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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I ordered my 06 GT Prem Coupe on 12/7, got an email yesterday from the salesman and it's already been serialized and they have a copy of the preliminary invoice. So, he expects the car to be at the dealership by the end of Jan or first week of Feb. (That's about a month yearlier than they told me when I ordered it).

    I can't wait to see it.
  • When people are talking about "ordering" their mustang and they haven't "received" it yet....what are you talking about? Are you speaking of ordering online directly from Ford or did you actually go to a Ford dealer and choose the features you want and it is being specially built? Is there an additional price for having your mustang "built?"
  • Yes, I ordered mine directly from a local dealer, they placed the order with the factory. That way I was able to pick n choose the options that I wanted (even though I got all but 2 of them). There is no extra costs in having the car built to your specs, it just takes extra time to get the car built & delivered. The benefit to me in having the car built was the dealer sold me the car at Employee Price. :shades:

    Hope this helps answer your questions.
  • Yes that is very helpful. I just figured I would have to pretty much settle for what they had on the lot which would be something close to what I want but not exactly what I want.
  • There are ways to search other Ford lots for the car you are looking for, you can do this yourself, or your dealer can help. I oredered mine because I could not find the mustang with the options that I wanted. Keep in mind that if you order one be prepared to wait. Mine was finished/built exactly 1 month ago, and I still do not have it (it must be on a very slow train). A V6 order will take 2-4 months, a GT order longer. Good Luck.
  • The ordering period will depend on what part of the country your in and your dealers allotment for cars. Here is Missouri, I placed my order for a 06 GT on 12/7 and I just got an email from my salesman that the car should be delivered by the 1st week of Feb (2 months from order date).

    So, alot of it depends on 1) location 2)allotment 3)Priority Code you were given (mine was 35).

    Hope this helps

    Oh--if you go to ford website and build the stang that you want, then you can search dealer inventories (enter the zip code) and you can see what all of the dealers have in stock.

    Good Luck
  • straystray Posts: 11
    Picked up my mustang yesterday,1/11/06, which I ordered on 11/04/05. V6 Premium w/Pony Package, Tungsten Grey, Interior Sport Appearance Package. Well worth the wait.

    Looks and drives great. The upgraded suspension that came with the Pony Package makes the car. I think the car handles great. I know I made the right decision on the options I ordered.

    I've read where some people are not happy with the various hues that show through in the Tungsten Grey color. This I
    do not understand, I think the grey looks great and matches the wheels that came with the pony package really well.

    Someone once stated on one of these forums that the V6 Premium w/Pony Package was the best deal for the money. I have to agree. I believe I am going to be very happy with my new toy.
  • jrentjrent Posts: 15
    I have noticed recently several '05 GTs for sale on the used market at apparently reasonable pricies $26,000 - $28,000 with low mileage 11,000 and in one case 4,000! Any thoughts why someone would buy this and turn it around so quickly
  • Thanks so much for your help!
  • No Problem

    Well I got great news yesterday. According to the automated system at Ford. My car shipped via convoy on 1/10. I didn't order it until 12/8/05. Seems VERY quick for a GT Prem Coupe but I'll be happy to finally get my car.

    I expect to have it sometime next week. I can't wait! :shades:
  • That is quick. I ordered mine in Nov, it was built and shipped on 12/12 and I am still waiting for it. I hope yours ships quicker.
  • cmhullcmhull Posts: 1
    I live in North Carolina and am days away from buying an 06 Coupe V6 Mustang. Would anyone here be able to tell me what Ford "factory-to-dealer" incentive is on this car? Also, any info on what their "floorplan fee/wholesale financial reserves" is? Any help is appreciated!
  • I factory ordered a 2006 GT Premium, loaded (minus shaker 1000), 18" fanblades, on 1/4/2006. Price was invoice + 250 doc fee (got it down from $399 - ridiculous here in NC). I was extremely happy and surprised at this price. Did I get lucky or are we starting to see GT's at or close to invoice? (I had invoice deal ready to go on a V6 since September, so I know those deals are common).
  • I think your getting a better deal from the dealers if you order the car. The dealers in my area aren't giving out good deals on stock vehicles but if you order it you can get a good deal.

