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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have been enjoying this forum for a few weeks now and it has helped a lot in formulating a buying "strategy" (as if we have many choices!) and in selecting options. Since so many have been helpful to me, here are some fresh insights having just placed my order yesterday.
    - I went to a "Ford owned" dealer in Manhattan/NYC after getting the runaround from a closer dealer. I know there aren't many around (most dealerships are independent) - but, like the GT, there are a few if you look hard enough.
    - they had a "Yankee" special - one of 60 made direct from the factory. Only came in v6 (neither a Yankee fan nor a v6 fan), but it opened the door to asking about special editions/customization. FYI - only changes to this car were external: blue pinstripes on white (like the Yankee uniform) with the big NY logo on hood.
    - No surprise, but the links on this forum directed me to dealer info and pricing/color/features/photos for the 2006 that even the Ford-owned dealer didn't have readily available. Helped tremendously.
    - I really wanted the 18'' wheels - especially the "64W" 5-spoke. But - the sales rep called some buddies - and rumors of that wheel not being available until early spring caused me to "pause," so I went with the 64E 18'' 5-fan wheel instead. Rep confirmed that any delay in a feature holds the car up - something I didn't want to risk.
    - Don't take a teenager with you - I was pursuaded into getting the Shaker 1000 despite the high price (ok - so it didn't take much arm twisting). FYI - we both were wearing shorts when we sat in a v6 just to hear what the Shaker 500 sounds like. It made the hairs on our legs stand up it's so powerful already.
    - Dealer said optimistically I'll have the car by end of the year. Then the dealer will add on black shelby stripes and see about any other special needs I have (for instance, surprised at paying $1,200 more for Shaker 1000 and it doesn't come w/ satellite radio capability).
    - Final order: '06 GT convert, Tungsten grey clearcoat metallic, interior upgrade pkg, interior accent package, Shaker 1000, 18'' wheels, side air bags. Paying just under MSRP because I know friend of the GM.
  • winnerwinner Posts: 3
    Haven't decided between the Shaker 500 and 1000. I have the Mach 400 or whatever it was called in 2001. If the 500 is equal to the Mach 400, I think I'll stick with the 500 and save a few bucks and some trunk space. I'm disappointed so few cars on the lots in So. Cal have the side air bags on them. I won't buy one without the side air bags.

    The concensus here seems to be MSRP is a fair deal on the 05 and it could be available on the 06s. I'm just concerned about having to wait forever for an 06. Was going to order today but decided to look around some more.

    My Dream option list for a Mustang Convertible: rollover protection, satellite radio, bluetooth.
  • Personally, I thought the Shaker 1000 was an okay sound system for an exorbitant price. Scosche makes a 600 watt amp and 12-inch subwoofer/enclosure for $500 specifically designed for the 2005 Mustang. The September issue of 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords has an article on it. It matches the stock trunk interior, looks really nice, and doesn't take up 1/3 of your trunk. I'm very happy with the Shaker 500, but have plans to upgrade it to a Pioneer DVD Navigation unit.

    I also went with the Side Air first then visceral performance!

    I've seen aftermarket light bars from CDC, but I'm sure there are also rollover kits as well. You can get the Mobil-Ease Kit installed by your Ford dealer for Bluetooth compatibility and I believe Precision Interface Electronics, Inc. (better known as PIE) is making an AUX interface for the Shaker 500/1000 which can be used for XM/Sirius. They already have one for the iPOD.
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    ok. i have ordered about a dozen mustang gt's. what will happen is this.....the car will be manufactured on the production date they gave you. it will sit at the plant for 2-3 weeks. it will then be loaded on a train and shipped to a regional distributer. it will stay there about 2-3 days. the dealership can call the distributer to check if they have it, but thats about all they can do. better yet, just plan on getting it 3 weeks from the production date. i hope you enjoy yours as much as i have enjoyed mine.

    new colors.......we got our new color sheets from ford today. the tungsten looks way better than the old mineral gray to me. on the color sheet, it looks kind of like the pewter color on the tampa bay buccaneer uniforms. im not so sure about the vista blue. its hard to tell if it looks good. the sonic blue looks just like it on the color sheet, although in real life, im sure they're very different. i think the big dissappointment on the color sheet is the new color they have for the upcomming fusion. "charcoal beige".....i think it would look amazing on a mustang.

