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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gtluvrgtluvr Posts: 10
    sonic...they are hard to resist, these hot ponys! I have a sonic blue also, but a coupe. A really nice color and only used this year so this is a one of a kind color. Will not be around next year!
  • and it's getting shorter!
    My salesman returned my call today. He has confirmation and is ready to take my deposit. I would have dropped all to beeline to the dealer, but I have some long shifts and on-call until Monday AM. First stop dealer, next stop bank!
    Graphicguy - you're on the money with value for the buck. not to mention no RX-8, GTO convertible either! A little scary though, this is the first new car I've bought (out of half a dozen) that I didn't A) completely test drive, and B) haggle on.
    I'll let you know as soon as I get my priority code
  • The dealer had a Sonic Blue V-6 on the lot. I fully intended to order the Redfire until I laid eyes on it. The way the color almost seems to shift spectrum depending on the light is awesome. And yeah, no Sonic Blue for 2006. They're going to a metallic metal flake blue which is much more ordinary.
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    :mad: Hi ya' it is, June 4th, NO MUSTANG GT. Ordered November 2004. Last call to Ford Direct - "the computer is still waiting to pick my number"....this is really bull. I did talk to my dealer also, he's waiting to get the ordering info on the 2006 model. Soon as he gets, I can come in and re=order, says I will get first priority due to the hassle I've had to endure. I've about had enough. I wanted my 2005 to drive this summer, not a 2006 maybe next year!! If my 2005 does happen to come in yet before they start building the 06, I can either go ahead and take delivery of that, or if I'd rather have a 2006 he'll put the 05 on his lot to sell. He said he was at a ford seminar, and heard up to 13,000 won't be built. Shoot, I'd already seen that information posted here over a month ago, not telling me nothing I didn't already know!
    Yes, my 96 is a beauty, 44,000 miles, deep violet (purple) and I do get many compliments on that car. Most cannot believe it's a 96! I'm debating trading it or selling outright....if I trade, will be lucky to get $6000 - does anyone out there have any idea what I can get selling it myself? I'm thinking in the $7500 range....?? I live in Wisconsin, so my time for selling myself is running low, people don't buy Mustangs in Wisconsin in November (LOL...I did in 96!) If I could afford the insurance on 2 stangs and had a place to park it, I'd love to keep her.
    Would appreciate any pricing idea's anyone might have for my 96...NEVER been smoked in, never in any kind of an accident, gets detailed twice a year. It's a baby.......
    Has anyone out there ordered their 2006 yet????? If you have, I'm gonna be a little hot at my dealer for holding me off, once again!!
    Thanks............ :mad: :confuse:
  • wildhorsewildhorse Posts: 10
    Wow I did a search and looked at the 06 colors and am so very very glad we were able to get the sonic blue 05! I don't like the 06 blues. Yes it does change color, have you seen the purple shade of it yet? Honda has a VTX 1800 bike that is painted an Illusion Blue, it changes colors like the Sonic Blue Mustang. Hubby said we weren't going to put many miles on this car so it would last more years. Well dang it, he's already put on 800 miles in a week and a half!!!! He just enjoys driving it so much!!!
  • gtluvrgtluvr Posts: 10
    :D Yes, I love my sonic blue GT. Alot of sun here in AZ and I do see the changes of color. It's really sharp. 800 miles in a week+?? Pretty big garage you have ;) .
    I have done a little better, just 450 miles on it in 4 weeks, but I live right across the street from where I work. This is just pleasure driving. :shades:
  • Just got a V6 Dark Red Mustang Deluxe for 19.2k out the door. I had a chance to get an A plan, but that would have taken time and I doubt that car would have been there, and I had lots of trouble trying to get a dealer who will honor an X plan, so im happy with what I got... Clutch is takin some time getting used to, and alot of people want to race as if I have a GT, nice problems to have.
  • fishskinzfishskinz Posts: 2
    I am also awaiting my '06 Mustang GT. I went to the dealer right before (not knowing) that they stopped production on the '05's in April. So, I am awaiting my '06. I am qualified for the Zplan through a friend (who I can't contact now) but I don't know the incentives. I rather someone other than the Sales rep. tell me. Does anyone know what the pricing structure is? Am I price protected? Is it invoice? I heard production for the '06 starts August 8th, 2005 does anyone know if they are placing orders yet for the '06 orders yet?

