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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am in the middle of negotiating with a couple of dealers on a V6 Premium, almost fully loaded, and ordered from the factory. Right now I have a dealer at $1120 off MSRP. Am I looking at a pretty good deal, or should I be able to get more? I am dealing in the state of CT.

  • I wouldn't be too concerned about the order remaining at C/U, even after 8 weeks. I would however, be concerned about the dealer sending you the DOC without the x-plan price. Keep calling them and bugging them until they give you the documentation.

    I placed my order at a small dealership in Northern NJ on 7/26. As of 9/9, the order was C/U. The DOC from the dealer has BOTH the retail price ($$29,005) and the x-plan price ($26,318 ($27,013 less the destination charge, which they took off). I have BOTH the DOC and a signed contract stating that the car will be $26,318. I gave them a $1000 deposit. The VOC I have has me at a lower priority (30) though b/c I agreed to wait a little longer since I got the preferred price. Not a big deal for me b/c I have a BMW lease that goes until March 2006. They guaranteed that I'd have the car. I bugged them every day for the past 6 weeks and even talked to the owner of the dealership and got his OK and signature on the contract.

    One thing I have to say about this process...granted, the GT is a popular car. But I think the problem here is that Ford gives way too much leeway to the dealerships (which are all independent), which, in the long run, hurts the company in general. I think they need to do a much better job overall. The BMW 3 series is ENORMOUSLY popular (esp. the all wheel drive) and I was able to order and get one within 10 weeks (and the car came from Germany!!).

    The bottom line for me is that if anything (and I mean anything) goes wrong with this order after all I've been through, I will NEVER go back to Ford (I told them that when I called them, too). The antics that they are pulling now will surely hurt them down the road. What will happen when those of us who love the Mustang already have one? They need to work on getting people to 'convert', which takes salesmanship, tact, and professionalism. That is the problem with most car companies...they have something popular and they go for the short term return and end up getting burnt in the long run (Chrysler's PT Cruiser for example).

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. Here are the specs on the car I have on order:

    GT Premium
    Satin Silver/Red Interior (Int Color Accent Pkg)
    Side Air Bags
    18" fan blade wheels (64W)
    Retail Price: $29005
    X-plan (as per contract and DORA): $27,013 (less destination of $695)

    I hope this helps you out. Hang in there. Waiting a little longer will justify spending like 3 grand less than you would have if you had to pay MSRP.
  • They didn't jump up and down to offer it to me, but when I pointed out how many cars I bought from their dealership since my 94 mustang cobra pace car they agreed to the x-plan. I also think production is starting to catch up with demand...I'm seeing a few more GT's on lots here in Utah as summer fades.

  • I'm about to purchase a 2006 pony package:
    -Redfire Metallic
    -Parchment Leather
    -Interior Upgrade Package
    -Side Airbags
    -5spd Auto
    MSRP $24,490 + $695 D&D = $25,185 x 8.25% TX sales tax = $27,262

    I'm about to sign for $24,000 out the door. Best I can figure, that puts the car at less than $22,000.

    I've got top credit and the dealers says the best FMC will do is 6.9%

    What do you think of this deal? I'm pretty stoked about it :)
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    I'd shop that 6.9% Ford rate. Go to or your local credit union and see where they fall.

    Be careful though, the dealer may have tied the price of the car to you financing through FoMOCo since they make decent money on the Ford credit contracts. You take that away and all of a sudden, they don't like the deal as much.
  • Yeah, I am going to contact my bank and the eloan site best rate is 5.25%.

    The $24,000 is regardless of financing.

    Taking into consideration the 8.25% tax and $695 D&D I'm paying $21,476 for the car with MSRP of $24,490 and invoice of $22,767. I think it's a good price, but would like to hear what others have paid.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    I paid "X plan" for my GT, which ended up a little under invoice. But, that was in the "dead of winter with snow on the ground" last winter. And, it was an ordered car. Plus, GTs are as scarce as hens teeth. My MSRP was $28K and change. X plan price was about $25.5K. Ford has had some price increases since then, however.

    V6s have the dealers more willing to deal since there are a lot more of them produced. I don't know what "D&D" is, but if that's the price of the car, I'd run to the dealer and close the deal ASAP. V6s are turning into a hot commodity again with the Pony Package, so I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger. No Mustang is being sold at or under invoice, so I wouldn't hesitate to sign the papers.

    FYI....I'll assume there's not a trade-in involved and there isn't any down payment involved in the figures you're quoting.
  • Hi,

    Do you think having a Lo jack installed is a good idea for my new 2006 mustang.If so any advice on the rates and the possible contacts?
    If not what are the good options to consider for adequate security.

