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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Did Ford underestimate the demand for the GT? :mad:
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    They majorly underestimated the demand for the you can see from a few of my postings here, I ordered mine in November of 2004!! And yes, I'm quite disgusted. Plus to top it off I ordered from a dealer that has low allocation. I was told by my dealer that 13,000 cars (GT's) ordered are not going to get made. Anyone you can find that HAS a GT, you'll pay through the nose for. Most of the mustangs in my area of Wisconsin we are seeing are the V6 model, they are making them like crazy, or at least it seems, so now let's get busy on the V8's for those of us who are WAITING. What ticks me off the worst is, I've been waiting since last November, and now I'm basically back in line for my 2006, Ford didn't even have the nicety of putting those of us who have been waiting first in line. Needless to say, if I could get ahold of someone at Ford to talk to, they'd get a big piece of my mind. After this hassle, this most likely will be the last Ford I ever buy, they can't even provide decent customer service. :mad: As I understand it also, they shipped alot of the GT's to southern states to dealers because of warm weather and likely more sales for them....ya know, there are those of us in the midwest that would like ours too!!
  • vppreachervppreacher Posts: 72
    I'm one of those Southen state sales (Jacksonville, FL). I've had a TOTALLY different buying experience. I think the difference is the dealership. I don't fault Ford for miscalculating demand. It was a simple mistake and we all make them. Ford undeniably underestimated the GT model's popularity, but who can blame them when the car has exceeded aesthetic and performance expectations by leaps and bounds. I will tell you this car is sublime. It is so more than the sum of its parts and those parts are pretty damn amazing. Also, didn't Ford increase the MY build by over 50%? Making more GTs can't be that easy or simple (EPA requirements, factory retooling, conflicts between different models with parts commonalities, etc) or Ford would have done it in their pursuit of profit. The other side of the coin is increasing production, but decreasing quality control. That would be counterproductive.

    I do understand and think you should walk your hard earned money over to an honest, reputable dealer. Someone who gives a customer the runaround should wither on the economic vine. I wish you the best and hope you get your Stang as soon as possible.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    It seems that American car makers just can't get things right. :cry: They finally have a hot product and then tick everyone off due to under-production. The GT is very hot, and they should have known it was very competitve with Japanese and German sports coupes. Maybe a lack of confidence.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,916've made all the right moves and asked all the right questions. Priority 10 is probably the best you can hope for. If my dealer is to be believed, then priority 2 is something reserved only for "problem cases". While I wasn't a "problem case", my late Father was a truck fleet customer who had done a lot of business with the dealership. That's the only reason I got the priority I got.

    While, you can try to blame Ford for underestimating demand, I don't know how they could have predicted such high demand for any product. They did indeed raise production by 40,000 units when they saw demand was going to outstrip their already "bumped" up production (over '04 MY).

    Plus, it's not just a simple issue of running more shifts at the plant. They have to rely on suppliers to meet higher demand and tighter delivery schedules. They need their other plants to bump production of other components. They even had a shortage of the IUP option for a while (which is probably why you'll see more base models than you see "loaded" models).

    Add to that, from all outward appearances, it looks like Ford actually priced the Mustang GT too low (how often do you see that). That will translate into higher demand also. You must can't get this level of performance, handling, features and build quality anywhere near the Mustang's price (even at MSRP). Saying the styling is a "hit" would be a gross understatement. That also affected demand.

