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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mike8194mike8194 Posts: 9
    I was offered $30,228 + $599 doc + $22 tag fee 7% tax = $33,008 OTD

    That is for an 08 GT Premium, Bullitt Package, with HID headlights, ambient lighting, alarm, and wheel locks.

    MSRP $32,70, Invoice $30,388, Price Offered $30,228

    It seems like a great deal, but I am wondering if I hold out, will it get a little sweeter?

    I also just saw on ford's website, that the Bullitt is eligible for a $1500 reabte, and $1000 bonus cash. I wonder if that was already factored into my price? I will have to call and see. el=Mustang&year=2008&zip=30028
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    GT CS Vert. Sticker is 37,600 car has 2500 miles on it and was a demo. Salesman seems like a nice guy and says that he could take 32,6 for the car. I said he seems kind of high considering this is a leftover 07 demo. he said they only have 1600 in it which to me means 31K. I offered him 31K and he said no. He would go to 32K. I am tempted because the deal currently includes 0.0% for 72 months. However it is not the color I wanted.
    Your thoughts please.

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    As a year old (and, in effect, used) car, 32 is 2 to 3 grand more than what's it's worth. You should be able to buy a new '08 for about the same money.

    Don't understand your reference to "...he said they only have 1600 in it...."

    Is Ford providing the financing? Or is it a dealer promo?

    Last point: they only offered the CS in 4 colors and if it's not what you want, you'll likely kick yourself later.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    I looked at used 07 with 7k on it and it sold for 29,9 and was red. The Ford financing would have been 4.9%
    This one is white and has never been titled so has full warranty and will be sold as new. The 0.0% for 72 months is also Ford financing.
    When he said they would only have 1600 in it, I took that to mean that they would make 1600 if he sold me the car at 32,6 which was what he told me he could sell me the car for originally.
    With the difference in financing the used one would have cost $15 more a month, had 5000 more miles on it and already had more than a year off the warranty. Regardless the red one sold at the asking price price of 29,9. Albeit, not to me! :cry: The deals available to me are on leftover 07's since they can be financed at 0.0%
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    You can't beat that financing, especially if it's NOT in lieu of rebate money. Bought my '06 GT 'vert that way in late summer of '06.

    However, be prepared to take a pretty big depreciation hit quite soon. Mine's got less than 2000 miles on it now and is worth 23 (maybe 24) of it's original 35K sticker.
  • Check out the 2008 Mustang GT Convertible on Ebay, it has a little over 1 day left!
    Item #170213413278
    Dealer is out of Sebring, Fl
    MSRP is $39,220 and is currently sitting at $20,100.00
    They might take $32,700 based on the previous listing starting bid!
    Difference sitting at $6520.00. I’m not sure of the documentation fee that they might :shades: charge??
    Check it out, you might be in this vehicle.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    Thanks for the heads up, I will. Does anyone if there is anyway of finding out exactly what options are on a used car if the original sticker iswn't with it? Will Ford tell me or send me a duplicate?

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Take the VIN to a Ford service department and have them run an OASIS report - they'll be listed on it IIRC.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    Thanks ccc
  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    Sounds like they applied the cash/rebate to arrive at that price. Check Ford's May programs.
    The main edmunds site shows people paying a little over invoice, so I think you could get that pricing plus any incentives/special programs.

    I see plenty of Bullitts in inventory still, and read that of the 7,700 to be built for US and Canada that some will be part of the 2009 model year production, so not all will be 2008's.

  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    Cali special
    Sticker was $37,605
    I paid $31,670 and while I do have a couple of issues with the title possibly ( I am told it's never been titled but the dealer says the warranty started May 07 and it appears that the car was registered to the dealer)
    I am extremely happy with the car. ZERO percent financing is what won over everything else.
  • broncolesbroncoles Posts: 5
    Was this a convertible, an 08' and what state did the purchase take place in. I'm asking because the offers (cash back etc.) that Ford puts out are geographic and go according to Zip Codes

    Thanks for replying! :shades:
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    This was an 07 demo on a gt convertible with 2576 miles purchased as new. Bought it in Wisconsin and drove it home to Buffalo, NY. :shades:

    I know for my zip code Ford was offering either $2500 rebate or zero percent financing for 72 months. I don't think Ford was offering that in WI. But it is irrelavant as the dealer has to use your actual zip code which you already know.
  • broncolesbroncoles Posts: 5
    Thanks Beerme1 for answering my post!

