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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Check out ebay or the classifieds: Whole lot of Mustang GT's selling for dirt cheap. Don't let a dealer whip you. New car should be selling for at least $1000 below MSRP.

    And don't get suckered by dealer add-ons, like after-market wheels. They're only meant to put bucks in the dealer's pockets.

    Perspective: Ford is millions of dollars in debt and laying off tens of thousands workers. Dealerships are closing. They need, real bad, to sell cars.
  • Just bought a V6 premium Redfire with Auto, Pony package, Leather, Abs/Traction Control, Interior upgrade for 21900 in NJ.
    If you are in NJ and planning to buy, stay away from Malouf, they tried to slip in a manual, while we had negotiated for an auto. Scumbags, never gonna buy from them again. If I wasnt carefull, I would have been stuck with a stick shift at a much higher price.
  • I am looking into a 2007 GT at Malouf. I found it online and when I went there they said it was actually not yet on lot, had been shipped. The salesman said he would call me as soon as it arrived. I had a bad experience with Malouf a few years ago so I am a little reluctant to but there. I found a vista blue GT at Capital City Ford. The dealer is closing and they offered it at dealer invoice. I wanted the side air-bags which it didn't have which is why I went to Malouf. I also saw a Black GT in langhorne which had something called "GT Upfitters Package" ($2,140). It appears to be a pre-Shelby package. Don't know much about it and am going to try and see it soon.
  • cappy 53, did you say that Capital City is closing?! That's where I take my 05 V6 Premium for service (although I have never been impressed with them).
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Why would it be more for a stick? When I bought my '06 GT is was more for an automatic. Fortunately for me, a stick is my preference.
  • What I meant to say that, the price we agreed upon was for an Auto and they tried to slip in the stick shift, so at that price, I would have paid extra for the stick shift..
  • Yes, I was there last weekend (2/17) and they said the dealership is closing. I was told service would be performed at the Lincoln-Mercury dealer that is nearby on route 1 north
  • I plan to order a GT Premium convertible in mid-April through the X-plan (unless I hear enough evidence showing me negotiating will yield a lower price....). I've also noticed the GTs starting to stack up at the dealership - anyone have an idea on increased rebates in the near future?

  • I had the option of xplan and it ended up being about $400 over invoice. I negotiated to $300 below xplan by pairing two dealerships off each other.

    One other word of advise is to check the Better Business Bureau to see which dealer is toeing the mark. Good luck and have fun.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Tell the dealer that you want to split his X-plan comission with him. Just don't come to my dealer to do it :P

  • Back from traveling and refocused on the 'stang. Can't find what I want in stock. Best quote so far for an ordered car: invoice plus TTL, minus any incentives that are offered at delivery. What do you think?
  • jdt141jdt141 Posts: 8
    so what's the prevailing knowledge on ordering a gt w/stick in terms of pricing? are they going for around invoice or not a penny under msrp?

    what are the thoughts on the latest deal too - free auto tranny + 1000 cash back?
  • I plan on buying a mustang gt also. Just waiting for stonger incentives (they suck right now). I'm also a car salesman (at a ford dealership). Making dealerships compete eachother for a sale is totally unecessary. A salesman gets paid commission not hourly. Here's how you're gonna save yourself time and money not to mention the salesmans time. Find out which dealership has the exact one you're looking for(it won't work if they have to dealer trade). X-plan is usually a couple of hundred dollars over invoice. Every vehicle has what's called "holdback". On a mustang gt, it's normally around 500-1000 dollars.Here's what you're going to do.
    Assure the salesman that he's gonna get the sale( don't treat the salesman like crap, we work hard just like everybody else). When you work numbers inside, let him present the numbers first. Ask "politely" to pull the invoice sheet and find out how much the hold back is. FOR EXAMPLE...if MSRP is $30,000, ivoice might be $28,000. If the holdback is $850, take $500 of it (don't be greedy) and subtract it from the invoice. Now you're buying the car at $27,500 plus whatever rebate or bonus cash is being offered at the time ( a $1000 for a GT coupe = $26,500 +TTL). When a salesman sells at X-plan or below invoice, he's going to get a "mini"( $100 for selling a $30,000 car :( ). Get a full tank of gas and a detail. When your salesman delivers the slip him $100. It's the least you can do for him because the salesman is going to get it from the manager. Everybody wins (except the dealership), you get the exact car you want at a stupid low price and the salesman gets an extra $100 from you. As far as "back ends" and interest're on your own. Just make sure your credit score is high enough to purchase a vehicle and it's not all for nothing. I wouldn't purchase this month because the incentives suck. I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU ALL OUT. :)
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Rumor has it that incentives on Mustang are coming as sales are off since the start of 2007.

    Also, not all dealers sell below invoice, and once a sales man finds out he has the car you want, why should he sell it below invoice.

    With inventories as low as they are. Dealers can be pretty sure they are going to sell every Mustang they have so there is not the same kind of incentive to take a short deal as there was 2 years ago before the "Family Plan" with employee pricing.

    Also not all dealers have the same pay plan as Zippos. I get salary plus commission and no "minis".

  • We searched five states on Ford's website (which, btw, is a pita) and couldn't find a reasonable in-stock match to what we wanted. We weeded-out a lot of dealerships through email & phone, and talked to several that we liked. Even if they have better resources than the Ford website, they still couldn't find an in-stock close match. Most prices on an ordered car ranged from invoice to inv+$500; rebates would apply if available when delivered. Of course, a lot of the weeded-out dealers said things such as, "we're very competitive, when you come in, we'll prove it" and "usually close to sticker, but come-on down, we'll talk!"

    In the end, we ordered exactly what we wanted for invoice plus TTL and minus any rebates/incentives available when delivered. TTL matches DMV charges - no upcharges or extra fees. Around here, you have to watch for that.
  • I have test driven two 2007 GT manual convertibles. One at Wareham Ford and one at Bonnell Ford. The first one shifted smoothly but the front end vibrated. The second one shifted really rough like driving a different model. So, I'm a little discouraged...also don't want to buy ahead of additional incentives. Your final price of $27,515 seems very good...that is for the ragtop, right?
  • What better incentives are you waiting for? The GT has $1,000 cash back plus free automatic transmission. There might be 0% financing but probably just on the v6 not the GT. Last spring they didn't have anything on the GT's. Do you know something that we don't. I'm thinking about making an offer on a GT/CS and I appreciate your advice.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Ford has hinted to the press that new incentives are on the way to help move Mustangs. New programs start 4/3/07.

  • jdt141jdt141 Posts: 8
    better deals? really?

    1000 retail customer cash
    645 auto trans
    995 bonus customer cash.

    2640 off?? total?? can it get much better???? if you want a car today, seems like its the thing to do...

    now after browsing the vehicles out there, they don't have one even close to what i want.... so i'll have to order and be left with whatever they're offering when the car comes in....I see some posts on a dealer allocation?? what is that?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Dealers can throw as many cars as they want into the order bank but the factory will only schedule a car for production if the ordering dealer has a unit of allocation.

    Just make sure your dealer uses a priority of 10.

    Make sure you discuss any options that are under commodities restriction. Usually the 18" wheels are in limited availability. This way you can have a more realistic idea of when your car might come in.

    My Mustang V6 took about 8 weeks to get because I ordered manual trans.

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