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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kbtkbt Posts: 27
    I say rent a garage for a month if you can't find a family member or friend to help you out.

    I found a self-storage place that has inside garages available (vs. on the grounds spots). The franchise closest to my office runs around $325 for a month; going to the one about 5 miles away is $170 ... which do you think I'm going with? LOL! Not like I'm going back and forth much. The car is having one bit of warranty work done on a leaking seal, and I pick it up today, then over to the body shop, then off to storage until Christmas eve.

    Although a friend did say I could put it in her garage and I may take her up on that. I just have this horrible vision of it getting accidentally scratched or something dropped on it if it's staying where there are people out and about. Which yes, will happen after it comes to our house, but it would be nice to have it show up Christmas day still looking great.
  • jrentjrent Posts: 15
    Could you tell me what XPLAN and Priority 10 are? I hate to approach a dealer wihtout knowing the various pricing options.. I had a local dealer (So. Cal.) fax me a copy of a window sticker and their price was $1,000 over MSRP !
  • What do you think I recently got a priority number of 45? On a 2006 Mustang GT convertable. After reading your post I hope I have nothing to be worried about. Thanks
  • What do you think I recently got a priority number of 45? On a 2006 Mustang GT convertable. After reading your post I hope I have nothing to be worried about. I just got my dora today and will confirm with the dealer tomarrow. They are telling me 90 days it what it should take to get me the car. According to the dealership they sold plenty of Mustangs and Mustang GT's to have a larger amount or allocation for this year. I have agreed to pay $34,000 which is $15 under MSRP. But my big question is if a Priority number of 45 is a good number with a high percentage that the car will be built in 90 days or close to that and is it possible for that priority number to change either way. Thanks for the info.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    krauger....ask your dealer how many orders are in front of yours. 90-days isn't out of the realm of possibility given it's within the 8-12 week window you should be looking for.

    If there are no orders in front of yours, then insist on a priority 10. IF there are orders in front of you, then the dealership would probably list them as (first to last) 10-20-30-40.....etc. It will depend on their allotment, also. Ask them if they can accomodate your order with their allotment in the next 30-days.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, I am going today to ok the Dora and will ask if they can give me a higher priortiy number. According to the dealership I have the first order in and they say they have one of the best allotments in the valley. I will post back with what info. I get today. Again thanks for the informative post.
  • Could you tell me what XPLAN and Priority 10 are?

    I think the priority part has been answered, but basically the lower the priority, the faster you will get your automobile.

    X-Plan is a pricing plan for employees of Ford business partners (e.g. major oil companies). It ends up being around 1% below invoice. If you do a Google on Ford X-Plan, you should be able to find a list of companies that qualify. Info on your company's code would likely be available from HR, company employee organizations, or even an internal website. I/We can't help you beyond that, because every company is different. (e.g. I have to go through an employee organization because HR and the internal website don't give the code because it's a Ford initative, rather than a company initative.)
  • I just got e-mail from a dealer in Pittsburgh,PA. They will take $1000 off MRSP with their ad. They had 2 Red 1 Black and one White all GT's. They sold me mine for my x-plan price. (I work for a Ford supplier). Check out the lots. Vista Blue :D
  • Man oh man, I would never ever buy a car sight unseen over the internet.