    Use that vehicle in good health!

    Broncoles :)
  • mbryant2mbryant2 Posts: 2
    Where did you get your financing (0% for 72 mos) in Buffalo? Ford is currently offering a $1500 rebate on the GT only. The dealers are not allowing the Ford financing along with the rebate.

  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    Ford has been advertising 0.0% for 72 months on any remaining 07 mustangs or $2500 cash back. I do not see it on their website now and perhaps got in at the last minute. The dealer in WI. verified the apr deal and wrote it up and it is with FoMoCo credit.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 66
    I now have a major issue and spoke with FORD today.
    The 0.0 % apr offer was on leftover new 07 Mustangs.
    This car was supposed to be an owner used demo with 2500 miles on it and I was told it was never titled. Keep in mind I had 700 miles to get home and not knowing the law in Wisconsin I wasn't sure what I was dealing with. But I went to Wisconsin to pick up my new never titled car.

    I felt something stunk when I was told the warranty started in March of 07.
    I questioned that since this is a new car and they gave me an extra $300 off an ESP warranty to allay my concern.
    I decided to run a CarFax on it since the issue has been bothering me and I found a prior registration in the glove box that was registered to the dealer.

    I never thought to run a carfax originally as it made no sense since:
    A) the dealer told me this was a new demo car never titled and
    B) why would I run a carfax report on a new car being told it was a demo that the owner drove and
    C) Ford's 0.0% financing applied only to remainig NEW 07 Mustangs.

    The CarFax report indicated that the car is a one owner car and it was previously titled. :mad: That means I paid more than kbb value as carfax says I am the second owner which makes this a used car :mad: .

    Ford said in their eyes I am the first owner. I asked then why is my warranty not starting on day 1 of my ownership?
    The car was previously titled as I found out, to the dealer who told me today that if some one who doesn't physically work at the dealership drives the car as a demo they have to title it in WI and that FORD is aware of this and that's why they tell me I am the first owner. CARFAX says otherwise andthat is not what they told me prior to me flying out there to pick the car up. They said "It's a new car although a demo and has NEVER BEEN TITLED"

    I am very upset at having been misled on the issue and pressed the point with FORD that a new car should have the full factory warranty and while the woman who took my complaint in customer relations agreed with me, she said she couldn't change the warranty date and that I should take it up with the dealer.

    The dealer basically told me it is a new car or I wouldn't have been able to get the 0.0 % financing or they would be liable for the difference from 7.0% for the used rate with Ford vs. the 0.0 % that I got.

    Right now all I can say is WTF?

    Anyone have any suggestions for recourse? I don't think I would make any bones about this at all except I was lied to and I have in fact lost 14 months of my factory warranty. I do know I would not have flown there at my expense if I had know that prior to working the deal out over the phone. I am really, really p'oed about this right now.

  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    Hi Willy,

    Assuming you have already been to the top management with the dealer in question, I would pursue escalating this to Ford customer service/management.

    Make sure you have all you facts/communications documented and use written communications.

    You may want to see if there is a consumer affairs department in Wisconsin and see if they can do something to assist.

    I had a problem with an "Extended Maintenance Agreement" related to a new car purchase in California and was able to get the problem resolved with the assistance of a state consumer department. I got a runaround from the dealer initially since it represented profit that they didn't want to give up but it got escalated to the manufacturer's regional management and they took the appropriate action.

    If you have a legal assistance plan at work you may want to run it by an attorney for advice/assistance.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease - persist and you should prevail.

    Good luck,

  • broncolesbroncoles Posts: 5
    Hi Beerme1

    See if you can get in contact with a local consumer rights organization in your town of Buffalo, NY. Maybe a local news channel can air your situation and thereby bring the local media in. Ford, I’m sure would not like that type of exposure and with sales low at this time ( which probably brought this about) might come to your side.
    I hope there was another individual who witness the various verbal conversations you had with this WI dealer.

    Speaking about dealers, if there is an employee out there who is reading these posts and works for a Ford Dealership, I would hope that you might speak up and give some guidance to this individual and help bring fairness to this heart breaking situation.

    Broncoles :(
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