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Scion Care and Maintenance



  • Wondering if you ever got this resolved. I just purchased a used 06 XA still under warranty and they replaced the door gasket with no improvement. Mine puddles on the door sill as does yours and the other person that posted. Frustrating.
  • What if you bought your 09 Scion xB used, it's 1st oil change was 5,700 miles. Incidentally, Toyota requires you to change it @ 5,000 m. I know the theory about changing it @ 1,000 but I;m stuck in this situation. Does'nt the filter trap those shavings/ gunk from going back to the metals that wear against each other?
    Do you have any opinion about how the 2.4 Camry engine should last given adequate maintenance?Thank you in advance. :)
  • bearguroobearguroo Posts: 1
    I just took my 09 xD in for its 15K maintenance expecting the standard stuff. They came back and told me that my front brake pads were gone and needed to be replaced. They showed me the pads and yes indeed the pads needed replacement. This has really thrown me for a loop, having to have front brakes done at 15K seems ridiculous.
    I drive a lot for my job as a tech and yes about half of that is during heavy traffic. I just can't see that causing that much wear. This is a Scion dealer with a decent reputation that is telling me this. Are the pads that come on the car just not good quality??? :cry: :confuse:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    people differ on oil change frequency but one should at least follow their car's manufacturer's maintenance schedules.

    Just look at how you drive and judge if it's in dusty conditions or under other "severe" driving conditions. I get my car's oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles.

    The filter will trap metal shavings but people differ on oil change frequency. If in doubt get a L-O-F done every 3,000 miles. I still like that old standard frequency schedule.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I have had this happen three times as well. When I talked to Scion, they acted as if they had never heard of such a thing. I am glad to hear it isn't just me. The toyota dealer locally told me that the armrest wasn't intended to support weight (!?), implying it was my fault.
  • I have a 2006 xA with 94,000 miles. For the first 15k, I utilized the 3 free changes by the dealer. Since then I have used the best Amsoil full synthetic and their filter and changed every 25K. Not one drop of oil has been consumed to date. One minor repair (around$200) covered by extended warranty. 34 mpg overall since purchase (I have complete records). Not too bad overall.
  • I've been a trico neoform guy for a while now but this time I tried 'trico tech beam blades' for the scion xD. They just came out in late 2009 and what's cool is they have a new, lower, slighty off-set attachment mounting that allows the wiper arms to sit slightly lower. The trico techs are also beefy as hell and look awesome with the lower mounts. They wipe clean and quietly without chatter. Came with removal and replacement instructions - easy install. Picked them up online - they actually cost LESS than the neoforms...
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    2005 xB: two months ago on a chilly morning (below 25 F or so) the heater fan worked for a while then stopped. A couple hours later it started working, and has done fine for two months. Today (about 65 F) the fan stopped working again.

    The fuses are good. I've tapped the relays with my screwdriver. No luck.

    Anybody seen this? If so, what was wrong?

    Thanks, Rick
  • Yes, definitely. I'm on my fourth armrest, and it's getting to be a definite hassle
  • 05xbr05xbr Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 XB , i use a couple of 4ft 2x4sunder the ramps to give the ground effects a little more room to make it off of the ground to change my own oil
  • marywilsonmarywilson Posts: 16
    Hi All:

    I've a new 2011 xB.
    I notice my radio antenna is mounted on the rear center of the roof.

    Is it safe to bring this car to an automatic car wash?

  • qj1975qj1975 Posts: 1
    Mine has been cracked for a couple of years now. Where did you get your replacements? The dealer? It seems like scion would offer an upgrade. It is ridiculous to think that someone would make an armrest that does not allow an arm to rest on it.
  • jkobbjkobb Posts: 51
    They do fold down and it is a good idea to fold it down and also fold your side mirrors in .I put a shark fin antenna on my xb. Problem solved.
  • annradannrad Posts: 2
    How do I turn this thing off? Don't want to go to a dealer if I can avoid it. Only had the car a few months so don't know the tricks. Thanks
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