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Scion Accessories & Modifications

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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Talk about accessories and mods here!

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  • I opted for mudguards, wheel locks, floor mats, and a black Katzkin leather interior for my Azure Pearl.
  • Anyone know if TRD is going to offer the 300 HP modification that I heard about on the TC. I was at my dealer yesterday, and they said that the Supercharger that would bump the car to 200 HP won't be available until Spring.
  • Hmm the only accessory I am thinking about is the front bra / two piece cover... I've already had two rocks hit my bumper / hood driving on the highway...
  • xbbxxbbx Posts: 2
    Does the optional strut bar really enhance performance? What does it do?
  • xbbxxbbx Posts: 2
    Wow. That sounds great. That is the only thing the XB is really lacking is a little more horsepower.
  • I heard the AEM cold air induction for the xA adds about 15 horsepowers, but does anyone know how much the gas mileage suffers from its use?
  • Hi Everybody,

    I am beginning to get really annoyed with the Pioneer stereo in my Scion. When I listen to bass-heavy music (from electronic to jazz), my speakers rattle. Although the Scion boasts "DSP sound/3 equalizer" I mostly use the FEEL option because I think that gives the music the most depth. I don't turn my music up loud, nor do I pump my bass, but even @ -5, I still have rattling. How can I stop it? I don't need anything extravagant, but I just want a system comparable to the standard Toyota system. Are my speakers loose, do I need different speakers (comes with 6 including 2 tweeters, 160 watt max), a woofer, different tweeters?
  • gtwgtw Posts: 46
    Try the xB mode on the radio instead of the tC. Huge difference in sound quality.
  • You shouldn't hear any rattling. I'd suggest you take it to the dealer and have them check it out.

    I haven't had any issues w/mine.
  • Is it true that the biggest wheels we can put on our TC's is 19x8? Not even 19x8.5?
  • tlcmantlcman Posts: 220
    Cold Air Intakes may ad 5 horse power (people love to streach this number, but Dynos dont lie) and posibly 15 if coupled with a new exahust, typicly, gas milage does not suffer but will improve, depending on how often you want to hear that deap thraoty engine sound that you didnt have with the stock filter box. I love the sound of Cold Air Intakes. People dont understand that the eisier you engine can breathe (IE free flow exahust, Cold Air Intake, turbo/ superchager) the easier it can breathe the easier it can make power and the more efficient it becomes... (obviously the turbo and Super chager take some of the effeicency away), but just a Cold air intake will increase you MPG
  • How much do Cold Air Intakes run for tC's? Where can i find em?
  • tlcmantlcman Posts: 220

    go there and select the Scion tC, there is a list on the side, you can take it from there. That site will give you many companies that should fit on your tC. Watch youll find yourself dinking around in the turbos page... hahaha go ahead they have them, and yes they will fit on the tC... its just how mutch you want to spend.

    Another thing, is the stock filter box on most any cars are very restrictive, they are designed to be noise killers so that you have that "quiet ride" that soccer moms love, but tunners hate. One trick Ive seen tuners do is drill holes in the stock filter box below the filter so the air can get in easily but still be filtered, then they throw a K&N high flow filter replacemnt in and they have a very cheap short ram intake (similar to cold air) It sounds just like one too, but you only buy the new filter element. I thought it was pretty clever.
  • Anyone know where I can get an after market cruise control installed in the San Diego area. What can I expect to pay. Is it something I can do with a moderate amount of mech. skills?
  • I just picked up my tC yesterday, but my dealer didn't have the optional door sills. Do most other dealers have these? How hard is installation, if I choose to do it myself?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Cruise control is standard on tC.
                  : )
  • digyadigya Posts: 2
    How does the xa handle in snow, ice & heavy rain?
  • tlcmantlcman Posts: 220
    ask in the xA boards.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter would like to talk with anyone fitting the following profile...."I'd love to find some folks who've modified their own rides. I'm particularly interested in people who've done this for the first time and were driven to do it, at least in part, from watching a tv show like Pimp My Ride, Overhaulin' or something similar. I'm looking for average drivers who are just discovering that they can personalize their rides. I'm not as interested in the traditional tuner crowd who've been doing this for years."


    If you have a story to share, please send your name, daytime contact info and a line or two about your vehicle to by Wednesday, December 29, 2004.
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