    price negociation......every one ive dealt with has been sold at msrp. only because i have never asked more. you must understand, we've already sold 2 of them as used cars. in both instances, we got more then their sticker price as new cars without any problems at all. the market dictates price. if its any reassurance, there's only about a $1900 mark up on any mustang gt and i dont think ford will be doing any rebating at all for at least a couple more years. in this part of the country, the wait for delivery after ordering one is about 5 months. by the way, ford has quietly already raised the price of the '05 gt by about $700 since introduction. i am absolutely sure they will raise the price of an '06 by more than that. other manufacturers are getting more money for inferior cars. at sticker price, they're really kind of a bargain. try to get a 350z, gto, or a charger for mustang gt money.....
  • tjw1018tjw1018 Posts: 1
    Has anybody seen any good deals for an 02-04 Mustang GT? I am not a real big fan of the new stangs and looking for a cheaper V8 than is currently being offered. Thanks.
  • Just sent the pictures. Enjoy.

    I'm hoping to get the VIN on my Mustang today so I can track it thru Ford. I'm expecting it by the end of Sept. We'll see. I was lucky and got it for 1000 below MSRP. Everyone else wanted sticker and above.

    BTW, for anyone out there asking about what's a good price I want to put you in the same frame of mind I was in when shopping for this car. Given the premium prices dealers were asking I said to myself...How far would I be willing to travel to save $1,000. Would it be 300 miles, 500 miles? That was my shopping radius. I sent my spec sheet to over a hundred dealers for a price quote via Ford's web site. I live just outside Chicago and was willing to go to Dallas if the price was right. It turns out the dealer I bought from was 12 blocks away, but even they started out at $1,000 over sticker. I then went in for a face to face and asked for a different salesman. Had my car ordered in a half hour!
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    you wouldn't have done any better in dallas. when they first came out, many dealers here were doing order units at 500 - 1000 below sticker. some were even doing x-plans. as time went on, we found out how small the allocation was and how much people were willing to pay for them. eventually, we switched to only doing orders at msrp (subject to change if the msrp goes up). the problem with that was we prioritized the profitible orders ahead of the "bargain" orders (for obvious reasons). hence the issue with people that ordered 05's and never got them. at sticker, the dealerships in dallas are still sold out about 5 months in advance. you did long as they didnt order your car with a low priority.
  • Yes I think I did OK too. There were so many prices at 3-4 K over sticker that I was beginning to think sticker was a bargain. The guys in Dallas were looking for 3-4 K over sticker for a 2005. I could order a 2006 convertible here for that price. There were plenty of 2005 GTs in the Arlington, TX area a few weeks back if anyone is willing to pay top dollar. Look up the dealer inventory on the Ford web site to confirm.

