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Scion Care and Maintenance



  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    You can either buy new rubbers and slide them into the blades, which is cheaper but more time-consuming, or buy complete new blades and clip them into the wiper arms.
  • svolochsvoloch Posts: 1
    Hi, I am currently experiencing loud banging noises when i drive across my rear. It appears that my front wheels have a coating on the body metal above the wheels but my rear ones don't. Would anyone happen to have any clue of what this substance is called? Or maybe another way of preventing this noise and/or sealing the exposed metal?
  • lenzailenzai Posts: 7
    Is there a way you can take a pic of ur front and rear wheels? I want to see what it is.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    What does driving across your rear mean?
    Are you saying your rear tires have rubbed the factory mastic undercoating off the rear wheel wells?
    What size wheels and tires do you have, and has anyone modified your suspension?
  • belle5belle5 Posts: 3
    WoW. I'm glad you got some kind of resolution. What did you get for a replacement car? Take care.
  • tinkuytinkuy Posts: 7
    Toyota is buying back the :lemon: for the full price. I ordered a Toyota Matrix XR back on Feb. 23. No new car yet. The dealer says they can't get a red stickshift. And so far they haven't found me a black stickshift either. So I'm still driving the :lemon: and completely sick of the situation.
  • lenzailenzai Posts: 7
    I was wondering if there are any xA owners out there (other than myself) who get shock all the times when they exit their vehicle? Every time when I fully got out of the car and touch the door (to close it), I got a big shock from it. I was wondering if this is the way I drive, the area I live in, or just my xA? Does anyone know how to prevent a shock like that? Thanks!
  • albsalbs Posts: 4
    i get the same thing and i live in altoona pa. when it is damp out it does not happen, only when it is dry. :shades: :shades:
  • albsalbs Posts: 4
    look up 2008 model scions. i like the looks of the 2007 and older xa. :mad:
  • sciescie Posts: 2
    I'm glad to hear Toyota finally decided to buy back your xA since they jerked you around long enough. After 6 trips to my dealership to resolve the leak problem they finally fixed it. A field engineer installed and reconfigured a new vapor barrier and the leaking has stopped. Should there be any more problems the case manager at Scion said they'll have to replace the car. I wish you better luck with your new Matrix!
  • tinkuytinkuy Posts: 7
    Glad to hear your water entry problems were solved. Do keep a close eye on it. My xA continues to leak intermittently after several attempts to fix it. It sounds as if Toyota FINALLY acknowledges that some Scions are leaking :lemon: s. Obviously we're not the only cases.

    What new Matrix????? I'm still being jerked around by Toyota. I ordered a Matrix on Feb. 23rd. Nothing yet. Now the dealer tells me they'll order a new car from the factory in May, and it won't arrive until sometime in June.

    This has really turned into a farce!
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Where is this vapor barrier?
    Is it the plastic sheet inside the door that keeps the cardboard door panel dry?
    So if this plastic sheet is not installed just right, water also gets out of the door and into the car?
  • lingnanlingnan Posts: 7
    Hello everyone,

    I am currently is in market for a new Scion xB. Since they are not making no more new model except for 2008, can any one spare the time and tell me whether i should buy the 2006 model or wait for the new 2008 which has bigger engine and different appearance.
    Thank you for your input, regardless. Besides, you folks are hosting a nice forum here.

  • tinkuytinkuy Posts: 7
    The vapor barrier, as I understand it, is that Tyvek-like material inside the structure of the door. My suspicion is that the leaking problem in xAs goes far beyond the vapor barrier & door & window seals, since Toyota attempted to fix those items repeatedly in my vehicle and the damn car still leaks. Must be some fundamental design flaw.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "...Since they are not making no more new model except for 2008, can any one spare the time and tell me whether i should buy the 2006 model or wait for the new 2008 which has bigger engine and different appearance."

    They are completely different cars in size, power, appearance, and the 2008 is about $1500 more. Since you apparently do not already have a particular need or preference for the smaller 2006, and since the 2006 is now "take what you can find", you may as well order a 2008 they way you like it.
  • lingnanlingnan Posts: 7
    Thank you for your suggestion. Deeply appreciated.
  • lingnanlingnan Posts: 7
    I went in and test drove the 2008 xB today and find it lot more pleasing, especially the redesigning of the dash and gear shifter which also comes with sequential shifting.
    It has a lot of pull when putting your foot of the paddle and the 4 wheel disc brakes are so responsive.
    Unfortunate thing is the model I drove today has a lot of upgrade, i.e. steel wheels and sport package. So, I have to get my hands on the basic automatic again, when its available which, according to the salesman, will be another 10 days wait. (Originally, he called me yesterday afternoon about the silver with auto, and basic that I want him to contact me. But when we were there, he said it was sold yesterday w/o informing me. I was little unhappy about that, because its 30 miles from my house.)
    Overall, this is a better and improved model, at least to my standard because I'm more incline with bigger engine cars. Just as we were coming home from the dealer, this absent minded driver, merged right into my lane w/o even looking. Lucky I have a powerful engine to haul away from his path. Another reason that a bigger engine can provide escape from situation.
    But, I don't think this car is suitable for younger drivers, if they are not experienced with such engine size. It really gets up and go. But the lucky thing is the 4 wheel disc brakes plays a compensating role.
    In any event, this is a totally different car as you have mentioned to me earlier and its curb appeal is even better than the old model.
  • sbrown4sbrown4 Posts: 1
    Hi All, I'm another one. I have a leak too. It's on my passenger side. Similar, if not the same, problem as was describe in a previous email: "Water . . . dribbles onto the floor. . . It accumulates on the sill & makes it's way into the car." If it rains hard enough, I can have a puddle on the floor.

    One of the previous writer said it seems to happen when the car is at an angle of 5 degrees or more. That info. was very helpful info. My driveway is at a slight angle. That could explain why it leaks for me & not Toyota. I've brought it in 9 or 10 times now, with no resolutions. The last time I brought it in Toyota acknowledged that the floor was wet, but said it was from someone wet shoes - Give me a break! They tried numerous things to fix it; none have worked. Although Toyota would argue that it's fixed now. (Like they've said 9 or 10 times now.) I wonder how many more people are having the same problem. Maybe it will take a group of people complaining to get Toyota to do something (wishful thinking). I am suing Toyota under the lemon law. It's been dragging on & on. It should come to a head some time this summer. As others have said, it's soooo frustrating. In my opinion, it's just a disgrace that Toyota isn't just acknowledging that there is a problem & doing the right thing. ( I guess they didn't realize that I thought I was buying the Scion Xa without the leak option. lol.) It's good to know I'm not the only one!
  • n92cpn92cp Posts: 2
    Can a 2006 or 2007 XB be towed behind a motor home without damage to the drive train? Manual transmission? Automatic transmission? Also, about how much does the 06 or o7 XB weigh?

  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    The xB weighs 2400 lbs. You can flat-tow a 5-speed. An automatic must have the front wheels off the ground. See "Dinghy Towing" in the manual. If a dolly is used, it puts the rear bumper pretty close to the ground.
    Here are some links to products:
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