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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cobra07cobra07 Posts: 3
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Thanks graphicguy.....I'm going to push for that 2 priority and see how far I get, am going in Tues night to finalize pricing, etc. on the 2006. You'd think that I'd be one of those "special circumstances" to get the highest priority, since I've already been waiting since Nov. 04....when I see all these other people here that ordered in March or April and have since taken delivery, this just totally stinks. There was one other guy who ordered from the same dealer right after I did and he's not got his yet either...

    I tried calling ford direct twice last week to check on my 2005 order, both times I got a response that they couldn't bring up my order status, so called the dealer, the guy who ordered my 06 wasn't in, but one of the guys seems to think they actually rolled my 05 order to the 06 so that is why the 05 order isn't showing up for status anymore.

    I guess if I have to pay another $500 to get the 2006, so be it, I don't like it, but what can I do at this point, I want the car, dang it, and of course they know anyone else would not sell to me below

    I'll be curious to see what colors they are offering for 2006, if they had the purple like I have now, I think I'd have to have it.....and 18" wheels on the new ones? EEEK....I paid $800 for 17" Potenza's in 2001, I can't imagine cost of replacing 18" this many years later....OUCH. That's what I get for liking the pony car...

    I'll let you know how I come out this week, wish me luck...... :shades:

    OH, and by the way, the story you told about the guy who ordered and the dealer turned around and sold it out from under him.....funny, I had that same thought a few months ago....and ya know, it wouldn't surprise me! That is just rotten.....
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    Good luck purple. Unfortunately, no "purple" color for '06. If you dig around a little, I think the 18" wheels are the same ones they were putting on the showcars when the design first hit the show circuit.

    Don't fret if the 800 number can't find your order. I tried it a couple of times when I was waiting for mine. They never could find the order. Matter of fact, the day the dealer called to tell me mine was in and sitting on their lot, I had called that morning and the 800 lady said my order couldn't be found.

    From what I'm hearing, '06 GTs are going to be as scarce as the '05s because of strong pre-orders. So, if you can get priority 10 (or better) you should be in good shape.

    I do know that my friend who is a Ford employee said he gets $25 for every X-plan pin he gives out that turns into a sale (all the way to $1,000). But, it's voluntary whether the dealership honors any special pricing plan. My guess is, most dealers won't honor then while demand is so high. If you want any of the pricing plans, best advice I can give is wait until this winter when there's snow on the ground to get any discounts (at least, that's what I did last winter).
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    My salesguy faxed my order confirmation, on my '06 GT Premium, today. Here are a few pricing items some may be interested in. The base price for the GT Premium is $26,320. The two options I ordered are as follows: Interior Upgrade Package = $450.00 & 18" Wheels = $825.00. The wheel option is a bit expensive, but still cheaper than sticking with the standard wheels and buying new ones later.
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Check out a couple of websites I on the new 2006 models, new options & colors:

    This site shows some cool pics of the new 2006....I'm not into gray cars, but this one is sharp! I'm assuming this is showing off the new 18" wheels....and shows the 2 new colors...although at $800 plus for the new 18" wheels, guess I'll be sticking with my $195 upgrade to the premium rims....yiker!

    Wish me luck...going to do my 2006 paperwork Tues night, my current price is $26,035, we'll see how high they jump me.... :blush:

    Thought you might enjoy reading/seeing the new 2006...the "pony car" option is pretty neat for the V6 models, they needed some dressing up!

  • wildhorsewildhorse Posts: 10
    Hmmm...I actually don't like the new grill, like the 05 v6 one better. Thanks for sharing, was cool seeing what is new on the 06s. Reading the pdf file I didn't see any automatic transmissions just manuals. Does that mean no automatics available in the 06s???
  • caballocaballo Posts: 6
    Wow! I'm sold.

    I've been waiting to see if I can scoop up a 2005 GT convertible, but after seeing the tungsten 2006 coupe with the stripes and 18" wheels I'm done! I'm going to see what my dealer will qoute me to order one of these babies now.

