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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for the info about the priority code. I haven't been able to get a straight answer from the dealer. I ordered my GT in early January, and they still don't have a build date for it. They assigned a priority of 40. They said they assign priority by the sequence of the orders. I'm guessing that with a number of 40 the car will never be built. It is still "C&U". And if Ford is not filling orders because a dealers allotment is used up, That Bites. If they have an order, they need to fill it.

    I recently received an x-plan pin. Is there a dealer in the DC/Northern VA / MD area accepting them? I could start all over.
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hey, thanks much for that article, it helped confirm my dilemma...I ordered my Premium Mustang GT in November 2004....6 months ago! My phone call to Ford customer service last week gave me news that they are short on the V8 engine, and one of the questions I was asked was did I order the "My Color" option? Which yes, of course I did. They told me that Ford never expected to have such a demand for this option, they way under estimated for it, and of course can't fill the orders for it. Plus I ordered from a smaller dealership in Wisconsin who most likely are not getting a big allocation of they think us northern people don't enjoy our pony cars? Heck, I have driven the 1996 I have now for the last 9 winters, all winter long. Have to drive like a gramma, but hey, I get around unless the snow gets too deep. The thing I don't understand is, I ordered this vehicle way back in November, I would have thought I'd have been ahead of the game and it would have been here long ago. Anyway, thought I'd give all of you who just ordered yours a good look at the wait you have. My dealer told me that if they start producing the 2006 models and I don't have my 2005, I get my 2006 at the price I ordered last November. At least one consolation, I guess, I'm not paying way over sticker price.......good luck to all who are waiting, waiting, waiting.....just like me...! :cry:
  • stangmanstangman Posts: 2
    Why! :surprise: I'm soooo shock to hear about this many problems in getting a GT around the nation. I sell Ford and do the orders for my dealership. I have ship many stangs to other states. I have many brokers taking orders from me. In the past few weeks I had over 5 GT coups and 4 GT conv on the ground for sell. Don't let your dealership give you a bunch of "bull" and don't pay over sticker.
  • stangmanstangman Posts: 2
    They have the information. They just want to give it. I do the orders for my Ford dealership and they know what's up.
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    I placed my order for a '05 GT Premium about two weeks ago. I talked to my salesguy yesterday, and he told me he hasn't heard back on it yet. He doesn't expect to get a build date sent to him until late May with the car getting to me around July. He didn't mention any delays regarding the IUP option. I think I am going to be resolved to the fact that I may have to wait for the '06 model before I get it. If it comes in sooner that I can be surprised. With all these people waiting for even a build date, I may be way back in line.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,888
    I'm not a dealer, nor do I have all the answers. But, I did a lot of research on the Mustang before I ordered.

    So, here's where we're at.

    At the beginning of the year, there were "holds" on the IUP package. Some have said it's because of a pending lawsuit Ford had to deal with rewgarding the MY COLOR feature of the IUP. Don't know how true that is, but the lawsuit has been long since settled. Add to that, Ford did not expect the popularity of the IUP package and thus, the orders that included the package may have been subject to delays.

    The Mustang, overall, has been a huge success for Ford....all models, but particularly the GTs and convertibles. Shortages of V8 engines have arisen. That only adds to the already heavy backlog.

    Ford has hit it's limit in the amount of GTs it will the point where some '05 GTs can't be produced by the end of the '05 model year. That's given that Ford upped production of the Mustang about a month ago. They still can't keep up with demand.

    Dealer allocation and priority assessment has entered into the picture as Ford is trying to get Mustangs out to the dealerships based on their allotment system (based on previous year's Mustang sales). Many dealers don't have any more allotments for GTs or convertibles. They will get no more '05 GTs or convertibles. You are at the mercy of your dealer to tell you this when you order.

    As far as priority assessment, that's strictly a dealer call what priority you get. But, even if they placed an order with a priority 10 (which is the best you can get from the dealer), if they don't have allotment left, it still won't get built for '05. Dealer priority goes from 10 (best) to 99 (will never get built).

    Add to that, dealers know they can get MSRP or above for their stock units. So, they are reluctant to place orders for folks that may have one of the Ford special pricing plans (like X, A, D ,etc), or to give them a high priority.

    Where does this leave those who want their '05 Mustang GT or convertible? Well, my best guess is to forget about that order you placed (unless your dealer is assuring you that they will indeed get yours in based on their "incoming" sheets.

    If you want an '05 GT or convertible now, the best thing to do is to go to the dealer you trust, see what they have coming in, and make a deal on it before it hits their lot.

    If not, wait for '06 ordering to begin (sometime in June/July time frame) and order one.