    Ford also bumped up GT production. I'm sure they have very high confidence in the Mustang. Their historical numbers showed that 30% of Mustang buyers get a V8 version. I'm sure they had no idea that the number would be closer to 50% wanting a GT.
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    ...and they just found another customer willing to pay $2995 over msrp. can you really blame them for not giving you a "bargain"?......the law of supply and demand. If you want a bargain, get one of those but-ugly p/t cruisers. they were selling for 5000 or more over msrp when they came out, i think chrysler is now paying peole to take them. why cry about the free market? personnally, i salute the dealership that stuck to their guns and demanded a premium price for a premium car.
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    I'm assuming you, and all who write similar posts are the same bunch of guys that were posting messages back in september saying how only a fool would buy one then. "wait until february or march until the rebates hit. ford will be giving these things away by then." i even saw a post by someone asking for advice after a dealer offered him a gt on x-plan....he was thinking he could wait and do better. i went ahead and bought one of the first ones out of local dealer stock. no waiting, no problems. i paid full ticket for it, but was never asked to pay more than that. I've been enjoying mine for about 9 months now while you have been spewing hate mail.

    if i were you, i'd hold off till february or march of 06. by then, rebates will have hit and ford will be giving these things away. good luck.

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Enjoy your dude LOL great points. :P
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I mean enjoy your ride dude :cry:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,916
    I think some people are coming late to the party. They've been thinking about the Mustang.
    Then, they decide they are going to stick their toes in the water and try to buy one.

    For most, they can't find one (expecially GTs). Once they do, they are expecting X% off MSRP, or at least some sort of rebates. None of that is available since Ford and their dealerships are selling every Mustang they can get their hands on.

    Then the wailing begins...."Ford did this on purpose (undestimating demand).....dealers are ripping me off at MSRP.....I found a car I like, but no one will deal....etc".

    Short story is, Ford has a hit on their hands. They've bumped production as high as they can and still can't meet demand. It doesn't look like the demand will subside, even into the next model year ('06). So, if you've found a Mustang you like sitting on the lot (rare) and the dealer is sticking to MSRP, buy it. That's what the market is for this car.

    You can wait to see if demand slacks off and deals begin, but don't expect it in the foreseeable future. Even if you wait, you can bet that future price increases will offset any $$$ off MSRP that you'll save today. I saw one article that stated for the next 18 months, demand will be high for the Mustang (GT).

    To me, that's a good thing. That tells me that resale on the current iteration will be very good.

    Or, if you really want similar performance and you don't mind derivative styling and sloppier handling, you can always buy a GTO. GM is offering those at the employee price. Still, that price is north of $30K (about the same as a Mustang convertible).

    Then again, you've got the Dodge Charger that just hit the streets. You should be able to get a deal on those in about 2-3 months, if you don't mind a 4 door, automatic trans car with a hemi.
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    I finally received my 05 stang on July 1st and it was well worth the wait, my gopd this car is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my life. I got the V6 and man is it plenty of power!! I am 24, and for someone under 25, the v6 makes a lot of sense it has plenty power and the insurance costs less. I got the My Color feature though they said it would not be availible because of some legal issues. I have the red leather interior and my lumbar support, this is the most perfect car!! freat design, great performance and oh so beautiful!! Though there are a lot of 05's on the road, mine really stands out for its red interior, alloy wheels and spinners----Oh man I am in love!! :P ;)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Congrats on your new ride!!! Enjoy. ;)
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hate to tell you this, but no, I didn't wait to order for better pricing in Feb or March, nor was I one who in September saying only a fool would buy one then. I ordered mine in November of 2004...yes, 2004. And it's now July 7th and I still have no Mustang GT. That is my gripe. I got about $1800 under MSRP on the pricing as I was the first person at that particular dealership to order a GT from them, and it was getting into winter here in Wisconsin, so the dealership was looking for a sale. Sure, they had got a couple of GT's on their lot, but they were not the color I was looking for and they didn't have the options I wanted in the car. Believe me, I know what kind of car I'm getting and I know the pricing is right. I currently own a 1996 Mustang GT and love it. So as I'm reading all these posts of those who did wait and order their vehicle in March 2005 and they have already taken delivery, and I've yet to see mine, yes, that is a reason to be ticked at Ford and my dealership. I'm getting a run around from both Ford customer service when calling and from my dealership. Pretty much stuck waiting and Ford isn't being decent enough to their customers who have been waiting for months and have had to re-order to a 2006 model to put them first in line for the new ones - we're back waiting in line all over again, and wondering if we'll ever get one. After already waiting for 8 months. I know all about the shortage of V8 engines and the my color option shortage, etc, etc, etc. Yes, they didn't expect the demand they had, but they should have a better way of providing the vehicle to customers who were first in line to order and still have NO car.....I'll be jumping for joy if I ever get to see that Torch Red Premium GT I ordered.......
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Thanks Graphic....I must say, you have been the most helpful person to me thru out this whole process I've been through the last 8 months, without your insight, I'd not have known what to ask, didn't know there was such a thing as priority codes when ordering, etc....