    I would also never buy a car from someone who wasn't local, especially someone in another state. What recourse would you have if there are problems, fraud, a lemon, etc.?
  • I picked up my 06 GT last night here in phoenix. Hopefully I got a great deal on my fire red GT. Paid 1000 under msrp for my dream car. Was this a good deal or am I just to excited to thick otherwise.
  • Hey everyone, so here's a follow-up after my original nightmare experience. I just picked up my '06 v-6 convertible this past weekend! Black w/black top, charcoal leather interior, pony package, interior upgrade, & side airbags: $26,290 + ttl which is below invoice! I actually went back to the dealer I initially dealth with. Turns out the owner fired the two sales idiots I dealt with originally as there were many complaints against them. We spoke as I was getting quotes from other dealers in the area & to make up for my trouble & to keep my business he went under invoice which was classy on his part to say the least. I got $8k on my trade of a '01 VW Beetle (Blue book $8500) towards it as well. Overall, I think I just got lucky but am real happy w/my ride! Took a mini road trip 90 mins outside of LA to visit my inlaws in the inland empire on a beautifully gorgeous sunny day yesterday w/the top down - words cannot express how awesome that was!
    I did find about 3 dealers in the greater LA County area willing to honor x-plan which was a little surprising but then again I wasn't looking for a GT & did all my negotiating online & over the phone. Still, I think if you're willing to talk to a few different dealers & have them compete against each other you might be able to score a pretty good deal.....
  • auto or manual?
  • Auto. Unfortunately, for some weird reason, you can't get the pony package on a manual transmission Mustang.... :confuse:
  • I'm considering the exact same car vs. the coupe, which is about $4500 less. I can get either at invoice. I can't decide if a convertible is worth the extra $4500. I know it really comes down to personal preference, but any little bit may help me. What made you decide on the convertible? Had you owned one before? (I haven't). Can you give me your impressions of the pros and cons of a convertible? Thanks.
  • Sure thing rmack. Basically, as a kid in high school back about 12 yrs ago, I was a big fan of the classic convertible look & always wanted a convertible. I initially bought an '03 mustang convertible, charcoal grey, a couple of years ago before my wife & I had our 1st kid. Unfortunately, I only got enjoy it for about a year as it got wrecked by a drunk driver on Easter Sunday last year. By that time, my son had been born & was 4 months old. We needed a family car since our only other car at the time was an '01 VW Beetle so we bought an SUV. My wife, bless her soul, has been telling me ever since that I really need a replacement as that was "my" car & she really felt bad that it got wrecked given how much I loved that car. The truth is she loved riding in it just as much as I loved driving it. Anyway, we were in a position where we could afford another car & so we went for it.
    I haven't owned one long enough to tell you the long term cons of a convertible. I would imagine the biggest concern being something going wrong with the top. Ford offers an extended service agreement which covers the top for 6 years so that might be an option. But normal maintenance isn't much different. I get it washed the same as I would a hard top. I live in LA so it doesn't get too cold & it doesn't snow here so other than rain, there isn't much to prevent you from driving with the top down. The only other real downfall is I've got shoulder length hair which can get can get a little knotted if I'm driving w/the top down on the freeway or at high speeds. But driving it is tons of fun & to me, more than makes up for any of that. There's nothing quite like the sense of freedom I get driving with the top down. I guess in the end it really does comes down to personal preference & what makes sense for you, where you live, etc. If you haven't driven one I would recommend you go for a test drive & compare. I don't know if that helps or not - I hope it does. Hopefully, someone else can chime in here w/their experiences. Please, let us know how you make out!
  • Something to consider about a convertible is that there's a whole lot more road noise, especially at higher speeds. The other is the added safety of steel over your head in a rollover. Me, personally, I can't stand all that wind and noise, which on long trips gets really old fast. But then, the new Pony looks great in a convertible, if looks (and being seen) is important to you.
  • I just ordered a Pony Package Mustang with a 5 speed last week.

    Am I going to get a notice saying that Ford wont build it??

    Whats the deal with the 5 speed and the Pony Package?? Anyone know the REAL DEAL??

    I know that I havent seen any 5 speed Ponies on the lots I have been on, but why wont they even build one??

  • kbtkbt Posts: 27
    I would imagine the biggest concern being something going wrong with the top.

    When my husband had his convertible he used to always leave it unlocked. I asked him why and he said if people were going to break in, he'd prefer they not cut the top in the process. So everything of any value went in the trunk and the doors weren't locked. Sure enough, the only time it was broken into, they destroyed the ignition but the top was fine.

    Unfortunately, the car did need a new top (can't remember why, but this was around the 10 year mark) and we replaced it. Wasn't 6 months later when the engine block cracked and he never drove that car again.
  • As a '05 GT convertible owner, I have to say that the road noise with the top down is not bad until you hit 80 or so, then it gets pretty harsh. I doubt that many convertible buyers are all that concerned about top down noise, but I was pleasantly surprised that you could hold a conversation in one at 50-60 MPH at normal volume levels. Top up driving is only slightly noisier than the hardtop GT's I test drove.
    I have taken trips to the mountains, beach, and a road trip from NC to NYC a few weeks ago, and I'll trade the slightly elevated noise for the opportunity for topless diving any day. And yeah, it looks great too!
    No one ever buys a convertible because it's practical. For that matter, what in the world is practical about the Mustang in general? However, the fun quotient trumps all! :shades: :shades: :shades:
  • I just bought a V6 convertible, 2005. A stripped premium, 5spd, windveil blue w/ parchment int. I live in central Fla.

    (speaking in round #s)

    MSRP $25,900
    Paid 24,300 ($200 over invoice incl. delivery) +
    $400 in dealer fee = $24,700 OTD.

    If you don't mind color, I've seen as low as $21K for deluxe 2005 verts advertised. They all seem to be selling for invoice or just above. I was given about $1K over what my trade was worth, so I have to imagine they are being thrown some discount $$ to clear out the '05s. I was told $2K over MSRP for a GT :0

    Let me know if anyone has questions on my dealer/purchase experience.

    Car is beautiful, drives like butter. V6 sounds like a V8. Great stereo (shaker 500). Can't believe how inexpensive this car is given the apparent quality of the ride.

    Best of luck to everyone.
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