprised by it's performance in snow. There are a few preferential items I would change (most notably control knobs instead of buttons) but overall I find much more I would consider 'upscale' in a $17k car than things I would classify as cheap (plastic).

    What really amazed me was the MPG reported. I have yet to get less than 28 MPG. Yes, it includes a lot of 45 - 70 MPH hwy driving, but a fair amount of suburban traffic as well - and I check with every tank-full. Stricly freeway trips have yielded up to 33 MPG.

    I would also like to know why you paid for an oil change when the first 3 are free. Maybe I have a 'freak' but I'll take another one just like it any day of the week.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    you seem to be the gas mileage exception. Do you have the 5-speed or auto. tranny?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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