    I've had my current GT for 10 years now so haven't had to dive into the auto buying process for a long time, let alone get into such a hassle trying to buy a 2005, which will hopefully now be a 2006!

    I started out in my teens & 20's owning 3 different VW bugs, went to a Trans Am, then a AWD Eagle Talon, which was a blast to drive. Then my 96 GT. I'd wanted a Mustang since high school and finally got my wish! Now I'm hooked.

    I know what a hot car I've got on order, but I'm just ticked I've had to wait since November of 2004 for it. And having to get back in line all over again for a 2006 with no promise nor idea when/if I'll ever get it. Specially when some ordered in March of 2005 and already have theirs, Ford is letting a computer pick who gets what and when, instead of fulfilling orders as they are ordered.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help and suggestions, I'll keep in touch and hopefully one of these days i'll be able to give you a big YIPPPPEEE!!!! IT'S HERE NOTE!! LOL....... :P
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,916 always, my pleasure and glad I could help. Unfortunately, I've heard your scenario all too often.

    At this juncture, I can't tell if the ordering routine with no car in sight is a dealer problem or a plant problem.

    At first glance, I'd think it's a dealer problem. Like you, I bought mine in the dead of winter when car sales in general were stagnant. That's why you and I got deals well below MSRP. Once spring hit, and it became clear to the dealers that the Mustang was a runaway success, it became clear they didn't have to discount the Mustang (GT) to sell it. Some were getting crazy money for any GT they could get their hands on.

    I had heard more than a few stories of people ordering and paying under MSRP and, "poof", their order disappeared or couldn't be tracked. Same person, offering to pay MSRP, all of a sudden their car was miraculously "found" or ordered and delivered within 8 weeks (not 8 months). One person even found his X plan Mustang GT (complete with matching VIN #s) on his dealer's back lot. All the while the dealer stating the car wasn't even built yet. Fact is, the dealer had sold the ordered Mustang to someone else for MSRP. That was the entire reason it was sitting in the back lot....awaiting PDI and delivery to the person who paid more.

    Is this the case in your scenario? I don't know.

    Even though dealers are stand alone business entities (franshisees), separate from the factory, Ford chould have put pressure on the dealers to honor customer orders....mayve set up a "Mustang order task force" to do nothing but track customer cars.

    As it stands, I can feel and understand your frustration. If my dealer hadn't been so "upfront" with me about my order, and I hadn't known about priorities, allotment, VOCs, etc, I could be in the same boat since mine was an X plan car.

    Just for giggles, I think I'd take a Saturday afternoon and go to 4-5 different Ford dealers in your area and ask them what their status for '06 Mustang ordering is. See how many agree or disagree with what you're hearing from your present dealer. Even see if they agree with each other. That could give you a bit of insight on what's going on with Mustangs in your area.

    BTW, I always thought those AWD Turbo Talons were hot little numbers when they were on the street.