    Your advice is appreciated in advance.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    Shalu....I'm ambivalent about LoJac for no other reason than I had a policeman tell me once that it was as easily defeatable as any other theft prevention device on the market. Plus, he sad in general, when a LoJac equipped car is recovered from a theft, the damage is usually worse on it.

    Now, that's one policeman's opinion in my tiny 'burg, but it always stuck with me.

    Can't remember if you got the "active-antitheft" option on your car, but it's probably as good as you're going to get for theft protetion short of spending $1,000 on some hefty aftermarket equipment.
  • Hi Graphic guy,

    Thank you for all ur messages so far you seem to be the only person who care to respond and share your knowledge.I have one more issue that I would like to know,Since Iam not much in to cars I want know some info about the accessories for my mustang.
    Is it advicable to buy a car cover from ford which is costing $325? or do u have any other recommendations.
    Electronic rear view mirror is it worth installing ?
    Floor mats for protections from ice and dirt - this is on top of factory provided carpets.

    Which of this is a good buy to go for and do u have any other alternate advices.
    Am I missing any other accessories that is a must to have in a car?

    A personal recommendation from ur end is appreciated.

  • Today my dealer called and said my black 06 GT was built Monday (9-19) and should be delivered on 10-19...does this sound about right? I look forward to finally seeing my car with the 18" fanblades...haven't seen one with those wheels yet in person.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    shalu.....I just try to help where I can, but thanks! ;)

    I guess in order to answer your questions, I'd need to know a little more. Will the car be outside all of the time? IF so, what kind of weather do you get (hot, cold, snow/ice, near salt water or exposed to salt in the winter, industrial fallout)?

    If you have a garage, or even some sort of car port, I wouldn't even look at a car cover. More often than not, they'll tend to scratch the paint. That said, it's better to cover it if it's constantly exposed to the elements, than to leave it out.

    Personally, I think the best way to protect your car is to put a good coat of high quality wax on it 4 times/year. My personal preference is Zaino ( There's an entire thread about this wonderous wax over in the "maintenance" threads. 2nd, stay away from those "drive thru...swirl-o-matic" car washes. Those do more damage to your paint than the weather will. We get very cold temps here in the midwest. If I can't do a quick hand wash, I usually take my car to those "touchless" car washes with a blower to dry it off. Then I do a quick dry with whatever water is left (takes all of 5 minutes). I only do that when the weather is cold, though to get the salt off the car.

    Floor mats? I've got some really nice aftermarket ones that are worlds better than what Ford sells. There are a couple of good places to get or They aren't cheap, but they are very good.

    I'm not exactly sure what an electronic rearview mirror is. But, if you're talking about the kind that dim automatically, I'd have to say I wouldn't waste my money. I don't need a mirror to dim for me. I just use the little switch on the mirror. It's not that big of a deal to me.

    But, there are some fancy ones out there that have compasses, autodimming....I've even seen some that have a built in radar detector. They are pricey, though.

    Hope that helps.

    skiu....your delivery time sounds about right. :)
  • Seems like you got your '06 pretty quick. I placed my order yesterday for the GT Premium Rag Top, and I was told not to expect it before April '06.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    h20....I was extremely lucky with my entire order. I ordered in the midst of one of the worst winters in recent memory. My dealer had no pending customer orders when I placed mine. They had stocking orders, but no customer orders.

    A month after I got mine, the same dealer was almost out of allotment and wouldn't budge from MSRP. They did stick to the deal (X-plan) they made with me, though.

    Currently, they're allotment through the end of January is all used up. They are saying the same as you're hearing....that is, any '06 GT ordered today won't be delivered until next spring

    Picked up my 06 Pony Package Tuesday. I LOVE IT! Everytime I get in to drive I feel a rush:-) This car handles great and the six is plenty of power since I'm not running quarters against anyone. Getting plenty of second looks too. Anyway, FYI here's my deal. Hope you all love yours as much as I love mine! :shades:

