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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cat2kcat2k Posts: 1
    Has anybody received all three rebates? I was told at the dealer today that you could take the $1000+$645 or the $1000+$995 but not all three rebates.

    Very interested to know, since I am having a Mustang GT Auto being delivered next week from another dealer. Still think I am getting a good price with $1995 cash back and X-plan pricing.
  • I think the $995 is for the older Vin's, pre 9/06. That's when the auto was stickered at $995. The new ones are stickered at $645. Basicly I think you just get the auto for free what ever it was stickered for plus $1,000.
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    Do you think the Gt's are going to be included? If not 0%, maybe lower than the current incentive?

    Did they not have a 0% last April on most cars?
  • cptchetcocptchetco Posts: 32
    I know this is not what you are asking, but it is relevant.
    1968 bought 1966 '66 6cyl convert for $3600 w/11k miles. sold in 1971 for $3500.
    1972 bought new Convert (Q code) for $4,000: still have it; appraised $34,000.
    1989 Convert 5L 5spd bought 1990 $9,000 (21k miles)sold 1996 (125k miles)for $7,000 to a friend who still has it.

    1983 Convert 6cyl Pd $1,000 March '06 (133k Miles)sold Aug 06 for $3250 (141k miles).
    Mustang Converts have great resale value and are damn fun to own and drive, particularily the performance models.
  • vincap28vincap28 Posts: 4

    I am looking into purchasing 2007 Mustang GT. I had a chance to rent one for two days while on a business trip. It was an automatic and I was disappointed with the hesitation when I stepped on the gas. I thought it was very noticeable. I have since learned that it is because of the "electronic" throttle. I test drove a stick a few weeks ago and don't recall this hesitation. Does the stick not have electronic throttle? Please send me your experiences or thoughts on this issue.

  • Hi cappy53,

    Just last week I had the fuel pump replaced in my 05 V6 because of the throttle lag issue. Apparently there is a technical service bulletin specifically for this issue. I also found a thread on this Mustang forum about a way to "reset" the electronic throttle (you have to put the key in a certain position, depress the throttle very slowly, then drive the wheels off the car to reset). I did not notice a difference after the reset but since the pump was replaced its been like a different car and in a GOOD way. I have not driven the GT or a manual so I can't say for sure if they have the same hesitation. If I ever upgrade, I will definitely get the manual just because it seems like more fun to drive!
  • They might be but I couldn't wait. I made the dealer an offer on a GT/CS I've been eye balling for a while and he took it. Basically $1,000 under invoice with the free auto ($995) plus $1,000 rebate. They might have better incentives next month but I think it's the end of the 1st quarter and sales are down and they need to sell cars. I am very happy with my deal, and get the car on Wed.
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    I can wait indefinitly, my current car is just fine and I'm waiting for a real incentive. There are many cars here at the dealers waiting for my money.
  • Purchased the V6 Convertible with Pony package, performance package, comfort group, cloth top & boot, and 5-speed. Sticker was $30,190. Final deal was $26,000. Test drove two GTs but settled on the V6 which got 29 miles to the gallon on the highway trip home. Dealer was Metro Ford on Rte 44 in Massachusetts. Enjoyed the buying experience...they let you take the car out alone (no salesman). They didn't track you to sell you additional warranties, Lojack, etc. Having owned convertibles in the past, I am impressed with how little wind noise the mustang produces. Shaker 500 audio is good enough for me. I highly recommend buying the car with the cloth top! Metro was the first dealership (out of six) where I saw any 2007 with a cloth top...dramatic improvement to the look of the car!!
  • I am a little late on my post but in Oct 06 I purchased a T-grey 2006 mustang gt premium with-auto,shaker 500,IUP,side airbags for $29,664 at 0% for 72 months. payments are 412/mo.

    Curious what some of you think ???
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    With 0%, thats a great deal, then again just about any deal with 0% is a good deal!
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    It sounds like you paid close to sticker which was too much given what the market was then for automatics. I bought the same thing in convertible form (approximately $5000 more - sticker was $35,030) and my payments are $439.25 to Ford Credit.

    But why worry about it - what's done is done. Enjoy!
  • kulikuli Posts: 4
    Anyone heard of what the new incentives will be starting this week--Michigan? There is a 2007 V6 Pony coupe with my name on it! :)
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    I want to know too. There is a Gt at the 3 dealerships with my name on them. Only one of them gets to go home with me if the incentives are better. The other two will go to my friends.
  • jdt141jdt141 Posts: 8
    as of right now, i haven't heard anything... i anxiously await the announcement :confuse:
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    Some of the mustang forums are saying that its more of the same incentives, but they can be puppets saying that so current sales won't hurt.

    If its more of the same, its better just to wait for the order banks to open for '08 models. They will ambient lighting and the "grabber blue" color!

    With the current incentives, buying a '07 is instant depreciation when you sign. The only way I'll buy a Mustang now is either tomorrow if they have better incentives/apr to make up for the depreciation, or wait and order a '08 just the way I want it.
  • kulikuli Posts: 4
    I agree 100%
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    I really do not know whats holding them up. Ford needs sales, we need cars. I want Ford and I to win. Why do so many americans buy foreign cars and get low interest and better deals?
  • jdt141jdt141 Posts: 8
    they're probably doing a couple of things at corporate... racking up the sales over the last month and then making the best determination for each vehicle what the incentives for the next month are... when you think about it, that's a lot of data to round up... vehicles on the lot, vehicles/parts on the line or in their j.i.t. system.... there's a lot that goes into it. at the end of the day, they've got to do this for each and every ford, lincoln, and mercury vehicle they sell. typically they announce the incentives early in the month. we should see them this week i hope
  • foghorn2foghorn2 Posts: 8
    Well we know the sales for Ford in general may be in down in double digits, we know Mustang sales are way down this year compared to last and the same 4.6 Mustangs in all the dealers here are still there, months after months.
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