    Keep us posted.
  • drewlee13drewlee13 Posts: 1
    Got a call from a local dealer (metro detroit area) stating that he had an 05 Black Mustang GT Premium on the lot from a order that did not go thru. So I ran right up and test drove the car. Loved it. Since it was 6:10 on a friday 7/1, he said we could finish the deal on 7/5 (tuesday) Called him and did the whole credit app thing. Sales guy called back and stated that I was approved. I stated that I wanted to call my bank for a better rate, which I did and got 5.25%. Called him right back because I needed the VIN so that they could fedex me the check. He did not return my call until the next morning 7/6. He then faxed me the purchase agreement (x plan) just $1300 under MSRP. He then called me back 15 minutes later and said that another sales manager sold the car for cash and that it was GONE!. Translation....Someone came in and offered MSRP or more for the car so we sold it! WTF!. The dealer is really nice about it but can do nothing about it. They cannot get another 05 GT, and they are willing to order me a 06 that after reading these posts I may get sometime in 06' , gee thanks. I then called customer service and what a waste off time that is. I cannot believe that even though dealership are seperate, that there is no one at Ford Motor Company that oversees the dealerships interaction. After all these are FORD cars, right? Does anyone know someone to talk to at Ford Motor Company? There has to be someone who can help. Someone who can atleast ensure that we get an 06 timely.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • gnxdanmangnxdanman Posts: 18
    Graphic writes......or most, they can't find one (expecially GTs). Once they do, they are expecting X% off MSRP, or at least some sort of rebates.
    Then the wailing begins...."Ford did this on purpose (undestimating demand).....dealers are ripping me off at MSRP.....I found a car I like, but no one will deal....etc". So, if you've found a Mustang you like sitting on the lot (rare) and the dealer is sticking to MSRP, buy it. That's what the market is for this car.

    Graphicguy, Ford is going to Offer their employee price discount INCLUDING the Mustang V6 and GT shortly. People should just WAIT till then to buy/order it. You will get a decent price. I know the ultra expensive 2 seater GT will be excluded from the program though!!

    Graphic writes.....Or, if you really want similar performance and you don't mind derivative styling and sloppier handling, you can always buy a GTO. GM is offering those at the employee price. Still, that price is north of $30K (about the same as a Mustang convertible).

    For now. Starting August 1st, GTO is ExCLUDED from GM's employee pricing program, along with Corvette and medium duty GMC Pickups !!
  • gnxdanmangnxdanman Posts: 18
    Graphic writes I don't know of anyone who is ever pleased with the back seat of any coupe. It's just something that you live with. Back seat room isn't a high priority with me.

    I have to disagree with you on that one. The GTO coupe backseat is very impressive and just as comfortable as the front seats! The "GM" W body coupes, Monte SS and ex Grand Prix coupes were very roomy in back as well !! nearly 36" rear leg room vs only 30" in Mustang.

    Graphic writes My philosophy (a selfish one), as long as I don't have to ride back there, I don't particularly care. IF it's a major concern, then any coupe isn't going to be very satisfactory.

    I DISAGREE again, I have to ride in the back occasionally, mother in law gets picked up etc. After 1+ hr in backseat, very comfortable in GTO, just like front seats. A full sized adult me at 5'10 fits quite nicely back there with room to spare. Kudos to Holden on that one. Certain Mercedes Coupes are quite comfortable in back too. Of course, you don't buy a mustang for the backseat, best for kids or stereo equipment like subwoofers to sit on.

    The accord Coupe is semi decent as well. Mustangs have always had useless backseats for adults anyway.
  • gnxdanmangnxdanman Posts: 18
    The V6 is noisy/unrefined/coarse in the New Mustang esp if you floor it or are hard on it. It's a truck/SUV engine taken from Explorer/Ranger? At normal driving it's ok, but if you nail it, very CRUDE sounding. The 3800 in my GM cars was more refined.

    You don't want the 18" wheels, go with the 17", 18" will give you a bigger/harder turning radius esp. in mall parking lots and you will feel more bumps and more chance to damage wheel.

    You would have figured Ford would have been able to put the Subwoofer in the rear deck or under the seats like most cars to preserve space, esp. trunk space.
  • gnxdanmangnxdanman Posts: 18
    I think Ford did underestimate demand for GT/V8 cars.....Traditionally the V6 BASE mustang accounts for nearly 2/3 or 66% of Mustang sales. This year, the V6 is only 55% of sales. V8 is more popular.
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