    MSRP $24,490 I paid $24,000 out the door including 8.25% sales tax. Zero down at 6% w/ local bank.
    Redfire Metallic w/ Parchment Leather
    Pony Pkg
    Interior Upgrade Pkg
    Side airbags
    Shaker 500W (great sound!)
  • Hey to Graphic guy out there, I haven't posted for awhile...thought I'd pop in and say...I'm still waiting....ordered my 05 Mustang GT in November 2004........never June of 2005, decided to hang up the idea of getting my 2005, so went back to the dealer and put in an order for a 2006, as shut down was to take place in July...what the heck, I'm not getting my 2005. Heard production of the 2006's started in early August. I was put at a priority 10 on my 2006 order. Here it is the end of September....I've called Ford direct 3 times now...still get the same response, the computer is waiting to pick you. I'm ready to throw that dang computer of theirs to the wolves. It'll be a year in November since I first put my order in. All the postings here of other people ordering last February and getting their cars by April really burns my hair....just what does it take to get a Mustang GT I ordered a year ago? People have really given me credit for hanging tough, the only reason I have thus far is my 1996 Purple GT with 45,000 miles on it. I keep telling Ford I'd really like my GT before the snow flies, as I live in Wisconsin. Any suggestions out there - anyone? Is there someplace I can call or write to that will finally step up to the plate and produce my order? Ford has really made a name for itself from me. If I don't get my GT by Christmas, I'm seriously considering a Dodge least they can produce a hot looking car without having to wait a year for!!!!! :mad:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    purple....sounds like it's time to find a new dealer. Sounds like your dealer doesn't have allotment.

    I'd go to another Ford store. Tell them what happened with your first dealer and ask them what their wait time is.

    Allotment is still tight on the GTs.

    Still, that doesn't absolve your original dealer from not giving you the scoop on what's going on with your order.
  • I went to test drive a V6 Mustang on Friday in San Jose CA, at whatever Ford dealer us at the AutoMall here. Cant remember the name.

    Anyway, I was shocked and surprised to see that they marked every Mustang up 3,995. Thats an extra 4K they added to the sticker, just because they could.

    Not just on the GT's either, every single one. And they didnt have a 2006 on the lot - they were all 2005's.


    Of course I walked.

    Houses are supposed to be more expensive here, not cars. What a rip-off.

    If I get a Mustang, it surely wont be from them. I will go to NC (where I am from) and drive it cross country before I buy a hubcap from them.
  • Hey everyone! So here's my deal. Late July this year I placed an order for a '06 v6 convertible w/pony package thru Beverly Hills Ford. The sales guy (will call him MS) took my order + $1k deposit & said he's give me a call in a couple of days w/confirmation & final price as he only had '05 pricing. 3 days later & no word so I emailed him. He said he'd look into it. 4 more days later & still nothing. No response to another email so I called & he calked it up to being busy. He said still no word yet from Ford. A week later & still nothing & he stopped returning my messages so I email the president (will call him NO). He's nice & all & as a result I finally get a confirmation # & a price of $23,670 from MS. I thank him for going under dealer cost & for blowing away the other quotes I've received. About 3 weeks later I try to get a hold of MS to ask for an update & to let him know I've found a comparable car at another dealer so I ask if he can trade for it & I'll take it instead. No response. A week later & still no response so again I contact the president who apologizes & says he's working on trading for the other car & will let me know the next day. Next day, the GM calls (will call him GG). He says they couldn't trade & notices that MS gave me the wrong price & it should be $3k higher but can't confirm how my order's going. I tell him I don't appreciate having my time wasted for almost 7 weeks & that I'll think about what I want to do. I again email NO & tell him that I don't appreciate his dealership's tactics, negotiate price again, & tell him it wasn't my fault that MS gave me the wrong price & since my time was wasted by misinformation & they can't give me an update anyway that I feel that they should honor the price or at very least consider meeting in the middle. GG calls me while at work yelling, swearing, saying to stop wasting THEIR time w/nonsense & there's no chance they'll go that low. I tell him MS started the whole thing & should be held accountable. He starts going off again & threatens to call my boss (since he had my work # on the order sheet) & tell him that I was wasting company time to harass them w/nonsense! Can you believe that!?! I tell him I'll not deal w/him anymore so I contact NO. He's not taking my calls so I finally email everyone that I'm cancelling my order. It takes a couple of weeks & several messages from me but they finally send my deposit back. Funny thing is NO attaches his business card w/the check & in the interim I get a message from some other sales guy there that my car has come in....a coupe! :confuse: So, anyway, I'm back to square one & trying to negotiate with other dealers....
  • This is the price on an '05 I'm being offered from my dealer off their lot, what do you all think?
    2005 V6 CONV PREM

    Price Information MSRP

    Key Standard Equipment

    Optional Equipment
    2005 MODEL YEAR
    .4.0L SOHC V6 ENGINE
    .P215/65R16 A/S TIRE

    TOTAL MSRP $28,670.00

    YOUR PRICE: $28170.00 WITH NO D&H
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