    Thanks!!! :blush:
  • gteeezngteeezn Posts: 3
    Where at in Va? I live in Richmond however I bought my mustang from Freedom Ford in Norfolk. They have two locations, one in Norfolk and one in Hampton. They were exactly 4000.00 cheaper than the same mustang in Richmond. Plus their extended warranty, which I got, was way cheaper and if you do not use their warranty anytime during the warranty period you can come back and purchase another vehicle and that warranty will transfer for free to the new vehicle. Anatoly Korlick was my salesperson. Excellent. I have a 1999 GT Electric Green with 74000 miles. Shop around before purchasing.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    You may qualify for the Z plan but a dealer does not have to honor it. In this case if you want a Mustang GT be prepared to pay at least MSRP. Why would a dealer sell a high demand car for less then what they can get (MSRP or more)?
  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    I will try to make this brief, but I have been reading this forum for awhile now and, to some of you who have ordered Mustangs, please keep waiting and have hope! My son (16) has had the Mustang "want mode" every since he went to the State Fair in late 2004. I went to a local dealer (Park Cities Ford) in April and, of course, they had 1-a convertible with a stick. My kiddo, believe it or not, is very conservative and a better driver than I am (I'm 53--and I speed-a lot!), so I definitely wanted a GT (because I may drive it some) and I definitely wanted an automatic--my stick days went out with my '69 Corvette in urban traffic. Anyway, I ordered one in April, and I picked it up Tuesday, June 7th, exactly as ordered--black, automatic, shaker 1000, interior upgrade (black/red leather and my color instruments)--I also ordered a LoJack system and 60mo/60k mile warranty. I was already conditioned to pay sticker when I arrived, and I did so without hesitation. And, now some praise for you Fomoco guys from a GM guy--this is my first Ford ever, and the quality, fit, finish, and appearance is not just good--it is flawless. I think I may covert from the GM fold as the only thing close to the Mustang in price/performance is the Corvette at significantly more $$$. Also, if anyone is interested, Park Cities Ford has a gorgeous GT convertible (automatic) on the deaker's floor. So, to those of you waiting, don't give up--and congratulations to the new owners out there! Ford has hit one out of the park with this one.
  • fishskinzfishskinz Posts: 2
    Thanks for the heads up. I just got my order # today for my '06 Mustang GT. Actually, the dealer is giving me just MSRP with no markup as I was a VIP referrel. so, there is no complaints either way!!!!
  • ssgarssgar Posts: 1
    How did you find out about your priority code? Have you gotten your stang yet.. We have been led to believe that ours is in route... But it has been for several weeks??? Is there a way to check on our cars without going through the dealer?
  • " I went to the dealer right before (not knowing) that they stopped production on the '05's in April. "

    All info I have says they are continuing production of the 05's through July.
    I can only hope that I am right as I ordered my GT Feb 4, 05 and it is still in the dealer que. Obviously if they have already stopped production I am SOL. The dealer has not said anything about going for an 06 yet.. I call every Friday to check my status.
    One other question.... is there a higher 'priority code' then 10? Is 10 the best?
  • Purple, I hate to say this but you really need to go to a different dealer. Mine was upfront with me in March when I made the initial order, and in fact wouldn't even take a deposit until he could confirm it would be built within their quota. If your dealer gives you the runaround, Dump him! there are good and bad dealers out there, and the bad ones will only be driven out of business if they lose our business. It really irks me that a good product can be "damaged" by a shoddy retail outlet.
    BTW, Kelly blue book gives a retail sale price of about $6500 for your '96, assuming it's a GT, 5-spd, in excellent cond. you can probable do better if you shine it up and park it where a large number of teens- twenty-somethings can see it for a few hours every weekend. I'd post it for at least 9K and drop to 8 or 7.5 on negotiation. Lot said sight unseen. eh?
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    I ordered my Mustang in February, I have dreamed of this car since I saw it in automobile magazine. At first they were going to find me already made to my specs and have it shipped, but you see, I wanted the interior upgrade and anilock brakes and traction control, with the red leather interior, damn this car is hot! I was at the Javits center auto show last year, just to catch a glimpse of my dream car. But this waiting game is killing me, they didnt fing the car I wanted so we ordered. As far as I can tell, and my brother works at the dealership, suppossedly my car has been built, , but why is it taking so long to shiop. I want to strangle my salesman, I feel like I am getting the runaround all the time. They are confused, I am confused. I read the article and I am not so hopeful because, someone is waiting 6 months. the worst part, you think for all this aggrivation you get a discount....NO, there are people paying above sticker! I am still waiting, can't even get a test drive and this dealer I am with has better customer service than the rest on long island, they are having a hard time keeping one mustang for test drives or the dealer, man Ford, I love you, but get your act together! if they can't do it no one can. Can anyone enlighten me with how much longer I may have to wait? :confuse: :cry: :mad:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    Production will go through the middle of July. The plant shuts down then in order to do '06 model changeover. The problem is, just about all of them are spoken for in the '05 MY.

    There is a higher priority number than 10. You can get a 2 from your dealer (as I did), but they reserve those for special circumstances and may not be willing to put that high a priority on your order. 10 is about the best you can hope for. Priority 1 is reserved only for the factory.

    If you ordered in Feb and still have no more info than "it's in the que" from your dealer, go somewhere else who'll be more upfront with you. You should have taken delivery already if your dealer ordered at a 10 priority and had allotment left. Something tells me there's something amiss with your dealer.

    Find out how many cars are ahead of yours at the dealership. The Dealers already have the order codes for '06s so you should be able to order one now, if you'd like.
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. I really better get down there. I haven ben hounding my salesman and my brother, but I better go down there and get some real answers. Do you think it is possible, they will just say sorry we cannot get you your car? Or now you have to order an '06? :cry: :lemon:
  • caisoncaison Posts: 3
    I ordered a GT convertible in late march. Was serialized last week and have a build week of July 18. My dealer started with a priority 10 for the first person in line and then went with consecutive numbers. I think I started as a priority 17 and moved up over time. Good luck.
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    Thanks, all I can do is wait, call the dealer, cross my fingers and stare dreamingly at my '05 Mustang wallpaper on my macs. I just hope I have the car before the end of the summer, can't wait to feel the wind in my hair, driving my 'stang. :cry: ;)
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