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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Lassen54 - Congrats to you on that new GT convertible!! What a pleasure to be able to actually select between several tempting cars. Most of us have not even seen a convertible yet!
  • I was considering the RX-8 and the GT. Needless to say, the Ford dealer treated me better and was willing to work with us to get us in the Stang. No pressure and very laid back at my local Ford dealer. Long story short, I am now in a Silver GT auto w/ IUP (wife needs to drive the car too). The only GTs on the lot were my silver and a white auto. I purchased it at MSRP but the dealer was willing to try and get as many discounts as possible. Glad my Masters degree has already started working for me ;-) Since Saturday it has been rainy in the Philly area, so I can't wait to get some sun and enjoy this beast!

    The only thing I am disappointed in is having the spoiler. I would have liked to add a ducktail and the one I was looking at would not cover the factory spoiler holes. So I am not going to mess with filling holes and repainting. Not yet anyway...
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,347
    The ducktail spoiler is on the "hit list" for a lot of people. could just wait a year and a half for the Cobra GT500 and get the ducktail. Of course, the rest of that car won't be too shabby, either.
  • lassen54lassen54 Posts: 7
    Thank you! There are very few converts out here, but I expect to see more before too long. The car is getting a lot of thumbs up at this point. I'm looking forward to some "top down" weather. The weather forecast for tomorrow is clear, sunny, and 75 degrees---we've had a long wet winter here in northern california and some warm sunshine will be nice for a change...I'm sure we'll be seeing converts all over the country before too long!
  • gtforme2gtforme2 Posts: 23
    It's first's all the way around.

    First convertible, First time that will be paying MRSP, First time registering to join forum (read many often), First time didn't have all the answers before starting the car buying process.

    Thanks to the graphicguy and others on the purchase info. I have question. I was so pumped when went to the Ford Dealer (Tuesday night) that I ordered right then and there. A GT with everything (except the 1000 watt). Bottomline, tuned into this forum last night (Wednesday) and then checked my VOC and found out it's listed #99. So, I am calling dealer this morning. I'll ask on the allocation. Also, do you think order will have to be cancelled and reinput to get the higher priority?

    I'm in the Granite state, called 7 dealers (including Boston area dealer), all said no GT conv available, need order, will be MSRP, delivery Mid June to July. Hoping that not too late. By the sounds, might not see anything till the fall.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,347
    lassen54....congrats and welcome. Come on down to southern OH where we're just coming off of one of the worst (snowy) winters in recent memory.

    Rainy winter? Hopefully, that means we will be getting some mighty fine wines out of that rain in the next year or two.

    BTW, I love northern CA. I'm in the Bay Area for work about once/mo. Love it. definitely want your dealer to change your priority from "99". If it stays there, you'll never get your car. Again, insist on a priority of "10". You definitely want to know your dealer's allocation for April/May. IF they don't have any, go to another dealer who has allocation and will order yours with a priority "10".

    Supply is tight for the GTs, in any flavor. Even though Ford had upped production to 150,000 units for MY '05 over 140,000 units for MY '04, demand still outstrips supply.

    A few weeks ago, Ford upped production again to 180,000-185,000 units for MY '05. It's not clear yet whether even that elevated number will meet the strong demand for the '05 Mustang.

    As a result of this demand, dealers are selling any and all GTs and convertibles they can get their hands on. Lots or crazy stories on other boards about dealers taking customer orders and selling them for more than agreed prices to other people, charging well above MSRP, etc.

    Take a walk over to E-Bay and take a look at what some people/dealers are doing....adding different wheels/tires/striping....calling them "special editions" and charging more than MSRP. GT convertibles are being bid "over MSRP", too.

    Best thing to do is arm yourself with knowledge and take that knowledge to a dealer you feel you can trust. Then, stay on top of them regarding your order.
  • If this car wasn't so much fun, it would be tempting to cash in on eBay or a local ad and make a profit. I can't get over the engineering Ford put into this car.

    I feel for you guys who have to order and hope you get it. I was one of the lucky ones whose dealer had what I wanted and didn't play games. I payed MSRP, but that is the price for being an early adopter. Hang in there and hopefully you can get your car with some summer left to enjoy it.
  • Today my dad finalized his Mustang. Since he wanted to customize it he ordered his. He got a premium V6 with leather, Interior upgrade package, front seat side mounted airbags and wheel locks. Msrp on the car is 23,930. We get in 6-8 weeks. Edmunds says expect to pay MSRP the car cost us 22,359. We got the discount because he works for American Express and got a big discount but most dealer do not oblide by it when it comes to a car in such high demand. The dealer was very profesional and it was a very good atmopshere. The dealer is Elmwood Ford In Elmwood Park, New Jersey on route 4 (broadway) if your interested in a mustang or any Ford I would give them a look.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Question for those buying convertibles. Do they offer a roll bar as an option? Did you buy a roll bar?

