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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gslamsgslams Posts: 6
    quadzilla200 -
    consider the following before choosing between a GT and a v6
    1) The v6 convertible and GT coupe will probably be around the same pricing. So if you want a car which your wife can also drive and if you drive more in the city then go for a v6 convertible with automatic transmission. Also you can save on fuel by choosing the v6.
    2) GT means more HP and much more fun to drive car. Also it is more of a enthusiast car. IMO GT with manual transmission is a BLAST to drive and you JUST CANNOT compare it to a v6.
    3) if you can afford one go for the GT manual convertible!!
    4) Also go for the 06 models only because delaers are already taking in orders for 07 in April. I have heard of people on mustang forums getting GT convertibles at invoice which is around 30K depending on options.
    5) I do not want mail bashing but I have test driven the v6 autos and they are just not a sports coupe/convertible.
    They are good looking cars period. A celica or a RSX has better performance than these because they haul much less weight for the same HP and torque.
  • sanddunesanddune Posts: 1
    On Ford's website there is a locator section that will find your selection around the zip code you enter.

    There were some '05 gt v8 verts in So Cal when I checked today, not many though.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    I may be in the minority, but I think the coupe is a much better looking car than the convertible -- the lines are better because the fastback roof is inseparable from the design of the car, the overall look. :shades:
  • topoffgttopoffgt Posts: 14
    pony pirate-

    I like them both. There are not too many ragtops that look great with the top up compared to the hardtop. IMO, the trade-off for open-air motoring is well worth it.
  • Totally agree - that's why I bought the coupe. It was ridiculous how many people, upon finding out I'm buying a Mustang, asked "did you get the convertible"? You're right, I think we're in the monority, but that's fine with me.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Yup, have had the same reaction. People seem to fantasize the red convertible when they imagine this car (how obvious). I got silver exterior, charcoal leather interior: looks tough, of a piece. :shades:
  • samsam22samsam22 Posts: 1
    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me. I ruined my only car last week and there is a 95 ford mustang V6 for sale for 2400. 150k, looks excellent in and out - head gasket replaced at 130K. I know nothing about these cars and am looking for something safe for local commute and that will last me awhile. Thanks again!
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    For basic reliable economic transportation I'd get a Japanese car, a Civic, Corolla, etc., not a Mustang. Mustangs don't have the best maintenance records -- check out Consumer Reports for used car histories. You can also correlate Blue Book prices (available online and in most libraries) with your price range, narrowing down the selection.

    No car with 150k miles on it won't have some problems somewhere.

    I'd recommend the $50-100 or so it will cost to have a mechanic check it out before you sign the dotted line. Things that wear out: battery, brakes, brake cylinder, belts, suspension, generator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, hoses, tires, carburator, suspension, clutch/transmission (clutch and automatic transmission repairs are expensive). Make sure it doesn't burn oil and has adequate compression (once a car loses compression it means serious internal problems, basically, a dying enging). Don't mean to be sexist, but if you can bring along a guy who knows cars, it couldn't hurt.

    Brakes and tires are especially important if you're going to put kid(s) in the car -- don't cut any corners there.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 259
    They do suck. The 2005/2006 V6 Mustangs have a lot of problems. So do the 2005/2006 Mustang GT's.
  • gtforme2gtforme2 Posts: 23
    Obviously, you have issues with the new Mustang. But what I don't understand is, why? You don't even own one.

    I believe it was mentioned previous in this forum, that if you take all the complaints they'd you'd be lucky if it was 3-5% of all post. And of those posts, the majority were able to be resolved via TSB's that have come out. So the reality is there's probably 1-2% of all posts that are having continued problems. I'd doubt that's any worse than any Mustang year and probably far better than most.

    As far as looks, you seem little off base if ask me. You indicated that the 00-04 was the best styling since the 69-70. Well isn't it ironic that the 05-06 happen to be closer in styling to those years than any Mustang since (this is backed by virtually any write up on the new Mustang in any of the trade mags). Further if it's such a dud in styling, how is it that sales have far surpassed any previous years Mustang sales? You comments don't seem to hold water.

    I have an 05 GT vert and have had it since last June, thus far I've had total of zero(0)problems since had it. Maybe I'm lucky, but I doubt it. Nature of people is that they'll complain about what's wrong and say virtually little about things that are right.

