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Scion Care and Maintenance



  • miamaxmiamax Posts: 5
    Hi XB fans,
    question for ya, I recently purchased a used 2005 XB and LOVE the little is a second vehicle that me and pets love..however since I now own two vehicles it's a tight fit in the garage and recently I snagged the bumper while trying to fit into the garage..any pointers on repairing a scratch to the front bumper without having to completely :( replace? it's a clean straight line...thanks all,
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Order a touch up paint stick in your color from here:
  • it doesn't look like like i can get to them without removing the exhaust manifold. my hands aren't that small. there's gotta be an easier way? anyone have any suggestions?
  • awesome!thank you so much. :)
  • My 2006 Scion xA leaks every time it rains. Does anyone else have the following problem or a solution to it? Toyota/Scion of Berkeley, CA and the factory field technician certainly don't! This is the 7th time I've taken it in since March 2006, 6 weeks after purchasing the car.

    Water enters the driver's side door and dribbles onto the floor when it rains. The water accumulates on the outside of the door sill and makes its way into the car. Water entry is documented by placing newspaper on the floor, flush against the base of the door sill.

    At first Toyota/Scion denied there was a problem because they couldn't duplicate it. It leaked for me but not for them when they did the hose test. Maddening & frustrating.
    Recently they finally determined that water enters when the car is on a slight slope towards the street gutter. The slope is only 5 degrees, following the camber of the street.
    The door seals have been replaced twice. The car still leaks.
    A vapor barrier was installed in the door. The car still leaks.
    Carpeting was replaced after intial complaint -- soaked & moldy. The car still leaks.
    The A/C is not the cause of the problem. The car still leaks.
    The dealership & Scion claim nobody else has this problem. My car still leaks.

    This car is a LEMON & Toyota/Scion are incapable of fixing the problem.

    I'm sick & tired of this situation & being given the runaround by a bunch of incompetents.

    Thanks for listening, Tinkuy
  • sciescie Posts: 2
    I'm experiencing the same problem with my 2006 xA except the leak is on the passenger side. I've had it at the dealership 3 times and they replaced the door seals but it's still leaking in the same area. I also called Scion directly but they haven't heard of this problem before. It's currently at the dealership to be fixed yet again. One technician suggested that it might be coming from the side mirror gasket which is put on at the dealership after it arrives from the manufacturer. I will let you know if/when/how they repair it.
  • Several months ago I called the Scion dealer that I bought the XB from and asked about flushing the fluids. The service department stated that the Scion recommendation is at 100K miles for both flushes. That seems like bad info to me after reading the posts here, and will probably prevent me from taking the XB into a Scion dealer for service.
    The mechanic on Motorweek (PBS TV) also stated that Toyota is recommending those fluids be flushed on their vehicles every 24K miles. Does anybody know the correct spec on these flushes?
    I have 55K on my '05 Box and will probably get BG flushes and the 60K service at independant garages in the next month.
  • albsalbs Posts: 4
  • albsalbs Posts: 4
  • When I had my sub put in at Toy I also had them check the alignment. It seems the car, even though brand new, feels like it wants to drift LEFT most of the time (drivers side). I checked the tire pressure and they were all maxxed at 44psi. I reduced it all around to 32 but it did little good. Toy said the xB is perfectly "in specs" and the alignment wasn't even necessary. But it is tiring on my hands while driving to constantly be correcting the direction by holding or nudging the wheel to the right. Any ideas on what could be the problem? On the straightest of straight roads, admittedly the xB feels fairly spot on, but on real world roads I feel as though I have to practically hold the sterring wheel to the right, which like I said is very tiring after 8 hours. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    It would seem that if it were the "roads" at any rate sometimes it would drift right or left but I have about an 85% (of the time) left drift, while only rarely will the xB drift right. Am I imagining all this? Any one else have anything similar to this? Something just doesn't feel right.
  • I don't but you have to admit they are just cheap plastic. I leaned on it once to get something on the floor and you could just feel the thing wincing.
  • I would take it to your Scion dealer and ask them to check all of the front end parts. If they say they've already done that then ask them what they think it could be. A new Scion xB shouldn't pull to the side like that.

    I think it may be a bad tire or something off-kilter with one of your tires. Just having one tire with less or more air in it can cause the problem you're describing. Go to your dealer for this-they're responsible for making it right for you.

    We're paying a lot of money for our new cars and even though Kia's and Scion's and Mitsubishi's are low cost automobiles(generally)we are paying enough for them to expect a decent riding rig. Go get it fixed and please report back what the problem was so we can all learn what needed to be done to correct it, OK?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • A crazy thing is to; I was felt put on the spot by them, being told "well, you are entitled to one free alignment at up to 20k miles, do you want to use it now?" The car HAD 500 miles on it when we were discussing the problem! Should that really count towards my one free alignment? It's not like it was something I had done to the car by putting miles on it etc, it seems it came this way.
  • concerned about the problem and try to take care of it. It shouldn't pull to one side like that.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • scie: please let me know if rain leak has been diagnosed and/or fixed. My 2006 xA has started leaking again. The seals were replaced again in Nov. & it's been a dry winter until now. All it takes is steady rain & a slight tilt to the right for water to come in through the base of the driver's side door.

    Scion is FULL of crap about not having "heard of this problem before." They've been giving me the runaround for a year now. Good luck.
  • belle5belle5 Posts: 3
    I LOVE my Xa. Except, it recently started (or I finally noticed) that the incoming fresh air through the vents is quite a bit warmer than the outside air, even when the temp is set to the coldest setting. At first I thought it was my imagination, but this evening it was pretty clear that the air blowing in was MUCH warmer than the outside air. Even when the fan is turned off, the "drift" air is uncomfortably warm at times, and I don't necessarily want to turn on the a/c (and the fan) when it's cool outside. Anyone else seen this?
  • belle5belle5 Posts: 3
    Have you ever seen I went to and typed in "Scion Xa repair problems" and found references on to TSB's for the leaking problem (evaporative drain hose?) and the "pulling to the side" problem. In fact, my dealer gives alignment checks and free alignments -- so someone realizes some of these things are real problems. My 2006 Xa has weird ventilation problems -- it doesn't seem able to pull in outside fresh air. No luck on my first attempt with the dealer. Stay tuned. Hope you can get some help and some answers. I love this little car, but the weird problems can suck the fun out of it. Take care.
  • tinkuytinkuy Posts: 7
    Toyota finally acknowleged my leaking 2006 xA is a :lemon:
    Too many attempts to repair it & no resolution.
    Toyota is repurchasing the vehicle (full price) since the xA has gone out of production.
    I'm glad to be getting rid of the car. It's been a giant headache.
  • infaelinfael Posts: 1
    How can I change wiper blades on my Scion xB?


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