    I have priority 11 which I feel good about.
  • Hi, everybody, anybody also lives in Southern. California?
    I am thinking of buying a 05 V6 coupe premium w/ manual. Do you think I can get lower than the MSRP or several hundred over the invoice price? Seems to me V6 are not so hot as GTs. And there are more v6 Deluxes than v6 Premiums in the lots of the dealers. But one dealer was extremely rude and asked me(sounds like ordering me) 2000 over the MSRP in his first word. I said bye bye to that guy as he insisted on the MSRP in the end. :mad: :confuse:
  • You should be able to get a MUCH better deal on a V6. I would send a chain email to the plethora of dealers in So Cal and start with the lowest couple. Here in Northern Florida, there are plenty of V6s on the lots and there is bargaining room.
  • stang04stang04 Posts: 3
    stole a 2004 gt blk on blk leather 5spd for 20k new never titled.they wanted it off the lot because of the '05 coming out. I am 52 and i feel like a kid again. lol
  • stang04stang04 Posts: 3
    get a gt you will not be sorry trust me
  • That is a great buy, but personally I think the 2005 is a significantly evolved vehicle compared to the SN95. I looked at a 2004, but I didn't have a visceral response to its interior, exterior, or performance like the new style. Still I know many Stang lovers that prefer the older to the newer. Different strokes for different folks!
  • For those wondering if you can get the '06 mustang below MSRP it can be done. I ordered a GT coupe manual redfire ext, char. int w/ IUP and leather-tr. seats on August 5th, and I was able to convince my dealer into letting me use the X-plan, saving about 1900 from the MSRP. He also gave me a priority of 10, and he must have had great allocation because I called up today and the build date is scheduled for the Aug. 29th already ( I was pretty horrified by the tales of 4-6month waits on this board :-/ !). CANT wait for my gt, I live in Wash. DC and I've only seen 3-4 new models on the road so far---the mustang looks amazing in action. I'm picking out songs for my first cruising CD as we speak... ;-)
  • I placed and order for a 2006 GT Convertible, on July 15th in Maryland (the closest dealer in NoVA i could get to take xplan. I was wondering if anyone had any idea when I could expect to hear a production date, since my rep at the dealer has no idea. I also was able to get the dealer to agree to give me the order on x-plan, but the order was written up as MSRP and I was assured that once the invoice comes in with the car then the x-plan will be taken care of. Does this sound alright to everyone? and what should I expect the x-plan price to be, I got a 2006 order prices but the invoice seemed alot lower than the example x-plan invoices I have seen on the web. Any ideas would be appreciated. Its good to hear youll be gettin your mustang soon, i hope mines not far behind
  • cgalencgalen Posts: 6
    Curious about which dealer you used?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,096
    Dealer should have given you a VOC (Vehicle Order Confirmation) that shows the exact car you ordered with the exact options. It will also show the MSRP as well as the X plan price.

    The dealer knows this when they order it.

    Ask to get the VOC, first.

    You also want the DORA (off the top of my head, I can't remember what the letters mean, but your dealer knows). The DORA tells you the terms of the x-plan deal, the exact car you ordered and the price the dealer agreed to sell it for. They can also add dealer installed options to it.

    Personally, I worked only from the VOC for my x-plan deal, but I made sure the dealer's GM and I both signed it with the terms of the deal spelled out. The DORA is a more formal agreement, though.

    Without either the VOC (and ther terms spelled out on it with signatures) and/or the DORA, you really have nothing binding with the dealer that will hold them to the deal you cut with them on the order.

    Not saying your dealer will back out of the deal, but I've heard horror stories about dealers promising one thing when you order and conveniently forgetting about the terms when the car comes in. I've even heard of dealers taking an ordered car and selling it to someone else because they were able to sell it for more money.

    The Mustang GT is a "hot" car. It's been "hot" for the last 10 months and doesn't look like the sales pace is slowing one bit for the '06 models. MSRP and above has generally been the going rate for the car. Make sure you've got your ducks in a row to get what you want at the price agreed on so neither you, nor the dealer misinterpret anything when it's time to take delivery.

    Hope this helps.
  • The dealership I went to was Koons in Rockville, very nice salesmen, very upfront once we settled on x-plan. I was in and out of there in 20 minutes.

    Graphicsguy, Thanks for advice. I realize now I only have the VOC, so I'm gonna go ahead and get the DORA as soon as possible. I dont anticipate any problems, but why take the chance.

    Vnova,My X-plan price for the gt coupe was 25,058 including dest. and del., and msrp was 26980, so you should see somewhere around that same discount. you definitely should already know what price you will pay since you already ordered. Good luck, hope your car comes soon too!
  • This option is NOT listed under "build your own" on the Ford web site. Is however, listed in Edmunds. Anyone know if it is available now and is it true that ALL of the fall/spring production Mustangs are already SOLD? THANKS.
  • It wasnt easy.I argued a bit for it, using some logic that I was only gonna order it using xplan, and he'd still make SOME money off me. That wasnt flying too well so I finally just broke down and cried. Then he gave it to me. J/K lol
    I'm really not sure to the WHY he decided to do it (I think the final thing I said before he gave it to me was "Well I dont even know WHY they even HAVE and X-plan if I cant use it!). I know it helps dealer allocation the more they order and sell right away, but other than that I'm real thankful for the deal. It will take some convincing but I hope he does the same for you. Dont think I can post the name here, but I'll message it to ya.
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