    I've had lots of cars over the years, however, none were considered sports cars. The funny thing is that the whole thing that got me excited about the new Mustang and wanting one was it reminded me so much of the 68-69 Mustang. Yet, is was updated (particularly the ride). If wanted to have something that looked just like a 69, then I'd buy a 69, otherwise I would hope a current car wouldn't look the same as something of 35+ years ago. I wouldn't say the prototype of potential Camaro is exactly like Camaro of old either.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 259
    "As far as looks, you seem little off base if ask me. You indicated that the 00-04 was the best styling since the 69-70. Well isn't it ironic that the 05-06 happen to be closer in styling to those years than any Mustang since (this is backed by virtually any write up on the new Mustang in any of the trade mags). Further if it's such a dud in styling, how is it that sales have far surpassed any previous years Mustang sales? You comments don't seem to hold water."

    "ONLY" the 2005/2006 Mustang's rear facia looks like the 69 & 70 Mustang, but the rear quarter panels are too flat. They don't even resemble the 69 & 70 Mustang styling. And the front facia of the 2005/2006 Mustang looks like the 67 & 68 Mustang.
    The 99-04 Mustang has wider rear quarter panels that resemble the 69 & 70 Mustang and the rear facia has a more 69 is and 70ish look to it than the 2005/2006 Mustang. The only thing which doesn't resemble the 69/70 Mustang is the front facia. But the hood on the 2001-2004 Mustang GT resembles the 69 & 70 Mustang a little bit. The 2005/2006 Mustang doesn't even have a hood scoop and it neither has any side scoops. The 2005/2006 Mustang is not ugly, but it's not as agressive looking as the 2001-2004 body style. I don't know about you, but when I look at the 2001-2004 Mustang body style and compare it to the 2005/2006 Mustang body style, I see many differences if I compare both body styles with the 69 & 70 body style. The 2001-2004 body style resembles the 69 & 70 Mustang fastback body styling than the 2005/2006 does.
    Look carefully and compare the 2 body styles and you will see what I mean here.
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,879
    That is what this forum is all about... The title says it all..

    So, please move on to the general Ford Mustang (2005+) forum to discuss any other issues..

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  • pumppump Posts: 2
    Question from a rookie.

    Can one just walk into a dealer and aske for the x plan, or does one have to be e friend or relative of a Ford employee to get it?

  • I have a 2001 V6 Mustang which my partner drives and does not have alot of get up and go but I believe it's because of how it was broken in which was driving it slow. I had a 1998 V6 Mustang that I broker in and it had all the power I really wanted. I am currently looking at buying a 2006 Premium Mustang in VA, automatic, no leather seats, pony package, interior upgrade package, anti-lock brakes, front seat side mounted airbags, anti-theft system, and shaker 500 audio system and I've gotten pricing for under $24,000. I've gotten all my pricing via the internet. I have bought my last two vehicles without going to the dealership except to pick-up the vehicle.
  • jclfjclf Posts: 3
    that deal for 24k doesn't sound all that great. I was quoted the same exact package for just under 22k. I was at the dealership though.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    The X Plan is for "Ford Partners" only. You have to work for a company which is on that list.

    For Fords, the price is usually a bit under invoice.

    The prices for Mazdas, Volvos, etc is usually between invoice and MSRP.
  • topoffgttopoffgt Posts: 14

    My employer uses several Ford vehicles in their fleet, so they are a "partner". X-plan pricing requires proof of employment with the partner company and a unique PIN which sometimes can be requested on-line. My GT convertible was about $50 under invoice.

    Also, no dealership is required to honor the X-plan price.
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Mustang manual GT's are still being snatched up off my local dealer's lot, gone within the week.
  • spdwy33spdwy33 Posts: 21
    Took delivery of our silver GT convertible last Monday and still can't get that silly grin off my face!

    Absolutely stunning to look at - and a real blast to drive! (For the most part we've just been loafing at the speed limit - ok, maybe just a little over the limit!)

    Could not believe how easy it was to buy it - and how much fun it was to take delivery. Forum rules won't let me post names of salespeople or phone numbers; but I can tell you that Roberts Ford in Alton, IL is a damn fine place to buy a car!

    No pressure - called them up, told them what we wanted and they changed the color of one that was on order - took about three phone calls and it was a 'done deal'. Fast, easy deal - very competitive pricing, no long - drawn out 'negotiation', excellent price for our old car.

    Highly recommended!
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 259
    That's great to hear. I can't wait until the new body style Mustang comes out. I want one. I already own a 2001 Mustang GT and a 2002 V6 Mustang. I like the 05 & 06 Mustang, but I like my 01 & 02 body style a little better than the 05 & 06 body styles.
    I want to wait until 2009 when the new 2010 new body style Mustang comes out. I think that it might look a whole lot better than the 05's & 06's.
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