    BTW- I went to see a dealer outside of Austin that has had a GT in stock for over a month and now I know why. He told me he would sell it to me at "no more" than 2500 over MSRP and that he would "work" with me on price. I walked out at that point.

    Better to order exactly what I want, pay MSRP, and save my money. Who know's I may even have this bad boy by Christmas!
  • vppreachervppreacher Posts: 72
    Picked up my 2005 Satin Silver GT on Monday. First off, thanks for the advice and help to everyone here, special props go out to graphicguy. Second, for those that are in Jacksonville or in close proximity to Northern Florida, I can HIGHLY recommend Mike Davidson Ford at Regency as a great organization. I ended up getting the Mustang GT for around 800$ below MSRP, they honored my original quote even though the price went up, gave me the Ford military discount, and kept me informed of the car's progress throughout the order/build process. Mitch, the sales manager, estimated delivery at 8-12 weeks, but they got the car in 7. Best of all, though, was they were honest and forthright from the beginning to end. Gotta go...still more rubber to burn!
  • msad1217msad1217 Posts: 1
    I just received an email from Millenium Ford here in Seattle. I was asking about the price of the V6 Torch Red AT that they have on the lot and I was told and I quote:

    "The mark up on Mustangs is $2,995. That would brin up the price to $27,275."

    Needless to say, I will not be talking to them again. I just found another dealership that is willing to sell theirs at MSRP.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    VP......My pleasure....glad I could help. Have fun in your new Mustang.
  • huck1huck1 Posts: 9
    Have just convinced my wife to agree on an 06 but I'm afraid to take her to the dealership cause I don't think she will be able to reach the pedals. Are my fears well founded? And if so, are there any adjustment kits out there.
    Please help!!!

  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    I testdrove one on Friday. A convertible. Liked: the best driver seat I can remember. Very quiet with the top up or down, easy to bring it down. Interior worked for me. Didn't like - V6, which is the same as in my Mountaineer< just didn't perform at all. I am under impression, that my Mountaineer would be a much faster vehicle. May be calipers on Mustang were frozen? No other explanation. Rear seat - you just can not use it - I don't know, if it is possible for anybody to seat there? What else? Yeah, it had 18 inch optional wheels - you feel every crack in th road surface. A pothole feels like a direct hit of an anti-tank missle. And Shaker 1000 didn't impress me to begin with. When I saw, how much space a subwoofer eats up in trunk, I liked it even less. What's wrong with a subwoofer under the seats? :confuse:
  • njlimenjlime Posts: 2
    I was also concerned about my wife being able to reach the pedals & see out over the dash. She is barely 5' 3".We just picked up our '05 GT Convertible on Friday.

    My wife drove last night for the first time.
    It would be better if the car had adjustable pedals like my 2003 Explorer, but my wife felt confident & comfortable. Go for it !!

    Great car !!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    I was a bit curious why Ford didn't offer adjustable pedals on the Mustang given they offer them on just about everything else they sell. Those are becoming kind of a "gotta have" option for Fords because they are the only company that offers them on so many models. Perhaps they think the SUV or mini-van crowd are the only people that want them.

    The main reason I didn't get the Shaker 1000 was because of the sub's intrusion in the trunk. While I like my Shaker 500, the after market crowd wouldn't be happy with either. While stock stereos have improved dramatically over the last 5 years, they still aren't going to please the "thump-thump" crowd. They're just fine for me, however.

    I used to have an RX8. Loved the idea of the suicide doors to enter into the back seat. But, the few times people rode back there, they felt claustrophobic. I don't know of anyone who is ever pleased with the back seat of any coupe. It's just something that you live with. Back seat room isn't a high priority with me.