    I got employee pricing on a 06 GT in December when I ordered it. My baby was built last Tues, still waiting on him to leave Flint Rock though.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    jrent....just a little history should explain the barely used Mustangs.

    When the '05 Mustang was released, demand was much higher than what the factory produced. Ford went so far as to up production of the Mustang to meet demand. It still wasn't enough to cover demand. There were about 13,000 people who ordered an '05 Mustang that Ford coudln't produce. This shortage was particularly acute with the GT version.

    Some of us (me included) were fortunate enough to buy the '05 Mustang GT at one of Ford's discount plans (vast majority of these sold at, or above MSRP due to demand exceeding supply).

    Dealers were paying top dollar for private sales of these GTs as well as at the auctions.

    Bottom line, I owned my '05 Mustang GT for about 9 months. I bought/ordered it using Ford's "X-plan". Since a lot of people had ordered, waited a year (or more) to get one, they finally decided to look at used. I sold mine for no other reason than I owned it for 9 months and was able to sell it for well over what I paid for it.

    I think this phenomena has eased slightly, but I still don't see many new '06 GTs on dealers lots. Demand is still high, therefore resale is still high.

    Add to that fact, there just isn't much on the market that appeals to the muscle car enthusiast....The Hemi Charger (still a 4-door, and with an automatic tranny), the GTO (which has been a disappointment for GM for many reasons...and still doesn't sell well) are the only ones. Plus, those cars still cost more than a Mustang GT, for essentiallly the same performance of the Mustang.

    There are some muscle cars that supposedly are coming down the pike (Camaro, Dodge Challenger), but those aren't guaranteed to be put into production. Even if they do get to the factory floor, it won't be for another 3-4 years.

    So, that's the reason the Mustang (especially the GT) is so popular, in so high demand, and still commands good money on the used market (and also the reason there are used ones on the market....former owners made money on them).
  • I bought my wife a 50th birthday present on 1/10/06. An 05 Mustang Convertible premium. Sticker price $28000, price paid out the door $24500 tax, tile etc. Sure beats the A plan. When I met her she was a young girl with an old Mustang. Now she is an old girl with a new Mustang!
  • Didn't believe the above about the glut of used GT's, so checked out the online San Francisco Chronicle used car ads:

    1) Found one GT, automatic. None with manual.

    2) All the cars are being sold by car dealers and car rental agencies, none by private owners. Dealers are probably selling repossessed cars. Rental agencies are all selling V6's, no V8's.

    3) The vast majority of cars advertised, in fact all but a couple, were V6's.

    The GT Premium remains rare, hard to find used or new, and is even rarer in popular colors with a manual tranny.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    pony-pirate....I don't think there's a glut of '05+ Mustang GTs on the market. There are a few. It could be because they're repos. I know some people (some on these boards) that bought the Mustang GT because in looked "cool" other reason. Car rental agencies don't even carry GTs....just V6s....and those are all automatics.

    A while ago, I related a story about a woman who bought a Mustang GT. She complained that it was loud (she didn't like the exhaust note...go figure) and rode too hard. After quizzing her, she said her previous car was a Solara. Now, these two cars have little in common other than they were both coupes. I don't know what became of her Mustang GT, but I'd bet a dollar to a dime, she traded it for something more sedate.

    Fact is, since the '06s have been out, I've seen maybe 1 GT per dealer sitting on their lot (and even that's a rare sight). Those weren't there more than a few days.

    You are correct....Mustang GTs of either '05 or '06 vintage, with manual trannys, especially premium versions, are very hard to come by.

    Just looked in the local paper this a.m. There was a dealer ad for an '05 GT base with automatic. The car probably stickered for $28K. Asking price was $29K....USED with 4K miles.

    This car (GT version) has been out more than a year, and demand is still very high.
  • jrentjrent Posts: 15
    Graphicguy...Thanks very much for the education. I forgot about the high demand and special buying incentives. Now it makes sense to me, appreciate your insight.
  • My wife ordered me the car of my dreams for Christmas. 06 Premium convertable with the Pony package. Sticker 29300 paid around 25700 (D-plan). We have to pay the taxes separately here in Missouri, so that will add another 1500 or so. But I'd much rather pay a little more for a brand new one. One dealer around here had 3000 off all their Stangs, but I didn't notice any GT's.
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