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Scion Owners: Meet the Members



  • br134br134 Posts: 2
    I do not get good gas mileage from my scion. down to 23mpg in city???
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Change your air cleaner element. Something most people don't even think about. Very important to at least knock the chunks out of it but better to replace with high quality cleaner element. Then check it every few thousand miles. Will make huge difference. :)
  • br134br134 Posts: 2
    thank you. I have a new air filter, but I will see about a new element.
  • My name is Manny I have a 2006.5 Salsa Red xB I'm new to this site but I'm on Club xb, scionlife and am a member of Scion Evolution. I just found this site and there is alot of good reading on here. Well that's it for now. Manny
  • Hello there, my name is Bill and I have a 2008 Blackberry Crush xB and I love it. How are we all doing??
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    I thought I posted in here already; guess not. lol

    My name is Andrea but you can call me "Andee." I live in Southeast Wisconsin. I currently own a '07 CSM tC. I bought him brand new back in Nov '06 which I traded in '06 SSM xA. I have put on over 100k miles already. It's great car! He doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. He is maintained well while being modded. Last weekend, I went to a Chicagoland Carmax for appraisal. They labeled him as TRD edition tC? Because of his TRD suspension and exhaust LOL So if anyone wants to fire questions about Scion-TRD parts...I'm your gal!

    These cars are like wine...They get finer when aged. :D
  • Scion / Toyota / Lexus One Love Week-End
    When: Oct 9 2009 – Oct 11 2009
    Where: Fort Walton Beach Fla
    Sponsored By: Quality Imports Scion/Toyota

    Charity: Camp Skamp
    Hotel: Emerald Coast Inn & Suites
    1214 U.S Hwy 98 E
    Fort Walton Beach,
    Fla 32548
    Call in to book your room 1-800-408-2200 or 850-243-5563
    Cost of rooms: $65.00
    Please let them know you are with the One Love Weekend.
    Please book your room ASAP. They only have 60 rooms at that Hotel. They are holding all of them for us until Aug 13. After Aug 13 you can still get the rooms for that price but they want be holding them. It will be 1st come 1st serve.
    The beach is across the street.

    One Love Kick Off Party and Cook-Out
    Friday Oct 9 2009
    6pm - 8pm
    At Quality Imports
    1006 Beal Parkway NW
    Fort Walton, Fla 32547
    There will be free food, music and a lot of fun. You will also get a sneak peek on the Auction and raffle items for Saturday. You will get a chance to
    Pre-registers for Saturday’s show and get a special goodie bag.

    Saturday Oct 10 2009
    Location: The Track Family Recreation Center in Destin, Florida
    One Love Poker Run, Car Show

    11am – Poker Run ($5.00 Fee)
    12pm-2pm – Registration and Start Selling Raffle Tickets at 12pm
    DJ starts at 12:30pm
    Food starts at 1pm
    Start calling out Raffle Tickets at 1:30. Call out Raffle tickets every 30-minutes
    Judging 2pm-4pm
    Auction 3:00pm
    Trophies 5pm (Right After Auction)

    Sunday Oct 11 2009
    Thank You Breakfast
    Around the Hotel Pool

    For more info please call Tammy Bradley 205-821-4819 or email

    All Scion, Toyota and Lexus owners and clubs are welcome. We also welcome other brands of cars.
    To pre-register for the event please send your info to
    Cell phone
    How many mods do you have?
  • katsmom729katsmom729 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 xB. Love it!!! But I am getting over a 100K miles on it now. My gas mileage was 40 mpg hiway when I purchased it. It has been decreasing a little along. I have used gas treatment to clean injectors, changed my spark plugs, and changed my air filter. What am I missing or does this happen with high mileage?
  • xbowner08xbowner08 Posts: 1
    I'm the owner of a Toyota Scion xb limited addition car 1 of 2500 made. My story starts a few months ago.
    I know the Scion is not on the recall list but it should be. My family i was on the freeway and we had a blow out at about 65 miles per hr. it was a very scary thing to happen. I hit my head and had head ache for a while. I contacted my Toyota dealer they told me to bring it in at this time my car only had about 15,000 miles on it. The tire seemed to be defective but they made us pay $70.00 to replace it. When we shouldn't have payed anything. We did and went on our mary way. Just recently I took my can in for it's 25.000 mile check up and was told my car is not safe to drive I asked is there something wrong with my car. I was told it is not safe to drive and got no answer about what really is wrong with my vehicle. They said they was in contact with the manufacture and we need to keep your car because it is not safe. They said if they can't release our car they will give us a loner. I went back to the dealer ship and talked to the certified Toyota mechanic and was shocked with what he said. He showed me my tires while the car was on the rack. Three of my tires are warn out. My car is to new for this to be happening. He told me that he has seen this same pattern on other Scion xb's and that hopefully Toyota can come up with a solution to fix all the other Scion xb's this is very dangerous because Scion xb owner have no idea that there car is unsafe.
    By the way I have all this on tape I decided to record my visit to the dealership. I know Toyota is having their problems but they have not come clean with all the cars that they have in there dealership. After hearing what I have heard about the Scion xb l know that my car will never be safe and I don't feel safe in that car any more. My family rides in that car I've had my grand kids in that car and now to find out that this car is not safe I'm very disappointed in Toyota for keeping this info to themselves and not sharing this with us , we trusted them., yet again there still hiding stuff which keeps us driving unsafe vehicles even after being caught being deceptive.. They have jeopardize me and my whole family I'm very mad and don't want that car. That day on the free- way we almost lost our lives it's not a good feeling. The Toyota mechanic that gave us this info on Toyota was just doing his job and I thank him because when I ask him is their something wrong with me car I could see the manager shaking his head no to the mechanic (deceptive). This is what he wanted the mechanic to tell me but he did not. Then manager went home but when my wife and i came back to retrieve a loner vehicle( because they told us it was unsafe to drive our vehicle) the manager was not there , so my wife asked if she can see the tires and take footage of it. He told us the truth about other scion xb 's that were having the same issues, and that the Manufacture is aware of it and hopefully they will come up with a solution for all xd owners. I'm so glad he told us the truth. I did mention that i have explosive new video proving that Toyota knows about it and are still not warning Scion xb special addition owners about this dangerous issue about a totally different vehicle not the accelerator problems in other vehicle. This is totally new explosive video of my visit. I also want to turn it into the media, But i'm still trying to determine what is the best course of action for my family.
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