  • johngaltjohngalt Posts: 5
    You gotta keep your convertible right-side-up at all times according to the owners manual... there is no roll bar.
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Just wondering if anyone else is waiting as long as I have on my 05 Mustang GT...
    Ordered early Nov. 04...Premium, Torch Red, Charcoal Interior with Interior Upgrade Package...500 Watt Stereo. Rec'd a call from my dealer about 3 weeks ago after bugging them about my order, they are telling me that the car has not even hit a production schedule yet, they can't tell me where it is at in line for production! 6 months later......any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Was told another guy ordered his 2 months before me and he still doesn't have his.....I'm really feeling like I'm getting a run-around. Thank goodness I have a sweet purple 1996 Mustang GT with only 43,000 miles on it to drive while I wait for the new one.....HELP!!! Thanks for any suggestions.... Wisconsin!!! :cry: :mad: :confuse:
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hi - I ordered a GT coupe in November 04......6 months later, I'm still waiting on it...after my dealer called Detroit 3 weeks ago, they tell me they can't even give me a number or tell me where it is in's not in production yet!!!! If this is any prepared to patiently or impatiently wait.....!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    If they can not deliver in 6 to 8 weeks, cancel the order. Nothing wrong with a '96 GT with only 43K miles on her. Keep it! One of my favorite body styles of Stangs over the years. It has a well rounded body, lean looking, and the interior has a better looking rounded dash on it. You can actually view the speedo and tach better on the older car too. The insurance is lower on the one you have. The price on Mustangs, after all the whoopla is over, will be discounted $2k to $3k no doubt. Ford and GM never get retail for anything, unless it is during a fever time, like PT Cruiser or New Beetle crazed buying frenzy. If you are really in need a car with the current body style, why not get the real deal. Look for a 1969 Stang, and have chrome bumpers and really sharp styling in the original package. Do you really need, or even want throttle-by-wire and such? If you are getting a stick, try one out before buying.

  • johngaltjohngalt Posts: 5
    The difference between invoice and MSRP on the GT is about $2500. I doubt you are going to see 2-3K discounts on this car in the near future. Dealers are moving them off the lot within hours at MSRP and up.

    I'm not dissing the '96 Stang but the '05 is a different animal.

    Ford and GM are starting to get the hang of it with the Mustang and the 300...

    Also, there is a lot of mythology about insurance... check with your carrier before you believe the internet prophets of doom - my insurance is not bad at all on a GT Vert.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Lots of cars are sold below invoice. Sure the GT Stang may not for a few more months, or maybe give it two years - hard to tell. Sooner or later, it will sell at invoice or lower, if you are saying only a $2,500 mark up. I do not believe that the invoice is the bottom line. Too many other payments must go to the dealerships. Otherwise, why would anyone assume the risk of a car dealership. If you own a few million, and had it sit in a bank at 4% interest rate it makes more than what they claim they are making on new cars. Look at all the people that work there, and the floor space, inventory, advertising expense, insurance, etc. And they are going to make a few hundred bucks on a car. So what would the poor starving salesperson make? How did they discount a V6 down to $14,888 brand new in 2003 and 2004 before the latest change of model? Plenty of Hertz rental cars coming into service, and as the car becomes more common the prices will come down. As for insurance, the convertibles insurance is less than the other mustangs because the clients tend not to bend the metal as much. They are better drivers, or at least more conservative drivers. That said, I would not own a soft top without a roll bar. The new retro style is pleasing enough to the eye, and they did some things to the car to improve it, and some things I am not sure are a plus. More good than bad, I guess, if getting an automatic. The look is OK, though I am old enough to have already been there and done that. I owned a '65, and did like the new styled '67 and '69 when they came out. After that, they kept creeping up in size. I hope this is not history repeating itself, as I see a couple of inches here and there as years go by. Best they stop already with any more up sizing. And some day, I guess we shall see IRS, as this is the year 2005, and I doubt if but a small percent would complain about it not working for drag racing. Some say it is keep the cost down, but the cost is not down, it is higher. Some are approaching or surpassing the cost of buying a new BMW sedan. A fun car, at a low price, is how I look at the sporty Ford, so $18,500 for V6 or say $21,500 or so for a V8 makes sense to me. Actually, I see American cars usually as a better used car value, though lately some have hard large rebates/discounts. If I was rich enough, and it did not matter so much cost wise, yes the new Stang GT at any price would be a fun toy.
  • lassen54lassen54 Posts: 7
    You may want to check with your insurance agent before buying a new mustang. I was presently surprised when my agent insured our new mustang gt convertible for less than $1,000 per year...maybe by 50 years of age and good driving record had something to do with that.