    My philosophy (a selfish one), as long as I don't have to ride back there, I don't particularly care. IF it's a major concern, then any coupe isn't going to be very satisfactory. The new Charger maybe a more pallatable alternative to the Mustang.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    A reporter wishes to speak with people who have recently purchased a Ford Mustang. She would like to discuss your ownership experience and what other cars you considered. If you would like to speak with her please send your name and daytime phone number to Pam Krebs, PR, at by 12 noon Tuesday, June 28. Thank you.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • caballocaballo Posts: 6
    How are some of you getting 06 pricing? I've talked to two dealers about placing orders and they've told me they simply do not have pricing for the 06 model.
  • A few years ago I was washing my wife's Eagle Talon. Washing the first rim, I noticed it was dented. "Bummer" I thought. I wasn't to surprised to see that the next rim on the same side was dented also. "Musta been a big pot hole" I thought. Went around to the other side and both rims were dented also. I ask her "Honey, how did you dent all four rims?" "I don't know." she said.
    There is no way in hell you dent all 4 rims.. and don't know how you did it!!!! I got the same story for various other dings, dents and scrapes on the car.
    We got her a Honda CRV 2 years ago. She is a smoker. She didn't want to trash the interior of her new CRV so she vowed not to smoke in it which made me very happy. She even took the cup holder instead of the ashtray option!! A couple months after having the CRV I noticed a rather large burn hole in the back seat... the kind you get when a smoker try's to flick their cig out the window but if flys back in through the rear window.... well she did admit to it (only after I asked what happened) but claimed it wasn't her fault... it was really windy that day... it was the winds fault.
    Then there is the mysterious scratches all around the door handle. It's odd that these scratches only appear around the doors that also have locks on them, the drivers door being the worst by far. The two rear doors have no scratches (no locks on them). Now, any reasonably intelligent person can quickly deduce that the culprit of the scratches is a persons keys. When left in the hand that trys to open the door after unlocking the door, you can imagine what it will eventually do to the paint around the door handle. Any ways, when I asked how she got all those scratches around the door handles... you guessed it.. "I don't know!"

    Bottom line,... when I told her I was getting a GT she was pretty excited about having a sporty car back in our driveway (after 20 minutes of accusing me of going through a mid-life crisis). Her elation was quickly ended though, when I informed her that she would not be allowed to drive it... ever.
    "Why?" she asked.

    "I don't know." I said.

    Then, with her look of shock and utter disbelief that I would say that, I took her gently by the hand and we walked out to her CRV. I said nothing just simply pointed to the burn in the back seat and to all the "I don't know"s... and pretty much left it at that.
    To those that wish the peddles adjusted so your wife could drive the car... All I can say is... Be careful what you wish for!!!
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    LOL !!! Very funny post, and my wife does the same thing!!!! :cry: We would go shopping and she would put groceries on the roof, and then slide the bags off the roof scraching the roof. I would show her the scrach marks, and she would deny they even existed. :cry:
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hey there Graphicguy....been away from the message board for awhile, well, I signed up for my 2006....the dealer claimed he had never heard of any more than a priority he called his rep. I doubt it. So, I did end up getting a priority 10. We pushed quite hard for a 2, he wouldn't budge.

    Says he only has 2 GT's on order right now, and one is mine, and the other is the guy who ordered right after I did in Nov. 04. He basically admitted that the biggest problem is yes, he's a small dealership and he doesn't have enough allotment granted to him. If I had known that in the beginning, I could have ordered at the dealer just 16 miles north and would have had one by now, as they are also a Roush dealer.

    Guess the other guy who ordered when I did really came into the dealership quite hot under the collar about his car, said he was ready to kick the guy out because he made such a fuss. Well, he had a reason to be hot!

    He jacked the price by $700.00. Says the cost for making the 2006 from the factory is more. That cracks me up, its the same car for gods sake, you're just putting a 2006 tag on it! Of course I walked out of there feeling like I was dealing with a JERK as he made the comments of they sold it to me way under MSRP, well yeah, you offered it in November 04, is that my fault? And you haven't produced either.

    I'm only holding out and still working with them as I know I'm not going to get this price anywhere else in the area I live in. So I wait...and wait...and wait. Think I'll have my 2006 by September with a priority 10 and a dealer that has a small allotment? He showed me paperwork he had got from Ford earlier that allowed him only one convertible, he got his one and has already sold it...

    I'm at the point of I'll believe I'm really getting it when I see it!

    Have a great 4th of July weekend! :shades:
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