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Scion Accessories & Modifications



  • americas tire/ discount tires website has a calculator for wheel sizes...should cover 17's and 18's.
  • hey, did anyone notice that "" has a new subwoofer box for the xb?
    it goes under the floor next to the spare. i think it is a great idea and nothing visible for a theif to see. i am thinking about buying one to add a little bass to my system and it won't compromise any space :shades:
    box is made by "scosche".
  • I have seen lots of people mentioned after market cruise control. Can anyone provide more information about where to find and install one? Is dealer the only choice?
  • there are currently three listed on ebay , price is @ $170
  • Love the car. 5speed, Silver. Has anybody put on the front strut bar? What do you think? Big improvement, is it worth the money.
  • I'm interested in a cold air intake for my new '06 tC. I've found three brands so far, but can't find any clear differences/comparisons > K & N, AEM and INJEN...

    I like the K & N blue option (my tC is azure pearl), but...

    Can anyone offer some clarifications - which one should I get? :confuse:
  • Hi...I got my xB yesterday. Happy camper here, the car is great in Thundercloud Metallic. Anyway, winter is here and I can not find the rubber mats for the xB. Did anyone buy these before ? ;)
  • mssmss Posts: 12
    Just picked up my Silver 06 tC and I'm loving it. I'm not sure but I think I got Sirius Satellite for free. I ordered the car with the upgraded iPod Intergration kit for $260 and on the way home I stumbled across the fact that I'm receiving Sirius. No where within all the instruction manuals does it mention that I'm supposed to have this. Within the iPod Ingreation manual, there is a mention about how to subscribe to XM. My questions are:

    1) Do you think this was a mistake by the dealer
    2) How long is the subscription that comes with that option
    3) Where do I find the ID/ESN if I want to renew the subscription

  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    I got the iPod-ready Pioneer radio option on my 2006 xB (purchased 8-1-05). The little cable that plugs into the floor (next to the gear shift) and then into the bottom of the iPod is too short to let the iPod sit anywhere but in the little tray next to the parking brake. I'd like to be able to keep my iPod in the flip-up armrest storage space. I'm looking for either a longer cable to replace the one that comes with the radio, or an extension cable that would plug into the iPod at one end and onto the Pioneer cable at the other (in other words, it would have an iPod configuration plug at each end, but one would be male and one would be female). I've checked everywhere: Pioneer, Scion, Radio Shack, Crutchfield, Monster name it. Has anyone else with the iPod-ready Pioneer radio found a solution to this? I hate having the iPod sitting on the floor or in the brake tray.
  • you can find them on ebay
  • that is a real tuffy, usually you can get those at radio shack. however you won't see it online, you have to physically go in and match them up. :surprise:
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Thanks...yeah, I've checked in a couple of the Radio Shacks here; no luck.
  • you get a month free with the purchace of that option... you can find the esn of the radio on channel one
  • Just picked up my Xb today, looking at options to upgrade does anyone know of any web sites that are especially good to look at for the Xb...
    thanks :shades:
  • check "" & " also, ebay has a pretty good selection... :shades:
  • I just bought a xA w/manual trans. I added the AEM cold air induction from the factory. I get between 36-39 MPG on the car. It souns great and did add a little zip!
  • Was looking on EBAY for xA add-ons and found a resistor that you add and it states that it increases horsepower by 20. It fools the engine to think it's running at 54 degrees. Has anybody tried out this plug-in? How does it impact gas mileage /warrantee?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    I didn't know the factory offered a CAI. Where did you see that? Maybe they don't offer it in California?

    How much was it with installation?


  • I have seen awesome pics of xB's with wheels that "stick-out" about an inch from the wheel well. I want to create this look with my xB. Does anyone know the maximum offset without causing rubbing inside the wheel well? Or does anyone know where I can find this info... I have tried and several other websites with no luck :cry:

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    That's a dynamic issue, not a measurement issue, so you'll have to find a shop willing to mount and swap tires and wheels for you until you get the right combo from road testing. On an offset, the clearance is dependent on the compliance of your suspension, not the wheel opening so much. If you see an xB with an offset, you have to find out if they've stiffened the springs or not and if you can live with the ride when they do that.


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