    There are very few new cars out there that can match the Mustang GT for performance at a similar price...take a look at the price of any new car that is anywhere close to the new mustang in performance, appearance, and fun...and you can be looking up to twice the cost---especially a BMW!

    The Mustang with a six is very peppy and fun with over 200 HP. My friend bought one and is very pleased with it! The Mustang six may be an even better value than the GT.

    I think Ford has hit a home run with the new Mustang!
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hi, thx for the reply...I decided to send the dealer an email this morning and see what I get for a response this time....after waiting 6 months it'd be hard to give up at this point, even tho it's really starting to get my goat, so to speak. I'm not looking forward to giving up my 96, it's been a darn good car and have received many compliments, and it's been driven every winter since I've had it! It gets a weekly bath. Although driving a mustang in the snow is quite the challenge and you have to drive like a gramma. If I could afford the insurance on both of them and had an extra space in the garage, it'd be mine for good.
    I do have to say, I think I got a pretty good price from the dealer, right now Edmunds sight is listing mine at $28,400 with options, I managed to pull mine off at $26,000....must have been that cold November blustry day that got them to give me a decent deal. I know I won't find that price anywhere now. I'll have to pop in and let you know what I hear this time for a response....wish me luck...
    :shades: PS....I'm getting (hopefully) the automatic, have had sticks in the past, it's too difficult to eat a burger and shift at the same time....LOL
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I was quoted under $1200 for V6 and less about $1300 on a GT for insurance. You are saving on getting a convertible. They seem to have less loss on those. I was thinking of possibly getting a V6, with a stick, which has the best gas mileage. Not sure how shifting is with that throttle-by-wire, which may work better with an automatic transmission. But the gas mileage suffers. I am always looking to save a buck, and with gas in California hitting over $2.55, I have to think ahead. It ain't lookin' pretty. Some day, I may move to some state were gas is much less to buy. I love to drive. I paid sticker on a Dodge Stealth when they came out as a 1991 model, and it sure was neat to have something much different on the road than any other car. People would point at the car, give a thumbs up and walk on over to talk about it. If people want to get the first New Stangs, that is fine. These days, I guess I am just getting cheap. If I get a V8 it may be an earlier model, and a V6, I would still consider in an 2005 model, but waiting for the discounts to roll on in. Hey, they started the game on price, then rebate, so I like many, sit and wait. As far as BMW, which we had some locally starting at $28,500, vs. a Stang V8, well yes it is not the same HP, but the inline 6 engine is sweet and the car is pretty tight in so many areas once you get into that price range, I start thinking of the overall value of the two. Yes, you are quite right as to performance, if that is defined by straight line speed. Hard to argue that it is not fast and sounds better than any 6 cylinder would. Once you get out of the low 20's for price though, there are a lot of elements handling and quality wise to consider. Depends on your priority s. And maybe it is just perceived worth, historic pricing, or thinking back to the origins of a peoples sporty car based on a Falcon. Perhaps I will let go of this some day and accept new more lofty pricing on the Mustangs as being the norm. Time will tell.

    :D Loren
  • roberta4roberta4 Posts: 5
    I have been waiting for 6 solid weeks for my GT convertible (loaded w/o 1000 shaker) and they still tell's not even been built. I can't wait. I ordered silver with red interior.....but they have a legend lime in the showroom......may have to go for it!!!! if it's still there! :cry:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    " I have been waiting for 6 solid weeks for my GT convertible (loaded w/o 1000 shaker) and they still tell's not even been built. I can't wait. I ordered silver with red interior.....but they have a legend lime in the showroom......may have to go for it!!!! if it's still there! "
    -end quote-

    Hey, that is a cool color, as in fun color. I had that color on a car back in 1976. If you are not sure about living with the color choice, wait for the silver. You want to :) when you see the car in the driveway. I think that color really stands out, and like I said, kinda fun sorta color, but it is funny how what people say when they see it. Somewhat of a polarizing effect, with only a few people saying they sorta like it. Most are thumbs up or down. I think that red, green and dark grey metallic seems to look good with this model. I liked the white on last years car. The silver is OK, but it is not as bright as VW silver. Wish Ford could borrow a can of paint in silver from VW to get the paint brighter. Just a little dull, I think on Fords, but still comes off looking OK. Blue is different, but maybe too sleepy a color for a sporty car? Hard to say. It is an interesting blue color - different than the rest. And then there is yellow, for those shy people needing to meet others, like the highway patrol officers :blush: or black for those needing more exercise washing, waxing and dusting their baby. I still like red. I see they had orange at one time - yuck! The new metallic burn orange colors are neat, but I don't think they have them for mustangs yet, and perhaps for good reason. Not every color works for every car. That green may have some good impact on the eyes :surprise: Does it have black interior?