    You can also try to do a search on to see if any dealers within your geography have any in stock. If they do, high tale it to the dealer to buy it if it's relatively close to what you want.
  • Hello, Im a first time poster looking not to get screwed too much by my ignorance of car buying at the hands of the dealer, so i was wondering if 2005 V6 Deluxe Mustangs are being sold for under MSRP? Ive talked to 2 dealers and they gave me a quick quote of 22000 out the door, I feel as though I can get one for 20,000 out the door , is it reasonable to believe I can?
  • litt10litt10 Posts: 6
    Going to order a black GT on Friday. The salesman said expect the car in
    approx 6 to 8 weeks. I would like to know if this time frame is accurate
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88

    From what i've read in the posts and the advise given by several people here, there is no definite answer to your question. It seems to be dependant on several factors: the options you order, whether you are using one of Ford's special purchase plans, the dealer's product allotment. There are some who placed orders in November and December that are still waiting. I placed my order 2 weeks ago and haven't received a confirmation of build date yet, which was to be expected. The dealership I ordered from, told me that my GT wouldn't arrive until mid-July. My assumption then is that there is quite a backlog of orders and that the dealership was using a car from their July allotment for my order. Now we know what happens when we assume, but I will take them for their word because they have been fairly straight forward with me so far. Since I am not in a great need for a new car, I really don't mind the wait. I have even resigned to the fact that I may need to wait for an '06 model, but I sure would like to get my hands on this car so I can find out for myself what all the rave reviews are about. Good Luck, the sooner you order it the sooner you will get it.
  • racingjayracingjay Posts: 19

    It is very possbile.

    I bought an 05 V6 Premium last week for invoice. Do you homework and pit the dealers against each other, and it will pay off. Dont know what kind of equipment you are after, but drove my stang out the door for $20,200. $1500 off MSRP.

    Good luck - stay away from the manual transmissions. They make finding exactly what you want impossible!!

  • Forgot to mention that Im in the Bay Area, and Im just lookin for the base manual tranny (deluxe) with nothing extra (maybe the machined alum. rims if anything)... Im can live with half the colors they offer, and the basic sound and interior the deluxe has is fine enough for me... If you got a premium for 20200, I guess I can low ball a Deluxe at 18500
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,675
    A reporter with a national magazine is on a series of articles with real people and their car buying experiences. The reporter is looking for people who have recently purchased a car and had an interesting car buying experience using non-traditional methods. Specfically, the reporter would like to speak with people who have purchased a Mustang, Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, a Mini Cooper hardtop or convertible or a hybrid vehicle of any make. If you fit what the reporter is looking for, please email the details of your car buying experience with your contact information to by Friday, April 22, 2005.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • mike53mike53 Posts: 2
    Sorry, but that is obviously an uneducated salesman. Realistically, expect a Ford Mustang GT (without interior upgrade) to be delivered in about 18 to 24 weeks after ordered. This is because Ford is having problems meeting demand and now becoming short on parts. We ordered a GT in December and are still awaiting an official build date. Fortunately, we purchased one for a dealer with a high allocation which means we will most likely get one as oppose to dealers with low allocation that may not be able to attain one at all. Include the interior upgrade package and can just forget about beating this model year.
  • litt10litt10 Posts: 6
    Went to order my Mustang GT on Friday was told by the salesman that it takes about 6 months. He said I would be better off ordering a 2006 so thats what I am going to do. He did say if he got his hands on a 2005 with the options and color I want I could have that one.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,888
    As everyone else has pointed out, '05 Mustang GTs are pretty much sold out. Matter of fact, last I heard a few weeks ago, Ford said that they had 13,000 ordered '05 GTs that would not get built. I'm sure that number is higher now.

    Orders for '06s will begin in May. Based on what I've heard, there's a waiting list for the first '06s is getting long, too.

    I do think there will be a trickle of '05 GTs coming into dealerships as they are probably orders that the dealership placed a while ago. But, you'll have to be diligent in finding them. They usually sell as soon as they hit the dealership's lot.

    Although, there are more '05 V6s Mustangs available, I wouldn't plan on getting them near invoice. Maybe try to offer $500 over invoice and see if that flies. My guess is, they'll bring $1,000 over invoice, however.
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    Can I assume then that if my order for an '05 GT does not get build, that the order will rollover to the '06 model year? Or am I going to have to go through the whole ordering process over again?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,888
    I don't believe that any unbuilt '05 Mustang automatically rolls over to an '06 model. You'd have to place the order for an '06, which you can do beginning in May.
  • I live about an hour North of NYC and purchased an '05 Premium V6 with the interior & exterior Sports Upgrade, alarm system, wheel locking kit, etc. After MANY headaches I finally got her for $500 under MSRP. Everywhere I went they were trying to get me for over MSRP, using the lack of GT's as the excuse. I never even considered a GT...the V6 has more than enough power for me and gas mileage wise - no need for the extra power. The biggest scam I found was a dealership that had all models without the exterior sports their gig was to charge you $699 for the "customer painted spoiler" and $299 for the "vinyl self-stick stripe". Yes - a GRAND for options that cost you only $299 total from FORD!! To boot the dealership wanted to sell me a bill of goods that FORD doesn't have these spoilers pre-painted in-stock and the $699 was to cover the "customer paint job". Uh - Huh!

    In the end I walked in the last dealership being rude. When he asked if he can help I told him No and then thought better by advising him I CHALLENGE him to help me & I'm tired of being lied to. The result? "What do you want" I told him. He asked for 3 minutes to try & locate me what I wanted....and low & behold...60 seconds car was found with everything I wanted in NJ. I had her in my hot little hands a week later.

    All's well that ends her & HIGHLY recommend her to anyone trying to talk themselves out of it!!! You deserve it!!!
  • I ordered my '05 Premium Black on Black Mustang GT back in Oct. '04 for MSRP and was driving it down the strip in San Diego a week later. I tried X Plan but I was unsuccessful in getting that price (which was approximately $2.5K off MSRP). I LOVE this car but I will be willing to depart with her if I can get my hands on a '07 Shelby GT500 (due out next summer).
  • Dealers are a huge hassle! Order on-line, if possible :P
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