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    GTforme - I live on the NH/Me border and bought mine from the dealer in York Me. He does have a black GT convertible supposedly arriving in April - and at this point it's not spoken for. They treated me very well and I did not pay MSRP. If you are anywhere near Portsmouth and the deal you presently have doesnt work out - I'd suggest them. Starkey Ford. York Me. Ask for the internet sales guy.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Carfreak - did your dad buy an automatic or std?? I've got a Windveil Blue V6 Premium std and my family is loving it! My oldest boy just turned 16 and has his driver's learning permit. He'd been driving an automatic but within 2 days was doing fine with the clutch and loving the shift action (to say nothing of the attention he's getting!) I originally had ordered an automatic but changed the order a few days later. If it's not too late - get your dad to make the switch!!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    So you have a new V6 stick. Can you blip the gas to raise RPM for downshifts? Just curious. With the cluth in, when you press the gas pedal on down, how far up do the RPMs go, and is it imediate? Never owned a car with throttle-by-wire. Windveil Blue color - is that one with some history to it, and in Ford use during the 60's? My Stang from the 65 was that light creame color - sort of creame yellow. I can not recall that blue. My aunt had a darker blue metallic Fairlane - nice lookin' car. As for std. tranny, if it works well, the gas savings of 3 MPG and the fun of having more command over the car, is well worth having to excercise the leg each day. Have fun! Has the priced dropped below $19,500 yet on V6 Stangs?

    :shades: Loren
  • roberta4roberta4 Posts: 5
    The legend lime one in the showroom has beige interior and top. It's pretty cool but I really like the red interior. The red interior would not look good with the green. It would look good with the black, but the black looks very unfeminen. I really want a car that looks like mine and not my husbands. Since it is a V8 and a stick...I wanted girl stuff. Yellow was way too young for me and red was screaming for the guys to look!!! So silver was my best bet to go with the red interior. I'm getting a little bummed out about the that I'm reading that it may take months for her to come in! :cry:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well red interior with green exterior would look right in style for Christmas. Really, if you want red interior and silver exterior, I would not jump into the lime green. Beige interior with a Hunter Green car looks great, but on Lime, I don't think it is so sublime. Be sure to test drive a stick before buying one. Sticks differ greatly from one car to another. I have been there before, buying a car on special order before testing it out. The stick, in that case, was NOT the best for that car. Since this is a brand new stick, you can not compare it to last years model. Since this car has throttle-by-wire it is going to be different in that respect. It is new everything, so try before buy. You may want the automatic. If all else fails, and they can not produce a Stang with red interior, get a used Corvette with red interior. :surprise: 350HP is a lot of ponies, and gas mileage is better. Hope ya get your dream Stang - good luck!

  • tomartomar Posts: 1
    does anyone know which Ford dealers in Northern California are currently accepting the X-Plan for 2005 Mustangs (GT Premium)?

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Loren - the Windveil Blue is a new color - not retro. I'd call it a medium steel blue.
    Prices havn't dropped much here in New England yet - most are a bit under MSRP. I was fortunate to do MUCH better than that. Relative to the clutch and tach - yes it does jump when you clutch but I'd have to look to tell you exaclty how much and probably varies quite a bit by gear and speed. I'll look tonight.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 8,347
    This isn't exactly good news, but it does explain a bit with what's going on with orders and what's happening in trying to buy a new Mustang.

    In short.....they are oversold....even with upping factory capacity. But, it goes along with what we're hearing that you may have to wait until well into the '06 production to get at least, a GT.
  • lassen54lassen54 Posts: 7
    I could not find a dealer in northern California that would accept the X-Plan. In fact, many dealers are marking up the Mustang GTs over MSRP. I did not want to wait, so I ended up paying MSRP ($32,980) for a Premium GT Convertible at the Ford Store in San Leandro. I was by there this past weekend and saw three GT converts on the lot...and one GT Coupe.
    There were plenty of Mustang Sixes on the lot and it's my understanding that those are being sold for under MSRP.
  • My wife just bought me a GT in Legend Lime with black interior. I just got back from Iraq and she surprised me with the car. After calling over 40 dealerships, she bought one without seeing it from a town 5 hours away. This car is exceptional!
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